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Kidnapper and “victim”, Ashley Moore, begin to hatch a plot…

“I’m not saying another word until my arms are bound at least,” she said with a pout.   At that, she thrust her arms behind her, slapping her elbows together once again.  “That way I can say you…’forced’ it out of me.”
 “Alright.  I’ll start tying, you start talking.”  At that, I sat behind her, first nibbling on her neck a bit, then moving my hands around to get myself a handful of breast, then began reapplying rope to her elbows.  “Now, how can we help each other?”
 “I have a twin brother,” she said, then let out a hiss as I tightened the rope about her elbows.  She was starting to quiver with anticipation with each pass around her arms.  “We’re in a constant fight over the inheritance.  Daddy, bless his heart, has a poor memory about which of us he’s going to leave that vast untraceable fortune to.  One day I do something cool, and he says it’s mine. Next day, my brother does something nice and it’s his. It’s kinda annoying.”  I cinched her elbows together and tied the line off.  “Ooooooooo…that’s niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.”
 “Focus, girl.  Inheritance?”
 “Right,” she said as I began binding her wrists.  “Is there gonna be a crotch rope in this?”
 “FOCUS.  Inheritance?”
 “Inheritance…right.  “Well, if I were to tell you about that inheritance, ‘under duress’, of course…”
 “Of course,” I agreed as I cinched her wrists together.
 “You could demand it.  And GET it.  You gonna put ropes above and below my tits?”
 “Stop rushing the bondage.  But, yes.”  I grabbed a line that would accomplish both in one hit.  “So I get paid.  Then what?”
 “Well…WE…disappear with it.  Never to be seen again.”  She hissed once again as the ropes passed above and below her breasts, filling her with delight.  “FUCK, dude…you know what you’re DOING!!”
 “Flattery’ll get you nowhere.”  I cinched the lines off, then got another piece of rope.  I placed it onto the back cinching of the above and below the breast ropes, then passed it through her arm pit, around her shoulder, back behind near the nape of her neck, across her other shoulder, then under her other arm and tied it to where I’d started it.  I still had some length to it, so I passed the ends up and under the part of the rope that passed behind the nape of her neck, and back down, efficiently tethering the above/below the breast ropes in place.  I then started a coiling that went from the tie point up to the rope that passed by the nape of her neck and tied it all off.
 “That feels ‘artsy'”.
 “Well, it’s not…just good basic restraint.  Say that ‘a’ word again and you get an extra hard hogtie.”
 “Promises, promises…”, she replied with a disgusted sort of snort.
 Well, that sucked.  A hard hogtie was my most credible threat against an average hostage…this girl WANTED one.  Lovely.  ” ‘We’ disappear, huh?”
 “Oh, come on,” she said with a smile.  “I’m told I have an addicting personality.  Now that you’ve got me do you REALLY wanna let me go?” She had a point with that…even I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let her go or not.   “Like I said, I don’t wanna go anywhere.  I’m a typical rich girl…I’m bored as fuck with my life and in need of something different…and the fact that you can tie me up in knots that blast my mind is a fucking cool bonus!”  I finished wrapping a waist rope around her, pinning her arms down, and acting as an anchor that would eventually pin her legs and anchor a crotch rope as she said this.  “You’ve got me right where you want me, dude.  The next move is yours.”
 “Paul,” I said as I grabbed a rope and began wrapping it around her still crossed ankles, then after cinching it, pulled the ropes up to the waist rope, keeping her legs tight to her body and crossed open.  “My name’s ‘Paul’…partner.”  I went to her bound hands and jokingly “shook” one of them.  “You could be after that inheritance for yourself…”
 “No way.  We’re in this together, man.  Like you said…’partners’.”
 “Oh, really?”
 “Yup.  I like you.  If, when you finally sex me up, you turn out to be half as good as your bondage is, there’s enough here to keep me going for a lifetime.  Besides, you seem to have a basically good heart…you could’ve let me starve, after all. That breakfast was nummy…I want more of your cooking!   We can work this all out, I’m sure of it.”
 “I want you…,” she said, her lips pursing at me.
 “Oh, yeah?”
 “…to put a crotch rope on me again!!  God, that was HOT!!”  She smiled an impishly up at me and began to laugh.  I laughed with her and complied, making it a little extra tight for her for being such a good sport.
 “There.  They call that a “lotus” tie.  You’re opened like a lotus flower, I guess.”
 “Lovely.  I wish you had a digital camera to go along with the video one…I’d like to see that coil thing you did on my back…and pictures of this would make Daddy crazy.”
 “We’ll just add video of this to the ransom tape I’ve already made.”
 “Ok…,” she said, her voice trailing off.  She saw something in my bag that interested her.  “Is that a ball gag?”
 “You DO know your bondage toys…,” I said as I removed it from the bag. A simple strap with a red rubber ball strung thru the strap…the ball went into the captive’s mouth; a very effective silencer.  “I only use this for playtime…never used it for a kidnap before.”
 “Use it on me, please…I’ve never had one on before.”  Her eyes were practically begging me for it.
 “All right,” I said as I grabbed it from the bag.  “It has a tendency to make you drool, though.”
 “Drool’s cool, I guess.  Adds to the helplessness of the situation.  Get some video for Daddy, ok?”  She was starting to tremble with anticipation.  “Like you were saying earlier,  it’ll help him ‘open his wallet’.”  I moved to gag her, but she stopped me.
 “Kiss first?”  I moved in for a small peck…then slammed my lips against hers for several rough, almost violent kisses.  She returned them with every ounce of harsh passion that I threw into her.

