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Stacie Snow

Never ceases to amaze me.  Just the other day, somebody in my life mentioned, yet again, that I shoot with Stacie here a LOT.  Well, YAH; she’s a BIG seller at my site, she’s LOCAL to me and 20 minutes away from me, and apparently you guys like her, so it gives me reason.  Which is why I had StacieSnowBound created: To keep the front page of TucsonTied diverse and still give Stacie fans unlimited access to the gal they want.  Seemed like a simple equation.  “Two GREAT websites, ONE LOW PRICE” by the way…sign up for TucsonTied and you get StacieSnowBound at no extra cost.  Jus’ sayin’.  😉  Should I stop working with my most popular gal evER in the 4 year history of TucsonTied?

I didn’t think so.  😉

She wasn’t being over-critical about me, either…it was just a simple discussion.  And there was no “point” to it either…or at least I don’t THINK there was (lol)…either that or she put on the “kid gloves” (decided that because I’m a sweet guy and she thought she was bordering on offending me, which she wasn’t, the discussion should be tabled…I get that a lot and it bugs the fcuk outta me).  I like good conversation…I wish it could’ve continued.  Sigh and eye roll.

So, yah, fans, I shot with Stacie Snow just yesterday.  Interested in some shots?  Thought so.  😉

Frogtie/hogtie Bondage. Stacie Snow

Tried this out for the first time: a frogtie/hogtie.  Tied her ankles first (crossed), then bent her knees and tied the upper legs (frogtie), then ran a rope off the tied ankles to her tied wrists (hogtie).  Got inspired from a fellow ropeworker at FetLife, and I’ll be using this pose often now…I like the results!  Hmmmm.  Some  credence to the theory, I guess…trying out new stuff out on Stacie…taking the extra care…I do that more with her than any other gal.  Hmmmmmm.  😉

Next up was some brown rope goodness.  This was the “apeshit” tie of the shoot…went all out on this one.

NICE Bondage, huh? Stacie Snow

I think the brown rope made a nice contrast on her skin.  This shot made my desktop as the wallpaper, actually.  Hmmmmmmmm, again.  😉  Finally, with my alloted time runnin’ out on me, I ended the shoot with a lovely lotus tie:

Our third lotus tie. Me likey. 😉 Stacie Snow

All in all, I have to say this: Stacie came to me at a time when my business was failing, honestly…there was even thoughts of rope-retirement floating thru my head.  Then, she and I knocked out our first shoot, and fans started noticing.  And now I can honestly say that the site is fully paying for itself.  🙂  I owe this gal a LOT.  We’ve become friends outside the ropework as well as having a GREAT and SOLID photographer/model working situation.

She saved my butt, really…and as big as it is, that’s no small feat.  😉

I think I’m in business due in no small part to her. So…if you’re reading this, lady…thank you. 🙂

A fan as well as her photographer,


Been a while, huh?  😉  I think I waaaaaaaaaay overdid it in August, thus burning me out a bit, thus I needed a bit o’ time away.  BACK NOW!!!

So, my first shoot after being away for a while was Tracy Jordan.  This gal deserves an award for patience…everytime we got close to a shoot, life interferred.  Sucks and it pissed me off to no degree.  I think I say it best on my ModelMayhem profile:

“I should add this…I’m not the typical photographer who books things out months in advance…life seems to pick on me more than most.  Keeps me from “flaking” as well…I don’t want to have a shoot scheduled for months and just days before it my car tells me, “You think you’re gonna shoot a model…not likely, buddy; I need a new transmission.”  I typically book only a week to 2 weeks out…that’s just how I roll.  big_smile

It sucks to have to be like that, but, hey…life is life.  Tracy and I went thru SEVERAL misfires, but finally got together for a shoot and she will be showing up in my shoot roster again.  We had a WONDERFUL time and shot some lovely stuff.  Here’s an example…

Tracy Jordan

Ah, what a lovely damsel, huh?  🙂  She was patient as I dusted off some rust from the whole binding abilities (tho the “OCD” in me still seems intact, huh?  😉 ) and we knocked out some classic “DiD” material.  She’s as sweet as the day is long, and I fully enjoyed our time together.  Best part?  I got to try our my recently purchased JUTE rope on her!  Turns out she was a fan of the stuff, and told me to bust it out, which I did.  I’m suddenly regretting that I only bought 900 feet of it…

LOVE this shot!!! Tracy Jordan in Hemp Rope Bondage

Tracy Jordan in Hemp Rope Bondage, TucsonTied style!

I like the look of the stuff, but still prefer the brown that I dyed.  I’ll be using this again…mainly because she’ll be paying me a visit again sometime soon.


