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Just posted a new video and description to the “Full Length Videos” page to reflect the release of  “The Trick IS The Treat”, the latest full hour production from TucsonTied.  Released now on both UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for $24.99.  🙂


Happy Halloween!

Sasha Fae sez, “BOO”!!!

This got asked for during my post about my bag and how I store my rope.  I didn’t feel I described it all that well, so I decided to film myself creating one of those nice and neat rope coils that  you all saw in the photos.  Videography is a little dodgy at times as I’m filming myself in front of the camera and watching it from a rotated-around screen, so when your looking at the video as it’s being filmed, right becomes left and left become right…and your already goofy videographer becomes a little more stoopid.  Hope you all like…enjoy!


(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Halloween’s greetings from the home of “The Trick IS The Treat!”, the new hour long feature coming soon.  🙂

To those of you affected by Sandy, PLEASE stay safe in all you do…our hopes and prayers are with you all!

Tomorrow sees me working with Sasha Fae for another hour long blockbuster…color me excited and thrilled…the story’s a KICK this time and should be a blast to film!  Not gonna say a LOT in this one…I have a Vlog for you that’s on the goofy side…I’ll put it all out there.  🙂


Are you all still voting at the Bondage Awards?  🙂

Much as I’d love your votes for yours truly; in all seriousness, just keep voting in general.  I like this competition and I’d like for it to continue…the more votes and support this gets, the more likely it’ll be to continue.  Make it a part of your morning internet ritual…I have!  🙂  I update UnlimitedBondage Tube, make a blog post, check my sales from BondageTokens (I’m #4 there at the writing of this blog in sales…even over the RopExpert sites…wow!), Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand, and cast my votes.  I know 50 + categories can seem intimidating, but just vote your favorites…like, Bondage Rigger, Bondage Photographer, Bondage Paysite, Bondage Blog, Bondage Movie and Rope Bondage, for example.  😛  Yes, those are the ones I’m nominated in (I was making a funny), but my point is, just vote for a few if you find the list to be too much.  I’m regularly voting for about 20 categories myself…there’s people who’s work I believe in and I want to see them get recognition for their craft and the time and effort they put into said craft.

Do a “Nike`” on it…JUST VOTE!  🙂

Aside from that, not a lot is new for yours truly.  This is the time of month I tend to stress about…near the end of the month and bills need to be paid.  🙁  Just did that this morning, and it was nice to be able to do that and not worry about the money being enough.  Did I tell you all that I’ve moved on from the conventional work force, consider myself retired from it and now am a FULL TIME Producer/Photographer?  🙂  It’s a very GOOD feeling…tho it does make random conversation tough…

“So…what do you do for a living?”

“I tie up and gag gorgeous female models for my website.”

“What are you then…a professional kidnapper?”

“Nope…Bondage Photographer.” (smile broadly)

“Uh-huh.”  (moves away slowly…)

LOL…I’m very proud of what I do…but it CAN evoke weird reactions amongst the “vanilla” members of society…and you never know when you might meet up with an overly religious person who might want to save my soul or damn me to Hell with all the fire and brimstone in their breath in doing so, or I might just offend someone, particularly females.  :/  To answer the as yet unasked question…no, I have yet to be recognized on the street by a fan as “TolstoyTony”, tho I have my answer for the question of, “Say…are you TolstoyTony?” already memorized…

“Am I?  All depends…if you like the work, then, yup, I am; but if you’re offended by it and want to burn me at the stake or something…I couldn’t POSSIBLY be that guy; he’s way more handsome than me.”

😛  Gotta keep it real and funny.

All right; ’nuff said in rambles for now…gotta go put some food in the belly; I’m craving a chorizo and egg burito from a Mexican food place here in town…nummy!




Last week of the month, so I’m walking over the rent check (grrrrr……), then setting up a package to be delivered.  Breakfast out, then errands for Thursday’s shoot with the lovely Sasha Fae…

Then?  I’m just gonna have a “me” day.  🙂

May do more later; yak with you all then, people!


Coffee and doughnuts for me today…might just wind up eating the whole damn dozen in one sitting…lol.  😉

Let’s talk about some stuff.  🙂  November first of all…so far, I have two gals on my schedule.  In the first week of the month alone, I have Sasha Fae on the schedule for two shoots, one a two-day affair.  I’m always happy to work with her…three days in a week is a complete blessing.  🙂  Sometime later in the month (date to be set), I’ll be bringing in another new face to TucsonTied…Janessa.  I know I say this a lot about the new gals…but this gal’s a complete KNOCKOUT.  She worked for my buddy Dave Annis once, then life got in the way and she retired for a bit…well, now she’s back and with a vengeance and I can’t WAIT to slip a rope or thirty onto her…more details as they come in.  🙂

I tapped out at eight doughnuts…what a wuss.  😛

Wish my Chicago Bears luck today…they play the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field…should be a good game.  Just wish they’d let me SEE it out here…I always wind up stuck with the Arizona Cardinals.  🙁  And yes, I said “stuck”; Arizonan I may be, but the Cardinals are not a team I care much for.  And how about them Atlanta Falcons, huh?  UNDEFEATED thus far; Kobe Lee must be proud of her team.  🙂  And yes, you also read that right…Kobe is a sports buff, and loves her some Falcons…and if that’s not a good segue into a Kobe Lee pic, I don’t know what is.  🙂  Laters!

