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So. Yesterday I mentioned that I’m looking for a specific bondage mag and it was playing hard to get with me and being difficult. As of yet, I haven’t even seen it marketed on various platforms (eBay, Amazon…even dedicated sites like or, and from what I’ve heard from friends, it’s an awesome book that contains some great material…

Background. During what I call “The Magazine Era” of the Adult Material world, Harmony was the king of the crop; that was obvious. However, there were other production companies…HOM was always at the very least nipping at Harmony’s heels…one of my favorite outfits was Friendship Studios. Man, did Friendship have the hotties…primary of which was one Tanya Lee…who’s second to me only to Laurel Blake as a “bondage crush”. 😛 One of my first mags was “Bondage World” from Friendship…not to be confused with HOM’s title of the same name…and was a “bondage history” kinda title that also had some original material…primary of which for me was the visable-thru-the-plastic-bag when I bought it (mags were sealed in plastic bags for purchase at the adult stores…no taking one to the back room and enjoying it…lol) back cover featuring Tanya in a teddie and high heels, nicely bound and gagged. The cover featured Friendship’s resident blonde, Lindsey Scott, in a yellow one-piece swimsuit and heels…and with her, I segue over to the issue I’m trying to find as Lindsey and another gal were the covergirls of it…

“Bondage Harem” was the name of the title. (I may get some of this wrong…I hereby reserve the right to edit this to correct info as needed. :P) The issue number I’m after…that’s where the confusion straddles in. 😛 See, Friendship made a bit of a mistake when they published this title…the issue I’m after (which they also titled “Abduction Of The Slave Girls”) on the physical cover itself has no number and a $7.00 price tag…BUT, there already exists an issue of “Bondage Harem #3″ with a different cover, different internals, and a $6.00 price tag. What’s the what here? They made a mistake, and admitted to such on their flyers at the time…”flyers” being ads you could get mailed to you at the time the company was active…to advertise the company’s offerings…nowadays, the best comparison would be when a site offers to sign you up for their newsletter when you join. They corrected this later by saying that the issue of “Bondage Harem” that has no number on the cover is actually Issue #3, and the Issue #3 that was published with a number on the cover should be referred to as “3A”….

Not confusing at ALL, right??? 😛

Still…the true issue #3 of “Bondage Harem” looks to be KILLER, and I’d love to add it to my collection…I’ll include a scan I found of it online after today’s model, and if you have it and are willing to part with it (at a REASONABLE price), let me know. 🙂

Lola Lynn for today. 🙂


I’ve started a new obsession…Bondage Magazines! 🙂 When I was a kid…all of 19 precious years old, some 36 years ago, bondage magazines were the best way to get material. No computers, no internet (“no phone, no lights, no motor cars”…I’ll be impressed if you remember that reference…lol) and only had the occasional tie-up in TV and movies, otherwise. Detective Magazines had moved to the unfortunate era when the ladies were the power figure and no longer captives (just before dying out entirely)…but bondage magazines were the shit!

Harmony. Friendship Studios. House Of Milan, or HOM as they were more properly known. Lyndon. Various other producers too…bondage magazines that you’d get at your local “adult shops” would be cover to cover hotties in some great bondage…for $7-8 bucks ($10-12 for extra-paged books like Bondage Life) per copy and you were set. Eventually, tho, the internet was born, other forms of distribution of VHS tapes were found, video started to be huge, and the magazine first became a way to advertise for a company’s upcoming video offerings…then disappeared altogether.

Nowadays? You have to be a touch creative to find them…but with internet helpers like eBay and Amazon, it’s not TOO tough…though getting to the “Adult” section of eBay can be a pain. :/ You have to have a credit card number on file with them before you can even LOOK at “Adult” listings…so sad. But I’ve been massing quite the collection of late. 🙂 I may in a future writing ask for your help in finding/purchasing a specific issue, but that one has a LONG story attached to it, and since I’ve droned on a bit here, I’ll save that for tomorrow…

Arielle Lane for today. 🙂


PS: Can you tell that when I was looking for inspiration for today’s piece, I had the cover of the issue below on the brain??? 😛 Pia Sands’ legs in the air led me to thinking, “I’ve done something like this before…but with who???” There’ve been several…Arielle was the first one that came to mind (and Pia kinda reminded me of Arielle anyway), hence the first pic and subject of this entry. I LIKE this variation on the cover…tying hands in front is always a welcome and cool-looking challenge. May try this someday. 🙂

Well, meh.

Remember that package I told you all about that went AWOL in Phoenix? Well, it has emerged from the black hole that is the Phoenix Annex (lol) and will be delivered prolly around Monday/Tuesday. 🙂 I’ve already received two packages that I ordered AFTER this one, and one of them was routed through that self-same Annex….gotta love the season for package-mailing. 😛

I was full-well ready to start insurance proceedings and even messaged the seller about if they had duplicate copies of what was ordered so I could use the insurance money towards a second try…OY.

Janessa for today.