Stacie Snow In Bondage

Thoughtful mood today, which means I’ll be typing a bit…lol.   I’ll try and balance it out with a pic or two so you get not only me yakking my ass off (lol), but some visual as well.  Sorry for the length in advance.  I know some folks avoid me like the plague when I type lengthy, but sometimes it’s necessary.  Sometimes the bad that’s going on comes out thru the typing…

Let’s see.  first, a few one-line thoughts…  Fuck nuclear warheads; the female pout is the strongest weapon known to mankind.  Put a gal in front of me with a gorgeous pout and I’m butter in an instant, and any argument or disagreement between us is lost to me in a heartbeat.  😉  My own personal “Kryptonite”, if you will.  😉

Learning is a primary force of life.  I have a saying that I coined which I think sums it up: “The day you stop learning is the day you learn arrogance.”  Think you know EVERYTHING?  Well, you don’t…let me guarantee that.  If you think you do, then you stand out from the rest of us mere mortals, lending you that arrogance.  Me?  Still learning.  I know what I want from things like my photography, but I’m always willing to try new ways and ideas.  And if I try them and don’t like them, don’t be offended.

Final Fantasy 7 rocks and has been taking up WAAAAAAAY too much of my time.  FetLife ( ) as well.   Apologies for that.  Pic intermission:

Isobel Wren ROCKS!!!

I’m a bit of a blundering fool….lol.  😉  I make a good portion of the mistakes in my life purely thru lack of thought, or lack of calmness.  Endeavoring to improve on this is a constant.  They call it “growing up”, I think.  😉  See, I spent the formative years of my life chained to my Mom’s ultimately fatal diseases and helping her to live comfortably.  I only really started living at 39, when she passed.  This has stunted my growth dramatically…and tho I cover for it well, I still manage to be socially inept on an almost constant basis…learning to change that.  I apologize here to anyone who might be reading this who I may have inadvertantly offended.  Work in progress here; that is me.  😉

As a matter of fact, my spine just recently finished growing in…using it and utilizing it properly has turned out to be fun.  And “practical jokes” are RARELY “practical”.  Funny as all hell (and I MEAN that)…but rarely “practical”.  They should really rename that. 😉   And yes, those thoughts DO go together…those who know, know why.  😉  And a fond “Thank You” TO “those who know”.  It really helped…it really did.  😀

All right…those out of the way.  Let’s see…recently the “TucsonTied Empire” (not TOO egotictical of me to call it that, huh?  😉 ) grew a bit by adding on StacieSnowBound ( ).  Right away, things got silly and made me feel more than a bit scummy from outside opinions.  I should explain a few little things about the site.  “StacieSnowBound” is a site created primarily for the housing of MY Stacie Snow work.  It was created with her approval and permission.  Yep, I did indeed snatch away a domain name from her, but should she ever want it, I’ll happily make it available to her.  There are perks involved for her in allowing me to use her name for it…that’s between me and her.  The point is, she’s fine with it.  There hasn’t been much adversity to it, but for those who had some…there it is, on “electronic paper”.  😉

I went and did it again, dammit.  I guess I sold more of my soul for the sake of promotion.  😉  Recently, a large chunk of the body of my work with my model Angel wound up at Moraxian’s Game Room as a “Guest Gallery”  His work will be appearing on my site soon.  Also, JBRoper and I exchanged some images of Stacie Snow for Guest Galleries on each other’s sites as well…  I certainly hope this doesn’t offend anyone as it apparantly did the last time I did a GG exchange (shrugs).  I went into that with full model approval (even tho I didn’t have to…it was even at her suggestion), but it ruffled feathers.  (shrugs again)  It’s BUSINESS…and I’m desperately trying to get my name out there and benefit the models involved as well.

Pic break:

I recently learned something else…I’m a bit of a hypocrite!  🙂  God, what foolishness.  Told myself I’d never stand in judgement of somebody’s life and wound up doing just that.  Just because something someone’s doing that may skeeve the hell outta me doesn’t mean I have the right to stand in judgement of it.  Bondage skeeves the hell outta people and I’M not judged…at least I THINK I’m not…lol.  And yet, I stood in judgement of someone because of something he was doing…NOT COOL, Tony.  When I decided that I wasn’t only a photographer but a fetishist as well, I told myself that I would never stand in judgement of what someone does…too little time in life of foolishness like this, and besides…what can really be defined as “normal” nowadays, anyway???  😉  Go thru life and do so without judging…that’s the important thing.  Mental BITCHSLAP made, relative sanity returned.  And a thank you to the someone who snapped me back, and did so so very politely.  🙂

One more missive: being such a sweet guy causes the people around me to treat me so sweetly, even when I need to be corrected.  Generally, when I “visit the woodshed” when I’ve angered someone, it always winds up being pink and frilly with unicorns hanging on the wall.  ‘Bout to die from “sugar overload”, close friends (lol)…if I need a talking to, just DO IT!  I’m a relatively big boy with thicker-than-before skin.  😉

Cali Logan and me. Isn’t she silly? And GORGEOUS!

K…rambled enough for now.  Thanks for allowing me to vent and hope you enjoy the pics.