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Alright…let’s run this down by date.

On the 21st:

Emily Addison in TucsonTied Bondage

Emily Addison gets tied and gagged while at her computer chair…can she send out a message of help from her laptop?   Probably not…;)  May 22: Kordelia Devonshire.

Kordelia Devonshire

May 23: More of Stacie Snow’s leather look…this time with her standing so you can get a look at her lovely figure.  TONS of tight, white rope circle her body, holding her fast.

Stacie Snow in Leather, standing for her TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

May 24:

Lola Lynn in TIGHT Brown Rope Bondage from TucsonTied

Lola Lynn struggles against the brown rope holding he bound and tries to remove the black duct tape over her mouth keeping her quiet…will she succeed?  This one’s kinda unique in that the outfit is a total donation to her…I myself gave her the outfit she wears (I keep a small stock of female clothing around in case a model doesn’t have a look I’m looking for), and the shoes were a fan donation.  There’s some “behind the scenes” trivia for ya!  😉

May 25th features Lexi Richelle in a pink rope tie up VIDEO.  Nicely done…

Lexi Richelle

May 26 is a DOUBLE UPDATE day!  TWO updates to the site…Samantha Lynn and Stacie Snow:

Samantha Lynn in TucsonTied Bondage

Stacie Snow In TIGHT, TucsonTied Bondage!

On May 28th, we have a special vid.  Wanna see how I explain a tie, then do a tie on a model?  This one’s for you then, as I first explain then do a “lotus” tie on Stacie Snow.

Here, we see me explaining the “Lotus tie” Bondage Position to Stacie Snow…

And that about updates you for the next goings-on!  I’ll try to do these posts every so often, keep you informed on the going-on’s of the site.


I’m now officially stir-crazy!  My flight for Vegas leaves at 5:45 am Tucson time, and I’m completely, totally prepped for it.  Which means I have nothing…and I do mean NOTHING to do until then.  I can almost feel every nerve in the body twitching…aaaaaaaaagh, but it’s driving me CRAZY!!!  Stuffing my face right now (eating is complimentary to boredom in my case…lol), and while I’m doing that, I figured I’d tell you what’s happening at TucsonTied.

I’m gonna highlight the new sets up now at the site first, then the coming attractions…if a model is up more than once, I’ll give you her rundown all in one hit…let’s start with the latest update…Kordelia Devonshire!

Kordelia Devonshire

Lots of great close-ups and my special brown rope cover one lovely, sexy lady in this set!  Some of my best ropework, too…we really kicked it that night!

CJ Molina in tight and tough TucsonTied Bondage

I only had one shoot with CJ, so I made the most of it!  A sexy frog-tie on a very sexy Latina, CJ didn’t disappoint!  Lots of tight rope covers her lovely body…some great work, if I do say so myself…lol.

Two GREAT vids are on the front page…Addie Juniper and Gina Rae Michaels both struggle in some of my earliest bondage work. Talking about early, Kat is also up on the front page…


VERY FIRST SHOOT…and I’m already tying secretaries…lol.  Ah, I miss this gal…we had fun working together.  My very first bondage from my very first shoot…kinda cool.

Ah, the “Gems” have a set up…ah, me.

Gems…Bikini Bondage

WOOF!!  That was a hotter set than I remembered!  Two bikini bound babes in some tight ropes and gags…can’t ask for much more than that!

Savanna Costello

Long legged, blonde beauty Savannah Costello and I had but one shoot, unfortunately, but I made the most of it and ties her pretty dang tight in some of my better pink rope bondage.  And beautiful boobage was well on display…lol.  Lovely set!

All right…two gals have more than one set up in the newest updates…First, Stacie Snow.

Stacie Snow in some TIGHT, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

I’ve said it before, and now I’ll say it again…I earned a new level of respect for her when I edited that set…damn, but that ropework was TIGHT.  Gonna have to try to do something like this to her when I see her again on Saturday…lol.  And, this set is up at the website as well…

“Mistress” Stacie Snow in leather, boots and TIGHT, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

Yuppers, one of the “leather” sets.  This is proving to be a VERY popular look for her…I’m proud to have debuted it.  TIGHT ropework again…I definitely do my all around best on Stacie.  One other gal has more than one update to the site…Kimberly Marvel!

Nurse Kimberly Marvel. “Heeeeeeeeelllllllllooooooo, NURSE!!!”

Got only one thing to say about this one…”HELLLLLLLO, NURSE!!”  😉  This is probably my favorite KM shot…she looks so lovely here, no?  Next up:

Kimberly Marvel

My fave set of our recent afternoon together.  Tight ropes, and a tight, knotted bandanna cleave gag to keep her silenced.  Just WAIT until you see the vid for this one!  Finally, we have Kim’s entry into the “leather” file…

“Mistress” Kimberly Marvel In Boots, Leather and Bondage

ROWR!  OK, ’nuff said on the current…next entry focuses on the upcoming! Tolstoy

Re-posting this from my Yahoo Group.  The “new Group Pic” I speak of is one of the recent Stacie shots I posted here.  😉

So, I don’t come here with this kinda crap often, but I feel like talking
today…especially after spending a good part of the day thinking about it.
“Talking”, of course, meaning writing on electronic paper…lol. 😉 Bear with
ol’ “Tolstoy” gang, I’m just a bit shook.

My store got robbed again. Bitch of it is, this time I was alone in the store
when they came in. Started out normal enough…asking questions about the
product and such…then they just started grabbing stuff off the shelves. As
they ran for the door, one of them made it clear that chasing after them was not
a good idea….gawd.

This is becoming a normal thing, and I’m really hating on it. It’s only gonna
be a matter of time before somebody gets hurt…probably me, as I’m always the
one who closes down the place. It’s hard to change gears on a job I still like,
especially one that’s taken care of me for 6 years now. Hours’ve been cut and
it’s not doing as well as it has been, so that’s a def consideration.

Problem is this: would a new job let me go to FetCon in August? Probably
not…and I could really use that time away.

UGH! I’m gonna let the whole thing simmer for a bit…maybe start looking for
something different next week. A particularly gorgeous woman I know who’s name
rhymes with…(…the hell does “Candle” rhyme with?!)…ah, hell…Candle
suggested “Wally World” (i.e. WalMart), and that’s seeming like a better idea
than ever. Maybe amidst tomorrow’s errands, I’ll go put in an app or two.

I hate to leave as the people there now seem more like family than just
co-workers, but I could use a larger paycheck…and a better peace of mind.

Thanks for letting me vent, gang…hopefully the new Group Pic makes up for you
all having to read all that…lol. If you have any insights, please feel free
to write…any input’ll help me at this point.

Oh, and just for the sake of saying it…no, I will not jump ship without having
another one to sail in; meaning, I won’t leave this job without having another
one. 😉

Thanks again…