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Ashley Lane

OK, here we go…another blog post to get me all caught up.  🙂

Check out those LEGS there, huh???  Good Lord Almighty…it’s been a touch of time since I’d seen Ovara Darkstar, and she’s made some VERY nice changes.  She had legs before, but now?  BEAUTIFUL legs…wow!

This was our second shoot together, and she surprised me a bit; she was a total beauty before, but this time was a touch different.  She’s been managing herself well and it was completely noticeable.

So.  We started with the basics of a TucsonTied shoot…I like a set with a gal sitting on a chair…

Tape AND Ball gagged…yes, it’s true. Ashley Lane

Check out that gag…she had a ball gag off it’s strap and asked me to plop the ball inside her mouth and tape the whole thing over (in case you didn’t figure it out by hearing that…Ovara is VERY much “into” being tied and gagged…and as tightly and firmly as her body will allow her to be…AWESOME quality for a model!).  “OK.” sez me…let’s go for it!  It made for a pretty intense looking gag and one of the more effective ones I’ve ever done…t’was awesome to say the least.

We set her on the floor next and did a right and proper “damsel” set…poor Ovara has been kidnapped and been struggling all day futilely against her ropes, even to the point she kicked her own shoes off…

Ashley Lane

We next did a pretty taut hogtie which was awesome; she was STUCK, bless her.  🙂  We ended the day off with a standing tie that shows off legs to it’s finest:

She was AWESOME to work with…I can’t WAIT for the next opportunity to wrap her up in some tight, taut ropework.  🙂

Ashley Lane

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, dear,  for a GREAT shoot…looking forward to the next!  🙂


Stacie Snow

Gonna be doing a LOT of typing today, gang…I’m two shoots behind…lol.

Been an interesting August, I must say.  🙂  THREE shoots this month…and in them, I’ve stretched my creativity a bit, done some different stuff.  This month, I also took on different roles in the community on FetLife…been kinda fun.  🙂

So, let’s see…Stacie Snow’s latest shoot with me.  Stacie’s shoot came very much last minute as I thought I’d be working with AnnaBelle Lee, but, it just didn’t work out.  She pulled a muscle at her last shoot and decided it was better to just work with me another time when she was completely healthy; I definitely credit her for knowing her limits.  🙂  Stacie, in the meantime, informed me that if I was gonna shoot with her, I’d better do it now and on Sept. 12th as her availability was gonna be a bit scarce in the coming weeks, so I guess it all worked out.

Microfoam tape is da BOMB! And so is Stacie Snow.

We shot in a “LBD” (“little black dress”) this time out…Stacie looks great here, no?  This was our first shoot after her successful FetCon trip…lots of talk about the fun, festivities and folks she worked with…it was awesome!  Good to have her back in the “studio” as well; she’s like a “buddy” to me and I miss hanging out with her some times.  We’ve now been working with each other a touch more than 2 years now…I certainly hope they’ve been good for her…they’ve been good for me.  🙂  She’s not exactly someone I can call to go have a pizza with, or hit the mall; we’re “work buddies” at best…I see her when she has a shoot with me and not much more than that.

Kneeling Beauty…Stacie Snow

We DO work together a LOT…but there’s nothing more than the “Profit Motive” at work within it.  Stacie makes money at a once-monthly regular shoot with me…I make money when people sign up at TucsonTied; a “win-win” all around for both of us.  We ARE friendly with each other and it’s good to see one another…but that’s about it; we’re just co-workers at a job that has a very funny job description (lol), but is a very fun “job”.  🙂

We did the sitting pose above, then this kneeling hogtie, then an actual hogtie, laying on the floor, then we did a standing pose…and then tried something new: a STRAPPADO.

STRAPPADO! Stacie Snow

It’s a TOUGH pose on a model to say the least…but Stacie excels at doing the toughest and tightest; that’s one reason of many that the fans adore her so much.  I’d done one before with Sasha Fae (you remember that just a few posts ago), but this time we did one with her STANDING…and it was awesome and brilliant.  Stacie looked amazing in the ropework…I’m almost envious of my members for when this stuff hits the site!  🙂

