All posts for the month February, 2012

I’ve been taking a touch of time off to refreshen myself.  🙂  I’ve been doing two shoots a month every month for about a year now and I needed some time for me.  It’s been a tough road of late…I’ve had a lot of battles off this blog and off of the shooting that didn’t always go so well; I now sit one strike away from losing my FetLife account because of one individual with an attitude, an axe to grind, and a need of a target.

It massively sucked to get that FetLife Restraining Order for doing next to nothing.  It’s a suck feeling…I’m not the trouble starter, I’m usually the one trouble is started AGAINST and it really makes me sick to know that someone did this to me.  On top of that, I got into a copyright struggle between two warring factions, tried to be a peacemaker and instead wound up being thought of as a “Dickhead”.  That fcuking sucked as well…I’m a “Prick” if anything, thank you very muchly.  😉  If anything, it gave me the catalyst to just jump right the fcuk outta there and get my fragile self away from BOTH sides of the issue and start focusing on ME…which I wish so many others out there would do.

Talking about focusing on yourself, I find it really weak of people when they feel they have to vent in public…if they were to focus that time on theirselves, it’d be better for the world at large…

And that’s about all for this rant.  🙂


WOW!!!  Dunno how it happened, but somehow all the SPAM on the blog just…stopped.  🙂  NEAT!  I went thru the members and booted folks with names like, “” and well…no more SPAM to go thru.


Bwah-hahahahahahaha!!!  Feels kinda good, actually.  🙂  Although, I kinda miss their humorous posts…how am I EVER gonna top the Russian Mob forcing folks to post Viagra SPAM to blogs…  😉