Again, establishing the “friendship turning to plotters turning to lovers” cue…I think it worked out quite nicely.   How about some comments, gang…do I suck that badly?   😉


EDIT:  CANDLE BOXXX has added herself to the list of models who’ll do a “Buy One, Get One” deal on custom orders…get your order in soon!!

Strange title for a posting there, huh?

Well, it goes like this: Stacie Snow and I were talking today and just like the
like-minded, economic-analyzing giants that we are, we came to a conclusion…

This economy sucks balls. 😉

You hear about these “Stimulus Packages” all the time; but what’s being done for
us bondage folk? Here and there, things happen, and Stacie and I would like to
add to it with a “Stimulus Package” of our own.

For the rest of this month and thru November, any custom shoot order done by
yours truly, of Stacie Snow will be a “BOGO”…”Buy One, Get One.”
Yuppers…buy one, get one free!

Me and Stacie Snow…she’s the hot one. 😉

There are rules, natch (lol)…even tho I shoot with a lot of models, this BOGO
offer applies to Stacie only. We’re gonna limit this to ropework, as neither of
us own shackles, chains, etc.

The rate at which you’ll be charged (for the paid part of the shoot) will be
discussed off board…you can reach me at: . All details of
said shoot will be discussed thru e-mails and such. YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC IN
WHAT YOU WANT SHOT!! Once we have details, we can get together and decide what
the proper rate for it will be. This will then be discussed with you, and we’ll
take the next step forward.

Full payment must be received before shooting begins. Money Orders are the
preferred method, so you don’t have to wait as a check clears. 😉

The shooting “background” will be the normal TucsonTied “set”, and done within
the normal parameters that Stacie and I shoot within…meaning strictly bondage.
And strict bondage to boot. 😉

I’m reserving the right to change/add to this post as new thoughts/ideas come to
mind which pertain to this offer. Feel free to ask any questions here or at the
e-mail address I listed above.

While these would be considered “private” custom shoots, if you’d like them to
also appear at TucsonTied, I’d be extremely grateful. And you’d be able to tell
your friends, “I put that one together.” 😉

I think that covers everything…but if I miss anything, this post will be
re-posted and added to as we see fit.

Again, she’s the hot one. 😉

Have a GREAT rest of the evening!!

Ok, “Society Snatch” is the story I’m playing around with.  Everything is coming out in “stream of consciousness” from me…I’ll do final edits later, but this is where I’m at at the moment.  I didn’t save the address of the site I’ll be selling this to (oops), but I did favorite their policies page…there’s an e-mail address you can write to on there if you’re interested in getting in on the fun.