So, what else am I up to?  SPAM KILLER stuff.  🙂  Over at KnottyTalk, UnlimitedBondage’s newest fetish community site, blog-spammers have taken to posting there…I’m da spam frier…lol.  Over at FetLife, a Group there with over 6000 members went leaderless and the Caretakers of the site have asked me to take on the duty (or “doody”, depending, it would seem…lol) of Moderating for it.  Along with Moderating for my own Yahoo Group…Stacie’s, Candle’s, doing shoots…YIKES!  it’ll get a bit tight, but I think I can manage it all.  🙂

Another post coming up…I also shot with Ashley Lane this month…more in a sec.  🙂


LMAO…as I was settling down to write this, I got this note at my regular e-mail address…

Good Day, I am (phony name and occupation withheld), Hong Kong. My business suggestion for you is about a transfer of $24.5 million was deposited by one of our late customer who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2004.Against this backdrop, my proposal to you is to stand as the next of kin to (possible victim name withheld), So you will be able to receive this funds to your own nominated account we shall share in the ratio of 60% for me, 40% for you. your full names, address & phone numbers should be provided in response to this email. through (spam address withheld) Regards, (spammer and address withheld)

So lemme see if I understand this.  You’ve got this client who’s deposited a buttload of money and died…now, without a next of kin named, it’s just sitting there, and you wanna SCAM THE BANK YOU WORK FOR by declaring me this person’s “kin” so that you and I can share the cash?

Let’s get right on that! 🙂

LORD!  How many types of illegal IS that, anyways???  OY.  Seems like a goodly portion of my life these days is spent as a “SPAM fighter”…there’s here (we get a LOT of SPAM here that I spare you of), and I do some SPAM killing over at KnottyTalk, UnlimitedBondage’s newest social site.  The SPAMMERS there seem to think the “Blog” section is a good place to market and sell Ugg boots.

Now, waitaminnute.  A BONDAGE social site.  REALLY?!

Came here to do a blog piece about my latest shoot with Stacie…and there were 4 SPAM blog posts waiting to be slain…all of which were longer than any of my last blog posts COMBINED!  Who has the time to WRITE this shit, anyways???

Oh, right…the Russian mafia FORCES people to write them.  Penis enlargement blog SPAM.  At GUNPOINT, no less.  OY!  😛

Having fun…Tolstoy

OY!!  The vid a few entries down has a bit of a glitch…well, a typo, really.  In communicating to me how she wanted her last name spelled, I somehow got “Fey” instead of the correct “Fae”.    OOPSIE on my part…I’ll clean that up soonly.  On to our regularly scheduled blog.  🙂

Sasha Fae receives her “Best Amateur Model” award!

Isn’t that just the cutest grin???  😉  Hi, blog-fans…welcome to another edition!

HAD to start out with that pic…it summed up the day.  🙂  Shot with Sasha Fae for the site again and it was FUN.  But, I digress…let’s talk a bit about the award.  The Rope_Dreams Yahoo Group (  join up if you haven’t already!) holds an annual fan awards ceremony for several topics (you can get the gist easily…Best model, Best Photographer…etc)…I’ve won a few times…once for Best Photog, and once for Best Costuming.  Well, this year, Sasha Fae won for “Best Amateur Model”, and I am so frikkin’ proud of her.  🙂  She’s really humble about her extreme good looks…seems to consider herself just the average “soccer mom”…lol.  😉  Funny thing…when I talk with the amateurs I work with around town, they don’t even seem to get that they have FANS…Sasha was one of those, but now she GETS it.  😉  That beaming smile wasn’t just for the camera…she was truly touched that she won the award and proud to receive it.  🙂

ONWARD…had Sasha over for another shoot and brother, was it AMAZING!  My loves for “LBD’s” (“Little Black Dresses”) and tape gags took another astonishing leap as we jumped right in…I had found the costuming just hours before the shoot (yay, me and prior award earned…lol):

Sasha Fae From this…

…To THIS! 🙂 Sasha Fae

Goodness, but that gals got LEGS, no???  😉  We tried a few different things…two of which I’ll show you now…a strappado:

Kneeling Strappado… Sasha Fae

and this…a “hands between the legs” pose:

Hands between the legs. Sasha Fae

NICE stuff all around!  🙂  I get to see her again tomorrow as she models for Dave Annis; I’ll say “HI” for all of you…her loving and adoring FANS.  😉  Coming up next: in less than two weeks, I’ll be working with AnnaBelle Lee…and after that…a brand NEW discovery who’s gonna knock you effin’ socks off should all the pieces fall into place.  🙂

Stay Tuned…