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Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan DVD box art

Second of two new releases…in this one, the perils of fame are explored a bit…

Sasha Fae has taken off in popularity; the only unfortunate side-effect of this can be an unhinged fan base.  One such fan has found her, kidnapped her and is attempting to get her to stay with him in this video, “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”.  The fan keeps poor Sasha tied and gagged in many various ways, starting out with a chair tie (in which she’s gagged ON CAMERA), followed by an ON SCREEN HOGTIE:

Sasha Fae hogtied for “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

After which he stands her up to get a better look (and better pictures) of her tied and gagged form…

Sasha Fae standing tall, from “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

After this standing tie, the fan decides to test Sasha’s trust and leaves a pair of scissors within her reach…”Stockholm Syndrome” hasn’t set in just yet, so she immediately goes for them and tries her damnedest to get free before he can stop her…

CUT THOSE ANKLE ROPES! Sasha Fae in, “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

He then moves her to a bed to let her rest…then for the final scene, puts her into a ball tie (on screen tying in this one as well).  GREAT video…I was amazed by it!

Personal notes: This was the first time Sasha and I did a “storyline” video and it definitely won’t be the last…she was freaking AMAZING!  The words “natural actress” immediately come to mind as I watched this one in post production…she fell into the role of the captive star BEAUTIFULLY and emoted far better than I could have even hoped for…and when it comes to emoting on camera, I hope for a LOT (lol), so you know she did great!  🙂  If I were able to give out a “Bondage Oscar” for “Best Performance by a Captive Female”, Sasha would DEFINITELY get the win…there were many a time in the filming of it, I wanted to actually “save” her from the situation (which I, myself was the cause of, ironically enough), and my camera man and good buddy (and the guy who discovered Sasha and got her started) Dave Annis, heartily agreed; this was an emotion-filled performance that Sasha sells from minute one…you truly BELIEVE in her as a kidnapped woman who wants to be let go…

Have to say, my favorite parts were when she snapped at my character (the fan) thru her gag to “Stop taking pictures!!!”  That was CLASSIC!!

RAW emotion, brilliant performances, bondage to the 10’s…this one has it ALL!!  Click the pics to order this from Clips4Sale!


 Hi gang!!

Got not one but TWO new releases from the TucsonTied Studio to talk with you about: “Mob Daughter Abducted” is the first one.  🙂  Have to say I’ve been enjoying shooting “themes” lately and this was no exception…this was a FUN video to shoot.  🙂  Before I tell you about this one, I just want to remind you that “The Kidnapping Of Stacie Snow” is still available from me, either in DVD format ($30: message me privately about that) or from Unlimited Bondage On Demand in Windows Media:

Mob Daughter on UnlimitedBondage On Demand

or at Clips4Sale:

Mob Daughter on C4S

A LOT of my product is also available at Unlimited Bondage On Demand…this is a direct link to the store there:

TucsonTied Full Length Video Product on UnlimitedBondage On Demand

OK, that done…let’s talk about this release, “Mob Daughter Abducted”.  First off, here’s a better look at the cover…

“Mob Daughter Abducted” DVD box art

In this one, Stacie Snow plays the daughter of a mobster.  She’s decided she wants out of the Mob life and style and has left the “Family” and it’s violence and connections behind.  She’s changed her name and moved on…enter two opportunistic kidnappers who learn the truth…

Stacie Snow In “Mob Daughter Abducted”

The kidnapping is filmed ON SCREEN by the two bad guys; choice bits of video will be pulled out and sent to her father with the ransom demand later, but this is the kidnapping AS IT HAPPENS with on screen narrative by the two kidnappers.  Most of the bondage is done ON SCREEN (about the only bondage that isn’t is when she’s stood up for a closer view of her lovely body) and the two kidnappers (one on screen, one off) banter back and forth with their captive about the kidnapping, the victim and what’s going to happen to her next…

This one is for the fan that likes banter, on-screen tying and PLENTY of struggling.  It’s a touch heavy on story, but focused in the moment of the kidnapping…this is a filming of the kidnapping as it happens…I’m sure you’ll love it!  🙂

