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Just got home from assisting at a Dave Annis Pantera shoot (HOT shoot, btw)…after we dropped her off and were going to leave, my car died!  Dammit to hell, anyways…  Well, after calling for roadside assistance, we went to move my car to a place where the mecahnic they’d send would be able to get at it, and just for kicks I went to start it…and it turned over!

Been here before…it’s just a dead battery, fortunately.  $75 and I’m good to go once again.  But still, first my computer, now this.  Not a good time to be “Tolstoy” Tony…grumble.


EDIT: Do I know my car, or do I know my car?  Final bill: $77.12.  I wasn’t too far off…lol.

LOL…I think you all know about my “sis”, ex TucsonTied model, Angel. Brief
re-cap for those who don’t…Angel modeled for me a few times, and she and I got
along so well that we “adopted” each other, becoming “brother” and “sister”.

My lovely “sis”, Angel

My all-time fave bondage shot of Angel

And, some sexy pink rope stuff…Angel

We’re in contact at least once a week now, even tho she’s retired from modeling.
Just got an e-mail from her that was a HOOT…and she gave me permission to
share it with you all (with some name-changes and editing, natch):

The twins (she has 2 year old twin boys and an 11 year old son) are great and
chewing on everything as always. They chewed up their entertainment center in
their room. I went to Home Depot and picked up a piece of Plexiglas for the
backing. Thats the part they keep chewing off and getting to the cords.

So, my 11 year old and I are in the store talking to some dude named “Denis”, My
son gets irritated because “Denis” is checking his mother out. (gets funnier
later) Anyway, they told me that I should use screws and washers to make sure
the glass stays in place. I was watching “Denis” fumble around for awhile
getting irritated so he called over someone else. This someone else (I can’t
remember his name) was very helpful.

He found the screws and washers, but this gave me time to think of a better more
efficient way to mount this on the entertainment center. I was all “Can’t I just
use flat brackets?” The look that crossed both of their faces. I explained to
them that it would cover more space on the edge then a simple screw and washer.
They had that look of “OMG she knows things”. I suppose they are not used to
women having a technical brain? So the new guy tells “Denis” thank you for his
help and tries to shoo him off, but Denis is not going to give up that easily

He follows us to where my son, the dude and myself are walking. My son at this
time is glaring at Denis.. finally my son snaps his head up and says ” DUDE SHE
IS MARRIED AND MY MOM!” I was dumbfounded! Loss for words?? the other dude
started to laugh and Denis turned BRIGHT red and wondered off… holy shit put
in place by a 11yr old. HAHAHAHA how damn funny is that. On the way outta the
store my boy tells me… ” I’m sorry mom, but you are not a piece of steak… he
looked at you like you were!” Anyway gonna go maybe I will call ya laters.. love
Your Sis,

She did call and gave me some more details…apparantly the young man is growing
up…he recognized “the look” that “Denis” was giving his mom…because he
himself was more or less using it on the girls in school!! Ah, me…

LOL and too funny, huh?

This is weird.  This is very, very weird.  See, there’s this model…a cute as all get out redhead?  She’s a doll to work with, a sweetheart in person, and a lovely lady to boot…I can’t get her outta my fraking head, shoot-wise!!

I should probably be looking for other fresh faces for TucsonTied; other lovely ladies who can pose for me…but for some reason, all thoughts come back to Stacie Snow.  Bizarro…

Stacie Snow

Oh, waitaminnnute…now I remember why!  She’s a doll to work with…a sweetheart in person and a lovely lady to boot.  Huh…I already said that, didn’t I?  Hmmph.

I’m hooked.

Stacie ponders her bondage…

(Gotta get Stacie back in those heels again…wow!!)  Been a while since a model had this kind of hold on me, creatively…probably not since Angel.  Understand, I’m not a “once only” kind of shooter; I don’t only shoot a model once and that’s it…but we’re going on our 4th shoot in just a few months…that’s quite the phenomenon for me.

I need to get Stacie in a ball gag again…

So many things to do, so little time to do them in…ah, me.  She’s got a gorgeous friend I’d like to shoot with as well…trouble is, I might not run out of different angles and things to shoot Stacie in for years…

Stacie Snow

Poor “Jones”.  She might just have a wait ahead of her…;)


I’m trying to write about SOMETHING every day, but for some reason, it’s all coming up “meh”.  LOL…the once mighty “Tolstoy” reduced to mere silence…it’s horrifying, really!  Ever have one of those moments when you want to spit something out, but your tounge disagrees with the ability and it all winds up coming out like mush? 

