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Last Monday of the month.  🙂

I’m thinking opening this blog to Facebook brought in some great new faces…nice to be able to answer a lot of comments!  🙂  Wrestling, vid games…and of course, bondage; tons of stuff to talk about!  🙂  Let’s let today’s stuff be Magenta from the one and only time I’ve used the kitchen of my apartment for a shooting area.  The reason why that is will be obvious when you see the pic…it’s kinda crapmed in there…lol.  😉  Have a GREAT  Monday!


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That was one HELL of a giant monsters vs. robots movie!  If the Godzilla movie is even one tenth of what this movie was it’s going to be beyond glorious!  The CGI effects on the creatures and robots were phenomenal…it looked and felt real.  Like you were there watching this thing happen.  Our female lead?  Needs to work for me for TucsonTied; jus’ sayin’.  😉 Oh…what a MOVIE!  Don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to put spoilers out there…just go see it!  I will say these things, tho…there was the cliche’d “our hero was once in the field, but now is a broken man, so his old life calls back to him by a helicopter landing at his workplace with his old commander telling him they need him back at work” scene (sigh…necessary evil, I guess)…and when I saw how the pilots made the robots walk?  All I could think about was a stairmaster.  :/  Other than those nitpicks, it’s a very engrossing story that has a ton of depth…you’ll be entertained on a story and CGI level when you see this.  Bring on ‘Zilla; that’s all I have to say!  🙂

Another weird dream.  I’m working at a 7-11 kind of establishment, the only one working the counter at the moment…I’m coming in to start the work day, and see a woman break a window in order to grab a Ding Dong.  Hrrmph…”Grab a Ding Dong”…that could almost relate to an erotic movie, no?????  ;P  Anyway, I grab her, grab the Ding Dong, and go inside to report the theft.  First, my cell phone won’t dial “911”, preferring to dial “912” instead…when I finally get thru, the person on the other line says the call has to be relayed…thru Anchorage, Alaska.  :/  At least the last part I get; Fallout 3 uses Anchorage as a location for a part of the game, and since I’ve had my heasd in there for months, I get why my mind called that up…but the rest?  Meh.

Anyway…enough blither-blather…got stuff that needs doing today.  You all have a look at Nyxon whilst I do them.  🙂


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Have to be brief here…in about an hour, Dave Annis and his webmaster are picking me up and we’re gonna take in the first showing today of “Pacific Rim”.  Apparently, the folks behind this movie are also the ones responsible for the Godzilla flick hitting theaters around 2014 or 15, so this is almost like a sneak preview of what the special effects will be like.  🙂

Anyway, how about some Stacie Snow to brighten up the day?  🙂


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Stacie Snow


Well; was just looking at the tracking results for my blog…and saw that today’s post is the 666th post to this blog.  EW.  No WONDER my day started with a broken shoelace.  :/  I’m the overly-superstitious type (here’s your “Google” for today: “triskaidekaphobia”; I have it bad), so whenever I see that number come up on anything, I get nervous.  Now…on a MONDAY, yet…bleh.  🙁

Anyway…aside from all that, let’s have Magenta grace this page for today’s post.  🙂  Remember, if you want to see all of Magenta’s pics with me, they are available for download by joining my website, TucsonTied.


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Magenta as blonde and brunette