Now…here’s where the story is at this point: Ashley Moore has been kidnapped.  Her kidnapper made a steamy ransom video for her parents, but during the making of it, her kidnapper found out something strange…his “victim” was loving the situation, and the bondage!!  Cut to a little while later, as they begin to figure things out…

I sat staring at Ashley, lounging on the bed. About a miles worth of rope surrounded her as she lay on her stomach, fingering it.  A  wet bandanna was next to her as well…it was so wet with saliva, it was now practically sopping.  She had her legs bent, letting her feet rise and fall off the bed, showing her disillusion and boredom.  She was even frowning.
 “I’m done with the aches,” she said.  “You can tie me up now.   With a crotch rope.  TIGHT.”  At that note, she winked at me.  “Never had one of those before…that was AWESOME!!”
 I rolled my eyes and laughed.  “In a bit; I need to iron out a few things.”
 “Like what am I gonna do with you.  You’ve seen my face.”
 “Like I’m gonna nark on you.”
 “I have to let you go, eventually.”
 “I’m not going anywhere.  I like you.”  She smiled broadly at that statement.
 “Oh, brother.”  I laughed.  Who kidnapped WHO here?!  “Ashley…”
 “I thought you were gonna call me ‘Ash’, as in ‘pile of ashes’.  Good touch, by the way…you scared the fucking crap out of me with that one.”
 “ASHLEY…this IS a kidnapping here, remember.  You’re my HOSTAGE.”
 “Right, I know.  Do you have any soda?”
 “In the fridge.”
 “Thanks.” She got up from the bed, walked to the kitchen, got herself a soda, returned to the bed and plopped herself back down, opening the can and taking a sip. 
 “Hey, man…I’m the one who told YOU to tie ME up, remember?  I get it…you’re the big bad kidnapper, who knows his way around rope, by the way…”
 “Don’t mention it.  And you’re holding me for ransom…I get it.  What’re you asking for me, by the way?”
 “Ten million.”  She looked like I’d just slapped her across the face.  Insulted, even.
 “My fucking SMILE is insured for more than that!  GOD!!”
 I chuckled.  “Alright then, miss smarty-hostage, how much SHOULD I ask for?”
 She got close enough for to me to feel her breath on my face and said, “You could ask for a hundred million and Daddy could still write you a check.”  She kissed me on the tip of my nose and sat back down on the bed with her legs crossed.

I like the dialouge between them here…cute, but not too cutesy.  I also wanted to establish that they were beginning to get along, maybe become friends even…I think I did that.  If you’re wondering where the bondage is…well, that’ll be put up if this gets well recieved…let me know what you think.  😉


Man…this sucks.  I’m getting a LOT done today and have a lot of great material to send in.  It’s funny…people have been telling me how much I’ve improved and changed, and for all intents and purposes, I never totally saw it until today.  My GOD, have I ever changed since the “pink rope” days, huh?  The photography needs one final “tweak” (which I think’ll happen today), but when I was editing pics today, I really saw the change in the style and my ability.

Hope this doesn’t sound too concieted, but damn, I am good…lol.

Ominous shadow…who’s coming to get sweet Shannon?

The “suck” part came in that I edited my last and apparantly final Shannon set.  Ah, me.  I think it’s not too bad of me to mention that there’s gals that I like working with more than others.  Don’t get me wrong…everyone I’ve worked with has been fantastic and there’s no love lost for each and every one, but Shannon was uber-special.

Shannon easliy had more energy and “drive” to her than most.  I once described her to a friend as “15 cans of Red Bull personified” and meant it.  That would definitely come out in her pics and translate well to boot.  Moreover, working with her would rub off on me a bit…I remember smiling for days after working with her, just remembering the bullshitting that went on during the shoot.  Shannon is a riot…total pip.

Shannon…”Now that’s what I call, “one tied up secretary.”

I say that this is my last set because the number I have for her is disconnected…I’ve lost touch with her.  That saddens me more than you can know, as I ADORE working with this young beauty.  I truly hope she gets in touch with either Dave or I…I miss her dearly!!

