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(sigh) I can’t TELL you how happy I was when Lil’ Missy told me that she was coming to FetCon. She and I have been talking quite a bit through Twitter…I’ve been a fan of hers for some time before that, and to now know that I’m gonna meet/tie her….OMG. What a sweetheart! In my usual fashion, I didn’t want to say anything about it until things were finalized (I’ve “jinxed” many an important thing this way…superstitious to the end is Tolstoy…lol) and now that they are, I can tell you about this. 🙂

I believe I first saw her on Twitter and almost instantly knew this was someone I wanted in my ropework. But, there was this little problem that always seems to kick me in the butt…location. Only, as her full model name implies, with Lil’ Missy UK, location involves another COUNTRY…and the not-so-small issue of a little “pond” (as I called it whenever I commented on her pics with “Stupid Pond.” :P) between us. Well now, she’s bridging the gap, and Tolstoy is gonna be there when she comes to American shores…and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Here’s a small preview of her in case you’ve never seen this beauty before (and in case anyone wants to gripe at me about me about copyright, know that I have express permission from Missy to use these images)…a few bondage images and a few out of bondage. Enjoy…and I’ll keep you updated on all things/shoots that’ll be happening for me at FetishCon!


PS: Clicking on the images will lead you to her Twitter page…if you’d like to learn more about her, give a click! 🙂

So…yesterday I mentioned that my FetishCon experience just got amazing…”bloody” amazing. Well, things have solidified enough that I can talk more about it without jinxing anything…model “Lil’ Missy” from England (hence the “bloody”; it’s an English thing to say “Bloody (blank)”…” is going to the con and yours truly is shooting with her. 🙂 This is a “bucket list” model for me…I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous brown-eyed blonde forEVER, but thought I’d never be able to work with her because of location (just like Jasmine Sinclaire), but she made a point to message me on Twitter and let me know of her plans. 🙂 Soon as I have a chance to peruse her pics on Twitter and pick 4 of them (she’s given me permission for this, by the way), I’ll show you all what she looks like, if you’re not already aware of her.

Makes me wonder if it’d be worth it one year to move away from FetishCon and just bite the bullet and go there myself and work with Jasmine, Hannah Clayton, Missy, Ariel Anderssen and all the other British models I wanna lens, not to mention the awesome Alba Zevon…

Anyway…Isobel Wren for today. 🙂


OMG…My FetishCon just went from wonderful to “bloody amazing”…and I phrased it like that for a reason. It’s rare I get the chance to strike a model off of the “Bucket List”, but I do believe that’s happening this Con…more when I’ve completely iced down the shoots. Plural. 🙂 I’m still shaking internally…this is gonna be awesome!

Anyway…CJ Molina for today. 🙂