Message me privately thru the blog for info on the DVD ($30, postage paid)…click the pics to buy it from either UnlimitedBondage On Demand or Clips4Sale.  🙂

“Left you a pair of scissors if you wanna try and get out, babe…” Yah, that was mean. 😉 Stacie Snow, in “Mob Daughter Abducted”


It’s really good to come to the blog these days and see that I have ZERO spam to put down.  🙂  Glad to know I bonked off the site the one or two spammers that were troubling us; you are NOT missed.  🙂


Yet another social site that I belong to (you can see my tweets on the lower right of the blog) and a way to communicate with my fans, let you know my innermost thoughts and such.  But within a character limit of 140 letters.  That rule can bite me in my lower regions.  🙂  Point is…I haven’t been using it much lately…the reason being my “haters”.  There’s two of them that I’m specifically talking about here, and the both of them are Masters of what I’ve dubbed the “Twitterendo”.  Defined:

Twitterendo:  Using Twitter to spread hateful propaganda about an enemy in a way that doesn’t say who you’re hating on specifically, but leaves enough room for the reader to know EXACTLY who you’re talking about.  EXAMPLE:

“I see certain people have done certain things. That’s certainly awful and even tho I’m talking bad about them I’m still BETTER than them because what they did is certainly something I’D never do. Certainly.”

It’s cowardice PERSONIFIED; striking at someone you hate with vile venom and not having to suffer the consequences for it…I liken it to all the “attack ads” you see when it comes election time; you say PLENTY about your opponent, but literally NOTHING about yourself as a candidate; only that the ad was approved by some money fund somewhere.  It’s vile, crude, and almost animalistic…and I was letting it effect me somewhat in that I wasn’t posting much at Twitter to not let my haters get any ammunition from it and use it against me.  A good strategy, per se…but it left a silence between me and my fans that I don’t like and really should have gotten past months ago when I blocked both of them from ANY ability to communicate with me thru e-mail, FetLife or any other forms of online communication.

I’m trying to take a new path in life, one that purges all forms of negativity from me…that was the reason I blocked them both.  I see their vile garbage about myself or friends of mine, it elicits an emotional response (anger…I’m that much human, at least), so I make it so I can’t see it.  Simple as that…and besides, why would I WANT to read the ravings of a child trapped in an adult’s body?  Since when do such ravings AMOUNT to anything anyway?


Both of them are small fools who need to get over themselves and destroy the hate they have and turn that introspection that they seem to possess about other people WITHIN and start making THEMSELVES better without childishly, needlessly, foolishly lashing out at the world, trying to make themselves look better by comparison than the people they hate.  I’d throw out the word “jealous”…but that would be lashing out myself, and I’m not certain of that fact, and I wouldn’t want to make assumptions where I know nothing…that’s THEIR job.  🙂

I don’t make deals with Satan as one of them told their Twitter feed about me, by the way…that was the vilest of the attacks.  It’s long since faded into the ether, but it’s still stuck with me as something I truly despise and the defining moment of this crisis.  I coined the word “Twitterendo” from this moment…I can’t BEGIN to tell you how ANGRY I was when I saw that tweet; looking back upon it still scares me, I was so angry.  And angry over what, really?  That’s the crux of this and why I feel he need to write this and become more active again within the online community of public sites I write on like Twitter and FetLife…tho I do have to watch my step at FL as one of them filed a “FetLife Restraining Order” (essentially the site telling both parties to grow up and ignore each other)  on me for asking what I’d done now.   It is what it is.

Expect to see my “Twitter Widget” on the blog to be a LOT more active…and if you keep anything at all from my ramble here, folks, its this: If you need to know ANYTHING about me, don’t listen to my “haters”, as they know LITERALLY NOTHING ABOUT ME…simply ask me.  The only thing haters know is what they WANT you to know; and that kind of garbage is only written from the poor opinion they posses about themselves and a need to feel better about themselves thru bringing others down…I refuse to be brought down again by both of them.  They will be what they will be…I can only be me, and if they don’t like that, they can go fuck themselves.  HARD.  🙂

Yours in overly-worded bloggage,