I got that right about now.  😉

I feel a “Model Profile” coming on…maybe in the morning, things’ll look a little better and i’ll find my voice…for now, I’m just feeling BLAH.

More later…


Ooooo….I know!!  Free game site…go have fun shooting computerized, pixellated kittens out of a cannon for the best distance!!  The game is called “Kitten Cannon”…amusing fun.

Just finished an update with Stiletto.  We didn’t get to take many shots of this pose…the elbow bondage proved to be too much…no harm on her part; it’s a TOUGH pose to hold, and she did fine!  Thought I’d put up a quick snap or two…this is coming soon to the main site and tokens page!


NICE tie!! TIGHT Elbow Bondage on Stiletto

INTENSE arm Bondage!!

Doing the “assistant” thing today and working for my buddy Dave as videographer…best part is we’re working with Pantera.  I get to hang out with Pantera today…YAY!!  Should make out for a great day!

OMG! What is that HORRIBLE TucsonTied doing to me?! I like it!!

When Pantera, Dave and I get together, it’s guaranteed fun.  The three of us are like the “Three Musketeers”…or maybe the “Three Stooges” is more appropro.  😉  I got “Curly” nailed (bald and a…ahem…”larger” guy and all)…Dave’s the “bright” one, so I guess that’d make him “Moe”…and “Larry” never looked hotter…lol.

Her sense of humor is great too.  Dave was behind the camera, pushing me for a crotch rope…I was refusing, and she blurted out, “We can put one on YOU if you want, Dave…you can squirm around and have fun while you’re filming…” (Thankfully, he refused…lol.)  At my recent custom shoot, Dave was catching her putting on her makeup…she quipped, “Are we going to make you pretty this time, Dave?”  She’s a riot!  Although sometimes…

Hey!! YOU’RE the model here…I don’t need exposure!! 😉

If I remember right, I was finishing some above-the-knees ropework, getting on the floor to get underneath, and had just commented on how I feel like a mechanic under a car when I get in this area.  I then said that I was thankful that my shirt back didn’t seem to be riding up this shoot, exposing my lower back…she took care of that, dammit…lmao.  😀  Too funny!!

Let’s put it this way…if you’re so comfortable with someone that you wind up with them multiple times at multiple Denny’s restaraunt locations at 3 in the morning, you KNOW you have a good friend on your hands.  Love ya, girl!


My FAVORITE shot of Pantera Noelle and I

Trying out something for the first time….one of my vid players has a “Snapshot” mode which takes still pics from videos it plays, so I figured it’d be a good time to snap a couple from the vids I was working on last night and into this morning…

Me, with Stacie Snow

Me am sooooo stoopid…lol.  I did 3 of these vids, then somehow erased 2 of them just before I closed the video editing program.  Talk about stupid!  The good news was that I looked over a section of video I thought was unusable and managed to use about 6 minutes more than expected…very cool.  Lesson learned: don’t edit video when in a crappy, foul mood…messes with your head and makes you reject stuff that doesn’t need rejecting.  😉

More coming your way soon…


Have a drink, Stacie…

Headed back into the “editing” cave tonight…going to be doing some of the videos from “Behind The Scenes” of my Stacie Snow work.  I love the “BTS” stuff for more than one reason…not only is it fun to film, but it gives you a look at what the models are like when the cameras are off…you get to see the real people behind the sexy.  😉

Stacie had never tried to do “elbows” bondage before…she had resigned herself to thinking that she couldn’t do it.  A little encouragement (and a LOT of safety) from yours truly and she was kicking it with the best of them.  The above shot is from our first shoot, and clearly shows the excitement on her face when she was not only testing her limits, but doing DAMN FINE work as she did it.  You don’t see that in the “normal” site work…I treasure being able to bring it to you.

Some ask how I go about doing the meticulous ropework…

There ya go!  Me with fan fave, Pantera.  Strand by strand, turn by turn, loop by loop, as each and every part of the bondage goes on…with the “BTS” work, essentially, YOU ARE THERE!!  Kinda cool, no?  It also gives you a chance to know that the models are not only hot babes on a pixellated screen, but real-life women as well…that’s my fave part of these things.

Duty calls…off to remembering the fun I had hanging with these foxy, lovely and very human ladies!  You can see these “Behind The Scenes” vids at any of my usual hangouts on the net… Main site  Clips4Sale store Token Page

Later, kids!!