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I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, so rather than trying to seperate all that’s been going on into several updates, why not just cram everything all into one big juicy filled-with-pics one!!  YAY!!!

Ok, let’s see…where did I leave you guys last?  Oh, yeah…Stacie Snow and I just finished our tenth shoot, right?  OK…shortly before that, a friend of Dave Annis’ came into town to do his last bit of shooting with local gals here.  He did about 5 shoots with gals, then hung up his ropes for good.  Sad…but eventually it happens to all of us, I guess.  Well…the upside to it (if there can be said to have an upside) is that he left Dave all his wardrobe for shoots!  Dave already had enough of his own…so he gave it all to me.  OY, was my place crazy with fetishy women’s clothes!  THIRTEEN pairs (yah, you read that right THIRTEEN) of fetishy boots, probably damn near 100 skirts, some tops, one super sexy red dress (more about that little number in a minute)…it was nuts.  Should’ve taken pics of it all, but sadly, didn’t.

Time passes…and Lola Lynn comes over for her second bondage visit with me…YAY!

Lola Lynn

Interesting trivia note: Lola’s a dang escape artist!  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time, but she can slip ropes with the best of them…sheesh.  😉  I always have the best time when I work with her…I was pleased as punch with the results!  Best part was I actually got to MEET her this time, as the last time she was here she was battling a stomach bug…nasty stuff!  She’s one of the brightest, most fun personalities I get to work with…I love to work with her!  During this shoot, I’d asked TucsonTied fave Stacie Snow if she’d like to stop by and join the festivities for a quick two model set.  The answer?

Lola Lynn and Stacie Snow

Um…yes.  😉   Don’t they make a nice pair struggling together?  Oh, wait…you won’t find out until the VIDEO gets released… 😀  (Ah, what a tease I am…lol.)  That was FUN to do, and a bit of an educator as I was nervous about tolerance levels…I was afraid that Lola (who was tied first) might be ready to be released from the bondage when I was just tying Stacie…no worries.  They both took the “new” style of rigging I do EXCELLENTLY…I needent have worried.  😉

After this set was lensed and videoed, we went about sorting thru all of the wardrobe I’d been gifted with…Lola took some, Stacie took some, and I kept some for models who might not have any shoot clothes when they work with me (something that happens with the amateur models from time to time).  Most notable was the first thing we bartered around about…a fabulous red dress.  I had set in my heels that I was gonna keep it and use it for other models…but when Stacie tried it on, I melted like butter.  It would’ve been a crime against nature to keep it…and you’ll see why in a minute.  We yakked and sorted thru clothes for a bit more, then Stacie took her leave of Lola and me and she and I continued shooting.  Lola used some of her clothing that she’d gotten for the next set…

Lola Lynn

The shoes were hers…the rest was gifted by me.  Come to think of it…the shoes were a gift also…but from a fan!  We did two different looks of this outfit (sitting and laying down on the floor), then called it a shoot…and sadly, I walked her to her car, gave her a hug “goodbye” and she was off to her next shoot.  I see her next at FetCon…

Time passes, and the next thing I know, it’s time to work with Stacie again.  I’m always excited to work with her…but this time there was a little more to it than that, as we were gonna work with her in that oh, so, HOT red dress.  OK, I’ve kept you waiting long enough…just to make up for it, here’s two shots of her in it…one bound, one unbound:

The Red Dress. Now you see why I HAD to let Stacie Snow have it. 🙂

Stacie Snow…do you see why I let her keep the dress? 😉

Sigh.  Too YUMMY, huh?  Soon as I saw her in it, I knew it was destined to be hers….or it SHOULD be, anyways.  😉  Next, we did a more “fetishy” look…this set could almost be one where a Domina gets “dommed”…

Domina soon to be Domm’ed. Stacie Snow

Who’s domming WHOM tonight, dear? 😉 Stacie Snow

That brings you pretty much up to date, folks.  On March 7th, I work with adult film superstar, Ginger Lee, then I help fellow photog ElCoyote keep Stacie in line (lol), then on March 25th, I have the pleasure of working with one of my favorite people, the wonderful Kimberly Marvel!

Stay tuned…the fun is just beginning to start…


Is that a smile I almost see? 😉 Stacie Snow

I don’t do the “lotus” tie very often…it’s not very “damsel”, I’ve found.  Well, Stacie Snow and I will never have the need to to it again, as I’ve totally perfected it on her.  Wanna see?  😉


LOVE the drama in this close-up…

GREAT Lotus tie…Stacie Snow

Incidentally, the below shot is used on my current business card…can you see why?  😉

Business Card shot.  Stacie Snow

Oh, boy.  I think I goofed. 

Maybe.  😉

Just finished a barrage of messages with Stacie Snow and now the first 1/4 of the year is all scheduled out…I’m good until April at least with all these shoots.  Me oh my, DOC, what HAVE I done?  😉   (EDIT: Changed one date for Stacie…had to reschedule one shoot.)

Feb. 18th: Lola Lynn/Stacie Snow
March 4th: Stacie Snow
March 7th: Ginger Lee
March 25th: Kimberly Marvel
April 8th-11th: Candle Boxx

During those first three, I’ll be doing a shoot every Thursday for three weeks!  Should be interesting…;)



HOT! Stacie Snow

Good LORD where does the time go?  Seems just like yesterday, I was jamming Stacie Snow’s elbows together for the first time, now it’s TEN shoots later!  I’ve never gone ten shoots with a model before, believe it or not…with some I’m close to that, but Stacie is the first to ever reach that mark with me, and I’m very proud of that fact.

We mesh well, that girl and I…in fact, fellow rigger/photographer JBRoper ( said of us, “(Stacie’s)best work is with you and (your) best is with Stacie.”  I’d have to concur…that girl brings out all the best in me…I’m proud to know her, proud to work with her…and even prouder that she calls me “friend”.

Stacie Snow

Those lovely heels she’s wearing come to you courtesy of JB, by the way…wasn’t that nice of him?  😀  I’m not gonna talk too much more, not much reason really.  All I can say to sum up is that she’s a special lady…and I’m looking forward to each and every shoot that she and I do…it’s a pure blessing to know her.

Stacie Snow


Oh, and in unrelated cuteness (lol), here’s a couple preview shots from our “shibari” shoot, two photoshoots ago.  Ungagged, yes, I know…the gagged shots come next.  😉

Stacie Snow in Shibari ropework

Stacie Snow in Shibari Ropework