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WEIRD dream last night…I dreamt that I organized a mass photoshoot. Lot of models getting together in one place: I was just worried I wouldn’t be able to shoot with everybody. The other worry? The hotel was also needed…by John Hillerman (played Magnum PI’s butler) for a Magnum PI revival, so we had to be done fairly quick.

Funny places the mind can take you in it’s unconscious state…I just obviously miss FetCon large.

Lola Lynn for today.

My vaccination (1st part) went smooth as silk. The nurse who gave it to me did so so quickly that I didn’t even know she did it. Same for Dave Annis by the way (we went in together). We did have one weird thing happen. Don’t know if you saw it, but when the first vaccinations were rolling out, there was a vid circulating around showing someone passing out right after the shot was administered. I discounted it as anti-vaccers trying to discredit the process, but someone passed out at our site when Dave and I were there. Not immediate, mind you; they have you hang out for 15 minutes after the shot is given to you to keep an eye out for adverse affects (normal standard medical procedure, I would think); this person passed out during the 15 minute wait.

Weird…but I’m still glad I vacc’ed. 🙂

Gracie Ryder for today. 🙂


So. This Friday should be interesting…I’m getting my first COVID shot. 🙂 Out here in AZ, they dropped the age of admittance down from 65 to 55…time to get this done. 🙂 It’ll be nice to have this, hopefully with none of the symptoms I’ve been hearing about online…

Scare tactics by the anti-vac crowd, by the way; get your shots, k?

Stacie Snow for today. 🙂


So. Saw the “Snyder Cut” of “Justice League”…it was AMAZING! They HAVE to put this to physical media…they just HAVE to. Should still fit on one blue-ray, but they’ll prolly have to go with 2 DVD’s. :/

When you go in, you have to realize you’re giving up 1/6th of your day that day…it comes in at just under 4 HOURS LONG. Is the time well spent, tho? I damn well think so…Cyborg’s character is fully fleshed out, Flash doesn’t come off like a complete buffoon and has a real stake in the situation, Supes is brought back not because Batman wronged him, but because he’s NEEDED…and that dad-blamed Russian family is nowhere to be seen. In short, this feels like more of a cohesive movie…tho it did have some agonizing points. JJ Abrams has “lens flare”, Snyder has “slo-mo-montages”…I think that pretty much explains it. 😛 Way too many of them. And Wonder Woman doesn’t need the “Xena music” (the closed captions called it “lamentation music”…lol) played every time she does something awesome.

While it’s not humorless (they DID keep in the “How’d you get the farm back from the bank?” “I bought the bank.” line, for example), most of the Deadpool-like humor is gone…Aquaman doesn’t sit on Wonder Woman’s lasso and ramble, Flash is not a total buffoon, Wonder Woman doesn’t remark that she works with “children”…and I think that’s to the benefit of the tone of the situation. Steppenwolf is an actual THREAT in this movie that the heroes don’t feel it to joke around and about. No Flash v Superman race, either. It’s in benefit to the movie, in my opinion.

The ending still sets up movies not likely to happen…but I think we all knew that it would going in. You’re re-making a movie with details already set up; no sense in changing them…they were probably a viable thing when Snyder originally made the film but had to bow out, so preserve the original vision. All in all a GREAT experience I plan to repeat before the thing leaves HBOMax. 🙂

All that said, here’s some Ashley Sinclair. 🙂