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Brother…that was interesting.  Was out all day yesterday and forgot I beefed up my password for this thing.  Sooooo…when I went to approve comments, naturally, I didn’t have the one I needed on hand since it’s now a mile long…lol.  😉  Well, anyway…no harm done.

I’m actually thinking of starting another blog (under a different name); totally vanilla and having nothing to do with bondage, called, “One Gamer’s Opinion” or “OGO” for short.  One thing, in the gaming world, we all wind up wondering is if the reviews of games aren’t bought and paid for because of IGN and the other associations that do reviewing having CLOSE ties to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.  Completely TERRIBLE games (and that’s not my opinion, but gamers in general as shown thru forum boards) get sterling reviews; it’s suspect to say the least.  With OGO, I’d tell it as I see it…and not bore my audience to sleep.  😉  I could lay it on the line about gaming and games in general here…but not all of you here are gamers.

Anyway…just my thoughts.  As for some bondage pic?  Let’s see…let me show you a piece from my favorite set of Magenta’s work with me.  This is how I’ll always remember her.  If you’d like to see more, check out Tucson Tied and join up!




BUSY day today.  Interviewing a new girl later (she’s fcukin’ GAWGESS), updating my various haunts on the net…got a LOT going on.  So, let me get right to it.  I’m also updating Candle Boxx’s Yahoo Group…let’s see some of Candle’s work with me.  🙂  If you’d like to see more of the lovely Candle, check out my site, and then join up to see her and ALL the looooovely models on my site in pics and video bound and gagged for your pleasure.  🙂



Candle Boxxx

Watching a playthru of a DOS video game…a game made a long time ago based on Harlan Ellison’s, “I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream” on YouTube…very cool.  Even cooler was the fact that Ellison himself voiced the supercomputer ruling over the world…very neat!  🙂  Anyway, here’s a pic of Stiletto for your Sunday…enjoy!



Dez had been kidnapped for ransom.  Bound stringently and gagged, her captor told her to just sit it out and wait for her family to just pay the rensom so she could be freed unharmed.  Evcer the fighter, she began struggling and crying out from under the tape that sealed her lips shut…forcing the kidnappers to take extreme measures.  The vibrator was tied into the crotch rope to keep her still…it did it’s job.

This set and TONS more of my work with Dez is available from for download.  We shot this and bunches of other scenes and many videos…check them out and sign up to the site to see them all!




Stacie’s and my first attempt at a “lotus tie”…kinda nice and brings back memories.  🙂  One thing I try to remember to this day because of this set is that if the model brings some wardrobe for the shoot, make sure her suitcase is off camera; this was a touch clumsy of me…lol.  Put it to she just got home from a trip and a guy was robbing her as she came in or some such thing, I guess.  😉  This set and TONS more of the work Stacie and I do are available for purchase at…wander over for a looksee!  🙂



Stacie Snow Lotus Tied Stringently

Got the LA Noire strategy guide.  🙂  Kinda funny, really; I bought it to get the strategy for the DLC content…and when I was reading thru the guide, it said to go online to get that content.  :/  OY.  Not too much of a hassle to download and it’ll make the gameplay that much more fun…but still, really?  That should’ve been in the book, if you ask me.

Anyway.  Niether here nor there.  In the works talking to a new gal; I’ll keep you posted on that; she looks fan-TASTIC.  Can’t wait to add her to TucsonTied!  🙂  But for the here and now, check this pic of Paris Kennedy…you can see this and much more of her at!



Paris Kennedy

Well.  After 2 weeks of waiting, I’m supposed to get my game guide to LA Noire today.  🙂  It’ll be interesting to see where it was ordered from…I made the purchase thru Amazon where I’m a newb about finding shipper location from.  I picked the newest guide with the best price I liked and ordered…only to see a 2 week wait after I’d purchased.  :/  I’ll watch that more carefully the next time I purchase from Amazon.  Mind you, I like them and enjoy shopping there but 2 weeks?  Other guides I’d ordered took only a few days to arrive; this seemed to be a touch ridiculous.

I got this guide with the hopes of playing the game again with some help this time, tho I thought I’d never play the game again, the DLC told me otherwise.  This was a massive suck, the whole DLC thing.  “DLC”, by the way, means “Downloadable Content” which you order from your gaming console’s company (in my case, the Playstation Store) as an add on to what you’d already completed.  In the case of LA Noire (a detective game set in the ’50’s with you solving crimes and interviewing suspects, by the way), however, when you purchased the DLC (or in my case, the “complete” version of the game), the save I’d made for my original copy doesn’t work with the “Complete” version of the game (something unusual for this generation of gaming), forcing me to PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME OVER AGAIN to get to the new content.  A MASSIVE suck; and I’ll think twice before buying from that company again.

Slow news day for me, huh?  😛

Anyway…that’s neither here nor there…why don’t you check out Vivian Ireene Pierce while I gear up for my new arrival.  🙂



Vivian Ireene Pierce

There ought’a be a song like that title.  Monday got a song…Tuesday must be jealous.  And if that’s the best I can come up with, you KNOW it’s a slow news day!  😛  Check out Mercedes from our first shoot together…and if you’d like to see more of her, check out TucsonTied where I have tons of sets of her up. Join now to see more!