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Just feel like typing a bit…sorry, it’s “TolstoyTime”; somewhat like “Miller Time” but 38% less alcoholic.  😉

Yuppers…it’s Tolstoy’s BIRTHDAY today!!!  YAY!! I’m 45 today if you’re curious…still a young pup, but admittedly halfway over the hill…lol.  Not too worried about age right now, just thinking about life in general.  Life is good.  😉

Buying my plane ticket to Tampa either Friday evening or Saturday…I can finally say with confidence that I’m officially FetCon bound!  It was pretty dicey there for a while, and even I was concerned, but I now have the funding available.  I just wish I could afford to do more than the 2 shoots I want to do, but…ah, well.

Lotta milestones happen around this time of the year…I met Dave Annis (by phone) for the first time today, two years ago.  Seriously…Pantera wrapped up a shoot with him on this day, 2 years ago, gave him my number, he called…and the rest is history.  Lotta great things came from that meeting…my bondage is NOTHING like what it was up until then, and apparantly judging by memberships, you all like that…thank Dave for it.  He gave me just the right amount of “push” to make it all happen. 

On the 18th of this month, I also had a milestone meeting…a gorgeous redhead decided it was to her benefit to take a chance on me and my bondage style.  That day, I got her elbows closer together than (at that time) anyone else had, something she adored!  I gave her what I thought was a GREAT shoot, and apparantly she agreed…14 shoots later and we’re still shooting like crazy; happy 1st year shooting with me, Stacie Snow!  You might wonder why I point this out…well, with some level of seriousness, I credit her with re-vitalizing my work.  Seriously…after I met her, the bondage in general started to have more “pop” to it, I began doing better work with ALL my models, and I had a better outlook for the future of TucsonTied.  She’s become a good friend in the process as well, someone that I can turn to to gripe and vent (which is sometimes important to this hot-headed Sicillian…lol), and just an all-around great friend as well.  So…saying the things that need to be said between friends, THANK YOU for being there, lady!  Hope I’ve made it fun for you as well!

So…the day itself so far?  Had my morning coffee (needed it this time).  Been sleeping funny lately…in fits.  Sleep for an hour or two…wake up for 20 minutes….sleep for three hours…wake up for 20 minutes…GAH!  Not a problem, really…just odd.  Today it worked in my favor as I got my first “Happy Birthday” text before the sun even came up…lol.  Not a problem at ALL as I was already awake, wondering WHY I was so wide awake.  Drifted back within 20 minutes, so seriously, it wasn’t an issue at all.  Got more than a few texts from folks saying “Happy Birthday”…love it and thank you all!!!

When I finally got up and opened the e-mail…GAH!  TONS o’ “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” wishes, which was cool…but from Facebook.  Haven’t been back to either of my profiles there (one for me personally, one for “TolstoyTony”) in MONTHS…just got bored with the whole thing.  Replied to everybody and got outta there like a bat outta heck…I’m done with Facebook.  After, I got dressed…and drew my belt in PAST THE FINAL HOLE!  That means one of two things…either I’ve lost even more weight lately, or it’s time for a new belt (lol), but since it’s my birthday, I’m going with the first one…lol.  Got myself breakfast at Jack In The Box…which, God help me, qualifies as a “treat” these days…I really have to fix that!!!  Tonight, El Coyote and his lovely wife Karen are taking me to dinner to celebrate…yay!!!  Can’t WAIT to see them again!

OK, rambled enough, sorry.  I need to type a little more…that way these damn things don’t come out in one burst…lmao!

Later, gang!
Mr. 45, staring 50 in the face now,