4 comments on “13th Stacie Snow shoot…and musing about muses

  1. Tony,

    You do your best work with her because you and Stacie feel and act as one, meaning you are in tune with other and having worked so much together know what to expect from each other.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth….

    love ya!

  2. And a great two cents it is, luv! You’ve got a point..we have a familliarity between us that allows us to be at out utmost comfortable…that’s why we perform so well!!

    See you Friday (can’t WAIT to get fed again!!!)!

  3. they say a picture is worth s million words if you
    do a head crop of Stacie with the crotch rope you will see how good she she is at acting.
    her expression makes it a 2 million dollar picture

  4. Hello Tucson Tied:

    Thank you for the ThighBoots and great Chairtie of ‘Leather model bound… Stacie Snow’

    Please more Chairties with Thighboots. They are Fantastic!!!

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