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More folks went to work at home today from my vanilla job…but sadly, not Tolstoy. I have a middle-management position, so I guess if they are gonna run the joint on a skeleton crew…meet a femur. 😛 I’m mainly still there because we have trainees that can’t work unsupervised…at least, that’s MY guess…but I should wind up working from home soon; time will tell.

Noticed the views on the blog spiking…y’all enjoying the content? Hope so…here’s some Drea Morgan.


Wow. Quite a spike on the views this blog pulls in…I guess the quarantine IS in effect. :/ Crazy…I’m getting 2-3 times more views daily on the blog.

I’m hopeful that you all are finding the blog and it’s overly-wordy wordsmith amusing/entertaining and I’m making your forced time at home more enjoyable. 🙂 Stay safe, everybody. 🙂

Arielle Lane today.


How are you guys doing out there? Quarantined? Self-quarantined? Working? Working at home? Please be safe in all that you do…I want you pervy folks around to see all the pics and vids I have to offer. 🙂

Me? Still working and waiting to be sent home to work at home. It SEEMS like it’ll be happening, but it can’t happen soon enough for me.

Stay safe everyone. Oh, one thing bothering me…I’m on my literal last half a roll of toilet paper. You hoarders…ah, I’m trying to be nicer these days as we’re all under stress…but fuck you anyway. 😉

Cali Logan for today.


Sorry I’m late with this one…WEIRD day. :/

My vanilla job went to a Monday thru Friday schedule…and seeing as I was normally working weekends, this gave me an extra couple days off; I just came off of a 4-day weekend. Went back to the job and it was nothing but weirdness…

“Work at home” was a phrase being bandied about with almost everybody…apparently, it’s something in my near future as well; we’ll see how that goes. Looking forward to it, really. “Social Distancing” was in practice…instead of having every terminal open, they pulled every other one off of the floor…which made seating kinda limited, naturally. It didn’t make for many headaches, but it was def noticeable.

The weirdest thing had to be the callers. I take calls for a larger company…you all know this. I’m something of a jack-of-all-instances…billing, service, support; that’s pretty much me. Normally, I get at least a call a day with someone yelling my ear off about how “x” is such a crappy company, etc, etc…you can imagine: today, even the angry folks were civil about it. :/ It was a GOOD thing, mind you…just an ODD one.

I just can’t wait to start working from home, tho.

We may have had her recently, but fuck it…Stacie Snow for today. I need an excuse to go looking through her pics with me. 😛