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Hey, Blog Fans!  🙂

Another day, another year!!  Welcome to 2012…the year to end all years, the year we all go to a hot place in a handbasket, the year where everything as we know it comes to an end…or the year those pesky Mayans simply ran out of stone to carve on.  😉  Two Thousand Twelve…2012.  Whatever happens, it’s been a wild and crazy ride, and I have to say, I’m loving every minute of it.  And will continue to do so in 2013 and beyond.  🙂

My last shoot with Stacie Snow has come and gone, and produced quite a nice DVD.  I’ve been working on my refining techniques, and while I’m still not perfect, I think I turned out a pretty nice product this time.

“The Kidnapping of Stacie Snow” DVD…1 hour runtime

That’s the DVD case…what’s within is  a one hour kidnap drama (with emphasis on the kidnapped girl for a change…lol) with “heiress” Stacie Snow as a “hostage for ransom”, and myself as the nasty, evil masked kidnapper.  Several scenes depict Stacie’s kidnapping ordeal…starting with her bound, gagged, and blindfolded on a chair in the kidnapper’s lair.  A call to her father is made, setting her ransom at $500,000…then she is re-gagged and left alone to struggle against cruelly tied rope and feel the vibrator tied into the crotch rope pulse unmercifully at her…

Her kidnapper then moves his captive to the floor and allows her to struggle uselessly at the cruelly tight tied ropes.  Her kidnapper returns…saying that her father is balking at the demands…he needs pictures of her to convince him to open his wallet and he begins photographing her for that purpose…

“Daddy…please pay the ransom and let me come home!” Still taken during the production of the DVD, “The Abduction Of Stacie Snow”

He leaves with his photos and lets her struggle some more…then returns to hogtie the kidnapped heiress (on screen).

After this, he’s in a holding pattern, waiting for “Daddy” to open his pockets…with nothing but time on his hands, he decides to tie his captive standing up so he can watch her sexy figure shimmy one way to the next as she tries feebly to keep her balance while tied in this cruel fashion.

“Let’s have a look at you, my sexy little captive…” Screen cap taken from the DVD, “The Kidnapping Of Stacie Snow”

FINALLY, her father pays the ransom, so our kidnapper leaves Stacie to struggle on a couch pull out bed while he goes off to get his ill-gotten fortune…she tosses to and fro on the bed and wonders when he’ll be coming back to set her free…  Eventually he does return…but only to firmly tie her to the bed (hands over her head to one corner and feet to the other) and leave her there, at the mercy of the directions the kidnapper gave her father to get him to the location she’s being held…

One hour of strict “Little Black Dress” bondage with the lovely Stacie Snow…and the lump that is me, as the kidnapper.  🙂  $25 ($5 for shipping…$30 total)…drop me a line if you’re interested: