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Man, the world hates me today, I tell you what.

I pay my two major bills online…just easier for me that way.  The Postal Service can’t reaise the price of e-mailing payments like they can on raising stamps, no?  😛  So…I go to login for my cell phone company…doesn’t recognize my login; I have to go thru the whole “Change My Password” BS…seems I have to do that everytime I visit them.  🙁  Go to pay my Internet bill, and that goes off without a hitch…until I get an error message for the confirmation.  So, I call them and tell them about today’s payment which, online, my account said it needed to be made…and found that I’d already paid on the 21st.  So, I just paid the bill twice in one month!  🙁  Well…it’ll go down as a credit; they won’t bother me again until March at least…lmao!

Well…next up was Best Buy and some photo paper for my printer.  Best Buy has the best price for paper (but ironically enough the WORST price for ink; they want 10% more than literally EVERY other store in town), so I got what I needed and was gonna browse the store a bit before heading home.  Stopped by the camera area and saw my new baby on display and smiled.  I’m SO happy with that camera!  I held the floor model for a bit, then remembered that I wanted to look into buying a spare battery for it (nope, it doesn’t use AA batteries, but a battery pack).  “Can I help you?” says the happy camera-counter-guy…no, I reply; I’m fine.  🙂

So, I go over to the battery area and start looking over the batteries, and I hear another, “May I help you?”  Not unusal…it’s a big store, so I expect to be asked that by sales people at least three times per visit (tho after 5, I get annoyed and leave the store).  Well, I look up at who asked it…it was the SAME mo-fo that asked me this not 10 seconds ago!  “No, I’m fine…” I reply; a little agitation showing in my voice, I imagine.  Then he hits me with the question that really set me off…

“Are you SURE?”

REALLY?!  Seriously, now.  Do I look brain-damaged enough to not know if I need help or not?!  This day and age of “Customer Service” can bite my oversized wing-wang…it’s not “Service” if a sales person follows you from department to department offering to clean up your breath with a mint and polish your shoes for you if you’ll JuuuuuuuuuuuST make that purchase!  I said I was fine…leave me the fuck alone, dipshit!  What, do I look like a theft threat to you or something???

Rant over…thanks for the breathing room.  🙂


I’m BUSY today…just not with bondage.  🙂

Love it when the second check of the month is more than my rent…lmao!  🙂  Just got it…need to put that in the bank and make some payments.  Also need to get some printer ink for a project I’m immersed in…then come home and send said payments out.  I also need to hit up an Ace Hardware…they seem to sell a thicker guage of rope that I need for when I put gals up aginst the wall.  Part of the fun in that is I also need to DYE that rope that particular shade of brown that I do…it’s been a while since I did any rope dyeing…that’ll be a FUN project!

And I seem to have a craving for IHOP of all things.  :/  I love the body’s odd cravings here and there…lol.  😉

So…off to get cracking…new vid up at UBTube done, nowI need to get going on the rest of the day’s chores.  🙂  Pic is of Tucson native and recent mom, Tracy Jordan.  🙂



Tracy Jordan

Mondays are always busy for me…first, I start off by posting to UnlimitedBondage Tube (over 600 videos posted there for free, by the way, from me and other UB Producers), then posting a new Cover Picture to Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo Group (which I Moderate for her).  After doing that, I go thru the wonderful sites under the UnlimitedBondage banner, looking for videos for UB Tube.  After downloading 6 vids from my and 5 other sites (I posted Sunday’s video yesterday and Monday’s today already…I got 6 to cover Tuesday to Sunday), I’ll get them ready for UB Tube.  It should be mentioned, UB Tube is a promotional vehicle, and I’m not uploading the full videos, but selected snippets from them…but it does give you a feeling of what the content is at our wonderful Family of sites.  🙂

Now, I’m writing my missive for today’s post.  🙂  After, I’ll work on the UB Tube stuff and make a post or three at FetLife, before retiring from active “producer duty” (lol) for the day to become a gelationous blob in front of YouTube.  😀  Monday’s are always my “busy day” when it comes to “producer stuff”, and I do love it; it’s the closest I have to an actual 9 to 5 kinda “job”.  Kinda nice to be that active.  🙂

Anyway.  Enough from me…here a pic of Addie Juniper in bikini bondage from my early days.  🙂

Off to work on UB Tube material…



Addie Juniper in Bikini Bondage

Y’know…so many of the beauties that pass thru my door always seem to crawl their way over to it, trying to leave too quickly…why IS that???  😛  Today’s gal that got as far as the door is Dez, stopping at the closet and checking out her surroundings in a bid for escape from the ropes and gag I’ve placed on her…



Dez, making good her “Escape” from TucsonTied Bondage

Just musing about the overpowering awfulness that is Twitter.  :/  I’ve been attacked online before (haven’t we ALL?)…I’ve even been the attacker; 99% of these incidents happened on Twitter.  I know I keep a widget on the side of this blog for you all to follow my tweets…but honestly, don’t expect to see much outside of “Follow Friday” postings and know that my heart is here.

It’s not even only in the industry I work in…politicians, wrestlers, sports stars, movie stars…it seems the thing to do these days is to go to Twitter and bash people.  Disturbing…I thought we professional people all left the playground years ago and stopped tossing “Nyah, nyah,nyah, nyah-nyah” around…I guess I was wrong.  :/  And I hope I’m not sounding like a morals teacher looking down upon the rest of the tweeters…like I say, I’ve put my fangs out on Twitter as well.  It’s the nature of the site, it seems…it’s like a bitching ground where people go to trash talk…stupid.

OK, muse over…pic of Stiletto from the early days for your time.  🙂




This is the kinda day, I feel like just writing “something” and leave it at that…kinda like this…

“I should write something…SOMETHING…that works.”  😉

What that means is, I really don’t have much on the bean at the moment.  I want to post daily, but I also don’t want the posts feeling “forced”…like I’m doing it JUST to post daily.  Hmmmph.  maybe i’ve already covered it…lol.  😉

Pic is Stacie Snow.  🙂



Stacie Snow