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Stacie Snow

Stacie Snow and I are closing in on our THIRTIETH shoot together (what’s the “Anniversary Gift” for 30?  WRITE ME…I have 2 shoots left before I need to get it!), and I marvel at her ability every time we get together for one.  This is one stunning young woman who always turns in the best of the best performance and gives her fans her all towards making really great stuff!!!  🙂  Over the 28 shoots or so (yeesh…),  I’ve managed to get a favorite or two look of her…I must say, I REALLY like Stacie in a “Little Black Dress”, like pictured above…especially when the bondage goes on…

Stacie Snow

YUMMY, no?  🙂  The black pantyhose adds something to those already-stunning legs as well.  It’s a GREAT combination that I feel really displays Stacie at her best; we really do some GREAT work together, no?  🙂

This part of the shoot was especially fun…as you all know, I had the very bright idea to introduce Stacie to Sasha Fae, and let me tell you; they are getting along BRILLIANTLY!  Touring the East Coast as I write this, Stacie and Sasha have hit it off to the point that, according to them, they see each other 6 of the 7 days of the week now; I’m really happy I asked Sasha to attend one of Stacie’s shoots so they could meet.  🙂  They’ve become extremely fast friends and become very close…not THAT close, you pervs… :P…but, then again…

Sasha Fae explores a tied Stacie Snow…and it would appear Stacie has no problem with it…

That was a quick candid from the last shoot; don’t they look so CUTE together?  🙂  Anyway.  It was GREAT to see Sasha again; while I tied Stacie for the second segment of this shoot, she and Sasha chatted about almost everything under the sun…right down to where they were going to dinner that night.  I’ve done a lot of things wrong is this little career of mine…offended a few folks, gained a few enemies, but when it comes right down to it, I’m all for making money while making the lives of the friends I find along the way a little better…and since Stacie and Sasha are two of my best friends at the gig, I’m proud and happy to have sent them along the path of friendship.  May it last forever!  🙂

Parting bondage shot, then I’ll sign it…

Black dress, black pantyhose, grey gag…it all works for me. 🙂 Stacie Snow


Stacie Snow, from “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”

EDIT: Click on the pics to see this offered for sale at UnlimitedBondage On Demand!

Stacie Snow is having a really crappy day.  Imagine coming home, there’s someone in the house.  He wasn’t rough about it, but he did tie her up and leave her to struggle while he went thru her belongings.  Once done, he left her to struggle with the wrist and ankle bondage, and left her ungagged so she could call for help…

Ah, but the help she GOT!!

The guy knelt down next to her, sat her up and listened as she told him her tale of being burgled and tied, then asked him for release so they could call the police.  Instead, he told her that it sucked to be her…as he was ALSO a burglar!  Right after that, his hand went over her mouth, silencing her and keeping her from screaming for help…then he decided to see what he’d walked into and pulled down the front of Stacie’s dress, revealing her breasts…

And thus starts “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”, my latest ONE HOUR production for TucsonTied/StacieSnowBound!  This was prolly the most fun shoot that Stacie and I have had thus far…we had a BLAST filming this!  I don’t think I’ve had this much solid fun at a shoot since I shot with Stacie and her sister, Bree…we were having a really great time.  Lately, the shoots I’ve been doing have been big…we do enough video to cover a one hour production and then change outfits and do some still work (that’ll be next blog entry), and they can be hard on both of us, her especially…after all, all I’m doing is tying and walking around, spilling out a line or two…she’s tied and gagged and struggling her heart out!  But, I have to tell you, Stacie is a real wonder to work with, so bubbly and lively; if it was hard on her, I couldn’t tell, in between the laughter.  🙂

Stacie Snow from “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”

After the scene described above, Stacie was placed in a chair and allowed to struggle, then to the floor in the pic you see above, then to a hogtie, then he found a hook on one of her walls that he could tie her standing up…

Stacie Snow from “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”

The first guy got all her valuables that could be carried,  so the second guy took delight in practicing his bondage skill on her, spending an afternoon tying her and placing her in different spots around her home and watching her struggle…  Finally, he decided he got his fill and left her tied and gagged on her sofa bed and went on his way, leaving her to struggle and try to get out of the ropework he’d so carefully placed on her….

My overall thoughts on this one?  AWESOME stuff!  Stacie told me she also loved her performance in this one…she felt she really “hit it” with her portrayal of a gal in this situation; she felt it was more to the actual character of someone who was actually in this situation…and after watching it thru and thru, I have to agree with her; she really NAILED it; you will LOVE her performance in this one!

Other notes…this is my first production with my new HD camera and the image quality is SUPREME.  My last camera, after doing 5+ years of venerable production work, was showing it’s age and it was time to get a new one, which I did and it really turned out GREAT!  🙂  I even got a compliment from Stacie herself for deciding to go with sunglasses on my villain character.  Dunno if I blushed when she mentioned it, but it was flattering that she noticed.  🙂

“Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar” is coming soon to UnlimitedBondage on Demand and…I’ll keep ya posted!  🙂

Gonna do another blog entry about this shoot…like I said, we did a video section and a photo section…next one’s on the pics.  🙂