EDIT: It shouldn’t have been such a squeaker, but yo, what a game!  Bears 23 Panthers 22…wow!


Our bag is packed, Kobe Lee…you ready to go?

At TucsonTied this week and up until Halloween, we’re celebrating the holiday with special sets of themed bondage pics and vids, culminating on the Halloween day’s release of the hour long production, “The Trick IS The Treat”, starring Sasha Fae!  Sasha is a witch sent to instill Halloween spirit in a “Halloween Grinch”; it doesn’t quite go as planned.  😛  This pic is from Part 6 and one of my favorite bondages of the flick…don’t let the hands in front fool you; she could barely move in this one!

We’re releasing the entire flick as parts as well, every other day until Halloween…below the pic, I’ll put links to the C4S store parts that’ve been released thus far.  🙂  This pic links to the specific part it’s taken from…part 6.

She could barely MOVE! 🙂 Sasha Fae


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

(That’s all that’ve been released to the date of this entry.)

My typing is massively “off” today…can’t tell you how many times I wanted to type “Sneek Peak” on the subject line…lmao!

Anyway, here’s a peek inside of…what we have here is a pic from the hour long flick, “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”  ;  he’s tied and gagged her and is having a look around her place to find stuff to take…he’s gonna be disappointed and have reason to tie her up a LOT more!  Check out that link…and check out this pic from the production.  🙂


“This is the SECOND time today! Won’t he just leave…???” Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar

Like I said in an earlier post, I’m in between shoots right now; kind of a good feeling.  I’m able to look back at other stuff and just chill.  🙂

All I have to say is, you guys are going to LOVE Dez…I know I am whilst editing her material.  🙂  She did some phenomenal material for me and when she debuts…whoosh!  🙂

So.  What’s going on at the present?  In celebration of Halloween, we have a series going at TucsonTied right now…”The Trick IS The Treat!”  Sasha Fae plays a witch who’s sent to put back in line Halloween-hater, me.  I get the better of her, and the bondage ensues.  🙂  She gets put into SEVERAL different bondages in the course of this…it’s black dress bondage at it’s finest!

It’s ongoing until on Halloween, the full length movie will be posted at my UnlimitedBondage and C4S Stores.  I’ll post more about it when the full movie posts.  🙂


Witch in a sexy hogtie…Sasha Fae

Hands above the head frogtie…Witch in bondage! Sasha Fae

Maybe I can chew this other one off… Sasha Fae in, “The Trick IS The Treat!”

Tied to the bed…Sasha Fae isn’t going anywhere.

Looks benign, no?  But within that little black bag is the tools of my trade…ropes, gags, duct tape; the works.   And this bag (as it’s packed now) even goes thru airport security with no problems.  🙂  I used to worry about that, but the scissors you’ll see are SAFETY scissors, so not a problem.  The only time a bag like this of mine got busted was my very first one; I was putting my video camera in the bag, and they scan separate for that, so I had to open the bag and explain the ball gags and such…just told them I was a fetish photographer and that was that.  🙂  Anyway; let’s look at the contents of the bag…

Front pouch.  You can see the folded up bandanas and ball gags.  🙂  Now let’s turn it around and see one of the side pockets…

More folded up bandanas and white cleave gags.  The white ones are especially cool…I love the look of a classic white cleave gag.  🙂  Other side pocket…

This one’s got some of the other stuff I use…duct tape roll (Nashua brand) and the two vibrators.  I have a dark one and a light one so that when confronted with dark or light clothing, I’m covered, and can put either one of these into the crotch ropes.  🙂  Now, the top pocket…

This is the part I thought I’d get airport-security-busted for…the scissors.  But fortunately, they’ll let under 4 inch blades go thru for even carry on items these days.  🙂  More bandanas as well…can’t be without those, right?  🙂  And finally, you must be asking…”Where’s the Rope???”  Here we go…with the main part of the bag…

There are some specific cut lengths…but I don’t do the cutting very specifically.  The larger coils are 50 ft. lengths…I’ll take one of those and just cut off what I feel will be enough for the specific area I’m binding and go with it.  It’s a sloppy system at best and I prolly waste a lot of rope, but for the price I get it at (WalMart, 100 ft for $3.87), I can afford to.  🙂  After I untie a gal, I’ll just wind up the specific lengths and store them in the bag and throw out the too-small-to-be-useful pieces.

That’s a 50 footer by itself.  Ain’t I a neatnik when it comes to my rope??  Isobel Wren really appreciated my neatness when it came to the rope…the first time she saw my bag opened, she practically drooled.  🙂  All that preparedness just to create binds like this one…

Isobel Wren in ropes…

It’s all worth it, isn’t it?  🙂

Signing off for now…Tolstoy