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Kimberly Marvel

Occasionally, I get it right.  🙂  Not just shooting, but something else as well….ah, but I get ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning.  🙂

Let’s be clear about something, fans…Kimberly Marvel is retiring as of FetishCon 2011 as a bondage model…so when she asked me if I wanted to get her in before she does, I bit and tenaciously.   Bookings, by the way, can be achieved from messaging her here: Do so before July if you’re looking to book a bondage shoot, btw.  😉   I was excited, with a tinge of sadness, as this likely would be the last shoot that takes place at my apartment.  Left me more than somewhat nostalgic…I’m gonna miss hearing from her asking for the occasional shoot.  🙁  Anyhow,  we set up for a 6 hour shoot…I’ve gone thru the first three hours worth of pics at this writing…will write more when I’ve gone thru the other three.  🙂

So, let me tell you what I referred to at the top…the “getting it right”.  I got to meet Kimberly’s new husband, JRMarvel, at this shoot…AMAZING gent, awesome guy! (By the way…he’s running a blog about his adventures in being the hubby of a fetish model…read more here: LOVE the title of it…”A Mile In Her Stilettos”…it’s an awesome read!)  So, anyway…it’s inevitable in this biz to get to know some of the models you work with on a more personal level (not like THAT, you pervs…lol)…meaning, befriend them.  Kimberly is one of those, and prolly one of the closer to me  as we’ve known each other for 5 years now. (FIVE YEARS…where DID the time go?!)  I have a bit of a bad habit about this kinda thing…I tend to wonder what type of a man a gal is attracted to.  Most of the gals I work with are single, and if there is a  bf/hubby, he generally doesn’t attend their shoots with me.  On occasion I do get to meet a boyfriend/husband and am interested in seeing how close I am to guessing what “type” of man she likes.  My biggest failure in guessing at this curiousity without question was Sasha Fey’s hubby.  Somehow, I had her figured for liking the type of guy I’d cross the street if I saw (lol)…intelligent (I got that part right, at least), but also muscular, burly and the like…and her guy turned out to be a total skinny-fish..I could prolly fold him up and put him in my back pocket…lol.  That’s not said to mock…it just surprised me that she’d go for a guy like the guy she went for; I had her figured wrong.  Goes to show you how wrong you can be…but in Kim’s case, I totally got it right.  🙂

Kimberly Marvel

(The bangs are new, by the way…aren’t they just “teh awesome”???  🙂 )  JRMarvel is a bigger guy, without question…found myself looking up to meet his eyes, and at my 6’2″ height, I rarely have to do that…but it was his heart that impressed me more than anything.  Jovial, smart as a whip, with an obvious good heart, he’s just one of those people in life you wind up liking even tho you’ve just met him.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.  Kimberly is fairly close to me…I’m just happy as all get out to see her so happy…and so obviously in love.  🙂

HEY, YOU!  In the third row…put that dang cigar out…the smoke is making me tear up over here…  😉

So, anyways…business, Tony…business.  🙂  The above pic came from the first set of the day and was awesome!  it was great to have Kim back in “me eeeeeevil clutches” again…also got to use some new shoes I’d bought.  🙂  Kick ass pose…and, dare I say it…BOOBIES!!!  😀  JRMarvel was awesome during it all…just stayed to the sidelines and let Kimberly and I work…even held her hair back for me when I gagged her…he was the epitome of awesome!

Dressed for going out, not going anywhere…Kimberly Marvel

This long dress presented an interesting dilemma.  I like doing crotchropes now…but the material from the long dress made it almost impossible…Kim herself suggested the line from the above the knees rope to the waist rope.  🙂  That’s an addition that’ll I be using a lot more of, on top of a crotchrope next time…I kinda like it…thanks, Kim!  🙂  The last set of this half of the shoot was a “cowgirl” kinda look:

The three “B’s”…boots, boobs and bondage; got it all covered here. 🙂 Kimberly Marvel

This set did something else for me…sold me on white ball gags.  🙂  Normally, I’m a traditionalist; I only like to see red colored ball gags.  Well, after viewing this set…I think a white one is a purchase for me in the near future.  🙂   Loving the look of this set…and glad she suggested it to me.  Helpful models…that gag is even her own…lol.  😉

Consider this blog “Part 1” of my mis-adventures with Kimberly and JRMarvel…more to come after some judicious editing.  🙂

And don’t forget JRMarvel’s blog: Seriously, the dude knows how to write…and that comes from your own “Tolstoy”.  🙂

More to come soon…