Shannon, honey, if you’re reading this…LET’S SET UP A SHOOT!!!  😉



Today, I’m really feeling it…tho, honestly, I just got outta bed…lol.  My eyes feel like they weigh a ton (that’s new), and my chest is still full’a crap.  Still got the cough.  Bleh.

So…today will consist of getting a very healthy breakfast of a dozen doughnuts and coffee from the doughnut shop (I’m suffering here…I’m being nice to me…lol), then coming back here to work on site updates, which’ll include the video from my last Stacie Snow/Nikki Darling shoot.  Then, alternate with the other craze…

I’m writing a bondage tale. 

Seemed kinda obvious for me to do…I AM “Tolstoy” after all…lol.  I know of a site that might just publish it and bring in some much needed extra coinage…we’ll see.  Not too long ago, I was writing little ditty’s to go along with the pic updates for TucsonTied…the story I’m persuing is an offshoot of one of those.

Basically, an heiress is kidnapped for ransom…but she just happens to LOVE bondage, and her kidnapper is VERY good at it.  So, the two of them wind up together…plotting and scheming to get Daddy’s money all the while trying every bondage position under the sun.  It’s fairly new territory for me, tho I have some classical writing “skillz”.

If enough of you show interest, I’ll put a snippet from one of the scenes up here for your reading pleasure.

Off in persuit of doughnuts…


After she was taken from the nightclub, Nikki Darling was heavily bound with
cotton clothesline and tightly tape gagged with thick and sticky duct tape. Her
captor left her alone for a precious few moments…and she used them to drag
herself slowly but surely to what she thought was the door to freedom.

However, it was not to be.

As her captor’s shadow fell over her, telling her she’d been found out, she
looked up at him with big, scared eyes, trying her best just to ask him why…..

“Please…just tell me, why…?”

If you love me and my work enough, I know what you can get me for Christmas.  It ONLY costs a measly $6,000…

Real Doll

Found about this site whilst looking around at ModelMayhem’s Forum boards…one of the RealDolls photographers, Stacy Leigh, has a port there, and she has it linked on her page. I looked…looked again…then realized it was a freaking DOLL…then still looked again…lol.

Sure would be nice to have one of those girls around…as a practice model for the bondage, of course! 😉  I have so many curiousities about these dolls…can their elbows touch behind the back?  Can whatever skin they’re using take the ropework without tearing?  Do the mouths open fully for a good ball gagging?  Curious, curious, curious…

Have a look….

I’m sick.  Boo-hoo for me and a giant, “WAAAAAH.”  Thinking about it, this is pretty much the way a GUY reacts to being sick…

First Stage: “Machismo Pride”: “What do you mean, I look pasty and droopy…I’M NOT SICK!!!”
Second Stage: “The possibility exists”: “aaaaaaa….aaaaaa….aaaaa…AAAAAAAACHOOOOO!!!!” (wipes nose and feels runny throat) “Uh, oh.  Dammit.”
Third Stage: “Acceptance”:   “Bed. Soup. Other hot liquids.  NOW.  Oh, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!  I’m sick…baby and watch over me!!!”
I think that covers it, no?  😉


I WON at the Rope_Dreams Yahoo Group Fan Favorite Contest!!!  Here’s the final results as they were reported to the group:

Congratulations to our winners of the Annual Rope Dreams Fan Favorites Contest!

Nicest Breasts: Christina Carter
Nicest Legs: Jasmine Sinclair
Favorite Domme: Natali Demore
Favorite Photographer/Rigger: “Tolstoy” Tony from
Favorite Model: Vivian Irene Pierce

Thank you to all who voted in any of the three rounds and a special thank you to Rob for letting us do this in his group again!

That’s some GOOD company to be in, huh?  Some of the biggest and best names out there!


It’s kinda slow here at the TucsonTied apartment, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask you all a question.  You all have noticed a change in the bondage…more rope, the pink rope is gone, tighter ties, etc.  I think I’ve improved things a lot;  and you’ve all showed me that you love it thru either sub’ing here or at the many various sites, or buying the vids direct from C4S.

Curious now…does the “old style” of bondage that I did have enough charm to keep around as a facet of TucsonTied?

Give it some thought and let me know what you all think!