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So, yah…FetishCon!!!  SO. EXCITED. TO. BE. GOING.  Just wanted to take a second and tell you all about it.  I’m going at the behest of two of my wonderful custom clients who’re helping me get there by purchasing product generated at the event.  And in doing so, I’ll be re-uniting with three lovely ladies who’s absence from the “new” files of TucsonTied has been very long and MUCH maligned, and adding a NEW name to the roster of lovely ladies that I’ve worked with over the 6 years of my career as the producer of TucsonTied/StacieSnowBound.  But first, a personal note.

I’m happy to be going for another reason.  It’s no secret that Stacie Snow and I are good friends outside of the work…when she went to her first con, I wasn’t able to attend, and I felt really bad about that.  Mind you, I know the girl doesn’t need me to hold her hand…quite the opposite, actually; I get the feeling that girl could easily kick my over sized ass and not even work up a sweat in doing so.  😛  But, I was looking forward to being a friendly face in the crowd to turn to if needed…first FetCon’s are tough, and it’d be nice just to have someone to be able to talk with.  I was looking for that during mine…I was so new and green I knew literally no one, and it was a jarring time.   Well, this year is Sasha Fae’s first con…and she and I have become pretty good friends outside of the business, so I’ll be happy to be there for her when she starts to see the fun.  The guy being led around by a rope attached to his genitals, hands tied behind his back.  The guy dressed up as a horse, complete with hooves.  The dude with more body hair than I have (and that alone is an achievement…lol) running a pony cart.  Nothing wrong with any of those things…but they will be a sight; and I can’t wait to see how she reacts.  🙂 And if she needs to lean, I’ll be happy to be there to receive said lean.  🙂

Now…who’m I working with?  Well, dear blog reader…the trip to FetCon for me starts with a stop-thru in Atlanta and a shoot on July 31st with the ever-lovely Candle Boxxx.

Candle Boxxx

Originally, the lovely lady and I were slated to work on the Saturday of the con, but her becoming a con Guest Of Honor kinda messed with that happening.  Doggone girl, no consideration for her photographers.  Yes, that was funny sarcasm; I couldn’t be HAPPIER for her to once again become a FetCon Guest of Honor!  It’s a GREAT event for her…but it does limit her time in shooting during the con…and as I wanted 4 hours worth of shoot, well…wasn’t gonna happen on con time, so we arranged it for a couple days before the event actually begins.  The thing that I find the most exciting about this is the fact that she and I are going to be able to do an “abduction” scenario in full…hand over mouth, wrestling, bruises, blood raised…

She, by the way, gets the “hand over mouth” and “wrestling”…likely, I’ll be getting the blood and bruises…what does it say about me that I’m looking forward to that?  😛

Next up will be the ever-lovely KOBE LEE!!

Kobe Lee

Been for-EVER since this gal has been in my ropes for TucsonTied…maybe 4 years or more; and what a bloody shame that is!  Ah, but she’s on the other side of the country from me and doesn’t get to my side of it much…primary reason for us shooting now.  🙂  It’s been FAR too long and and it’s a MUCH awaited shoot for me!!!  🙂

That would be Friday of the Con…next up on Saturday would be Isobel Wren:

Isobel Wren

I have to admit a certain amount of fondness for this gal.  Nothing that’ll get me in any trouble, mind you…I’m a business man running a business, and I know where emotion is  properly  placed; but an affinity nonetheless.  The first time we worked (my last FetishCon), we saw each other in the crowd at the “Fan Photo Shoot” and I asked her if she had someone to tie her…I think she said something along the lines of, “NOW I do,” and snuggled into my chest.  How can you NOT have an affinity towards someone who does that?  🙂  And on top of it all, she appreciates my OCD.  🙂  I keep my ropebag VERY well organized…all my lines of varying length in tight, neat little bundles…when I first opened the bag, she looked at all the order and positively SQUEALED; that was so cute.  🙂  Plus, her work did damn good at my site, so I’m looking VERY forward to having new material to post of her…it’s going to be a riotous, FUN shoot!  🙂

Finally, on the Sunday of the con, I’ll be working with someone new to me, and I couldn’t be more excited to be shooting with her!  Drea Morgan, by name…

Drea Morgan, courtesy of The Badman of NaughtyTies

That pic comes to us courtesy of my best bud who’s worked with her a LOT, the “Badman” of…

Talking with her arranging the shoot has been nothing short of delightful as she has a charming wit that matches her stunning beauty.  I’ve wanted to place her on TucsonTied since I first saw her…and when both Stacie and Sasha met her and were very complimentary about her, I KNEW I just HAD to work with this woman.  🙂

That’s it for the moment…will update this post as new events allow.  🙂