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HOLY HELL, what a woman, what a SHOOT!!!

Ashley and I have been trying to set up a shoot for-EVER…but something always seems to get in the way…either she’s not in town, or when she is, I’m flat broke…lol.  This time, all the stars aligned, and we were able to hook up for a GREAT shoot!  🙂  Check out this moment when I was gagging her…

Ashley Graham

LOVE all the moody shadows here! Ashley Graham

The preliminaries set, we went on about doing some KILLER work…she’s AMAZING to work with!!  Started with her sitting on my stool…

Ashley Graham

Then, we (had Dave Annis with me, helping out) set her on the floor and did a set:

Check the expression! WOW!!! Ashley Graham

Then, we stood her up…

Ashley Graham

We wound up doing two other poses besides this…but I’ll save those for the updates at my site.  🙂  All I have to say is this: she was a CHAMPION to work with…took me at my worst and was just left saying, “That all you got, bitch?”  😉  I was thrilled to death to work with her as she was long on my “I want to work with her” list…and now that we have, we’ll be able to do so many, MANY times in the future.  I REALLY enjoyed working her…she was beyond awesome!  🙂


WOW…I’ve actually done TWO shoots with Stacie Snow since I blogged about her last!!!  Guess that means an extra-long blog with tidbits about both…we’ll start with the “red dress” shoot…

Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae

No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you…that is in fact a shot of Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae together.  I thought it’d be a good idea for the girls to meet each other, as they’re the two gals I shoot with the most, and I seriously thought their personalities would mesh together well.  Oh, did they EVER.  🙂  They loved each other…and we spent a little time together knocking out a short set for our individual FetLife portfolios…it was a magic, golden moment that I’ll prolly never forget…it was wonderful.

Custom shoots of the two together in bondage are available to be made…just sayin’.  😉  Contact me here if you’re interested.  🙂

Once that was done and Sasha’s part in the day was done (and I somehow managed to peel them off of each other…lol), Stacie and I set about our shoot for the day…a set in a HOT red dress:

Stacie Snow

She looked really stunning!  Amazing how she can change between looks, no?  Last blog I did about her, she had wavy, curly hair…and here she is with straight hair; like all other things about her (I STILL can’t make up my mind which gag I like her in best: cleave, ball or tape), I just don’t know which way I really like to see her hair…curly or straight.   Either way, she’s still Stacie…and I adore working with her just as much as you all adore seeing my work with her.  🙂

Stacie Snow hears a noise in the distance…

GOODNESS, those LEGS, huh????  😉  That pretty much sums up the first one…lemme tell you about the second…

Stacie Snow with curly hair

We were SO GOOFY with this shoot…the energy in the room was positively ELECTRIC.  She was in SUCH a great mood and it was wonderful working with her again.  It had been a while in between shoots, so the “Three Musketeers” (herself, me and Dave Annis) were just feeling good about it and just generally having fun.  As a matter of fact, this strappado, which looks hard, was her fave pose of the afternoon:

Stacie Snow’s strappado

She was actually SWINGING herself back and forth in that pose…can you believe it?  😉

Well…that pretty much sums up not one but TWO shoots with Stacie…next up, my shoot with Ashley Graham!


GOODNESS, but I’m behind in this!  Didn’t realize it’d been so long since I blogged last!!  I’m gonna be short with these entries, so I can get caught up.  First off, Sasha Fae!

Sasha Fae

Loved that shot so much it now hangs up on my wall with several other non-bondage shots of mine.  🙂  Sasha’s career has been on FIRE of late…I’m so freaking PROUD of her!!  She’s been catching a lot of people’s eyes of late and working with the likes of RopExpert ( and she’ll very soon be working with one of my favorite people in the world, JB Roper (  Plus, she’s been visiting LA a lot, and is set to go to freaking ENGLAND soon!!! (WHY didn’t I tell her to tell the guy she needed me along as a chaperone??????  😉 )  She’s really been managing herself well and has managed to get into the minds and interests of a HOST of producers around the globe!  It’s exciting…and I’m excited for her!

Sasha Fae

Wish I could say I was the one behind her meteoric rise to fame…but while I’m certainly in the mix, I’m not alone.  Fellow producer, and the man who discovered her, Dave Annis (go to his site here: and I sat her down one day and suggested she get herself a FetLife account as that seems to be “the” place for folks to meet nowadays.  She did…find her here:, and the rest, as they say, is history.  She’s on a one-way ticket to the top and looking back no time soon!  🙂

Sasha Fae

I love the way she captioned the above pic when she posted it to her FetLife page…something to the effect of, “As long as I’m going to be here all day, would someone mind turning this vibrator on?”  😉  She’s a card to say the least…and one of my very most favorite people in the world to work with.

Simply put, I adore this woman.  😀

I see her again next month, after she gets back from her England trip…I can’t wait to ‘ear awl da bloody gossip ’bout it, guvenor.  😉


Sorry I’ve been away for a while, gang.  🙁  Been having a rough time of it of late, and sometimes it’s best to step away from the keyboard and focus on other endeavors.  If I had been typing in the last week, it would have come out all bile and anger….best to walk away and leave things for the moment for a happier time…which is NOW!!  🙂

In the interim, I’ve been focusing my energies inward within the company I produce for, UnlimitedBondage, and helping out on several projects.  You all know about KnottyTalk, I think…I believe I’ve mentioned it several times here:

It’s a social site, not too unlike FetLife, but produced and watched over by the great folks at UnlimitedBondage.  It’s FREE to sign up, FREE to be a member there, and FREE to join in on all the fun…like the CHAT we hold every Friday night, 10 pm EST.  I’m usually there (I’m a Moderator on the site, now), along with great folks from the bondage community in general, not just UnlimitedBondage.  It’s free for all…you might want to stop by sometime!!!   🙂

Another new project in my repertoire is UnlimitedBondageTube:

It’s a “Tube” site, not too unlike “YouTube”, but focusing on the UnlimitedBondage circle of sites, and offering a look at the video content we producers from UnlimitedBondage provide.  Sites like my two…TucsonTied ( and StacieSnowBound (, RopExpert’s NabHer (, NaughtyTies (, Bondage Mischief ( and a whole plethora of others!  You can see the entire list of UB sites at:, or just stop on by UnlimitedBondageTube to get a FREE preview of our video content.  It’s FREE to stop by and view vids…stop on by and have some fun!!!

The last one is brand new…UnlimitedBondage ON DEMAND!

You can download videos or photo sets…or even stream videos LIVE!!!  Above is the site link…here’s the link to my content:  Give it a shot!

Ok, enough of this…I’m sure you’d like to know what I’ve been up to shoot wise.  Gonna go over where I left last and see where I left off, then tell you about some GREAT shoots!  🙂