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Well, that’s not something I hear every day. I’m burgling a chick’s place and I grab her from behind and put my hand over her mouth, normally the struggles are all frantic and she’s practically yelling through my fingers. This one? She tensed up at first with surprise, but after a bit, she totally relaxed…even grabbed my free hand and put it right over her mid-section…oh, I hadda know.

I took my hand away from her mouth and asked, “Waitaminnute, you alright? I’m ROBBING you, you know.”

“I know…and hopefully more?”

“S’cuze me?”

“Dammit…I got one that doesn’t know about women. Alright…put your hand back or I’m going to start screaming for real…”

“The fuck?”

“Yes! That…a hundred times that! It’s been forever since I had a good bondage-fuck; oh, wait, I bet Mr. Burglar’s never tied up a girl before either?”

“I’ve tied plenty…just not into forcing myself onto…”

“Well, I’m certainly not making you force yourself, am I? Look…I’m “into” the whole “grab and tie” thing, dear…and your hand going over my mouth was like the biggest turn-on I’ve had in months. You be a good boy…tie me up and gag me well and let me struggle for about…oh, an hour or so…and I’ll make it worth your while. Interested?”

I could think of zero reasons to say no.

Sasha Fae for today.


(Note before we begin: was talking with an online friend from Twitter…he says he’s someone that’s worked with ISP’s and the reason internet is spotty in many a place is because of the weather…and solar flares. Interesting. As for me? Didn’t have a blip on my net’s radar yesterday, so that’s a plus.)

It’s rare that I get to take so fancy-lookin’ a chick hostage. Most of the times, it seems like the heiresses I snag are pretty homely…not necessarily unattractive, just normal. kinda surprising.

This chick, however…managed to snag her just after a date and it showed. I know red pumps are considered to be “fuck-me-pumps”…can a red DRESS be a “fuck me dress”? Well, this one was for her…hugged all her curves in all the right places, especially those tits. Soon as I had her tied, I just HAD to take them out and what a perfect pair! I knew where my hands were gonna be while we waited for daddy to come across with the ransom. Went with a ball gag as it kept her the most quiet…if she was a typical heiress in one way, she was mouthy…kept telling me about how I was wasting her valuable time, bah-di-blah. The gag shut her up good and quick.

Nothing to do now but wait and stare at her…delightful.

Stacie Snow for today.


(Before the story, a quick question for you all…how’s your internet been behaving lately? I’ve told you all that my vanilla gig is a stay-at-home internet job…well, Cox Communications hasn’t been able to stay on for an entire day all week! Grrrrrrr… Just curious if it’s a thing around the country.)

Found a new and interesting gig…”Paid Punisher”. Wife gets too haughty, out of line, spends too much on the credit card, gets mouthy with her husband, that sort of thing…hubby hires me to kidnap her and spend some time with her…with her in bondage, and being read the rules of behavior that’s expected out of her. Mostly rich clientele….millionares/billionares and such.

Naturally, straight out of the gate, I get a nutter. Kidnapped her outside of a function she went to rather than spend her evening with her hubby…all the while I was tying her, she was more concerned about the state of her multi-thousand-dollar dress, yelling at me to hang it up properly while I’m tying her up (she insisted I take it off of her while tying her to avoid damaging it)…rich people, geez.

Got her chilling in a hogtie now. Had to shove a ball gag in her mouth to stop all the bitching…I think I get why this dude hired me to take care of her. Weird thing…first, she’s struggling all furious-like, then she settles down and I swear that the “mmmmmphs” coming from her sounded more like pleasure than fear…oh, for fuck’s sake, did she just stain the carpet…was that an orgasm I just saw???

The rich…I tell ya, man.

Hannah Perez for today.


The open road. Ahhhh, I needed this road trip; the daily grind of being a biz exec for a major company was getting to be too much. Deliberately left my cell phone and laptop at home…no interruptions, just me, a classic ’69 Vette and the sky above for the next few days…

…and a sexy brunette, it would seem. It was complete open road when I saw her…not a rest stop for miles, with the hood of her Thunderbird open, thumbing for a ride or help. I passed her by quick, but saw nothing but legs and sexy…had to investigate.

“Stupid thing won’t start,” she said as I walked up to her. Almost stammered out a “Let me have a looksee at it” as I got close, I was so taken by her. She was the definition of hot; cute little yellow top exposing just enough of her ample boobs, the shortest of short-shorts covering her butt and showing off legs that went on for days…phew. I came to her car from front to back…as I passed by, I glanced at the passenger side (maybe to see if she were alone?) and saw a duffel bag on the seat…probably her luggage.

“May just be overheating; I’ll see what I can see.”

“Appreciate it. You know the kind of trouble a gal can get into traveling alone on the road…”


“Would you think I was weird if I said I wouldn’t mind getting into it?” She then let out a defeated little snort. “I was heading to a boyfriend’s house…well, EX-boyfriend now, bastard. We were gonna spend the weekend just playing…then I find out…BY TEXT MESSAGE, yet…that he’d rather play with my bimbo ex-friend…”


“Right? Bastard didn’t know what he had in me…shooed me off just because I like being tied up and gagged for fun…”

When she said that, I reacted with a start…and hit my head on the hood of her car…”OW!”

“Sorry…guess I’m sharing too much, huh? He messages me and says to come over, so I grab my bondage bag and head his way. Halfway there, he breaks up with me…AGAIN, BY TEXT…and tells me to get my shit that I have there…fucking loser…”

“You know what?” I said and removed myself from the engine of her car. “I think this might be more serious than I can fix myself. Why don’t you grab that ‘bondage bag’ and ride with me to the nearest town? We’ll send a tow truck back for your car…and find a hotel. I think I can accommodate your needs….if you still want to have some fun.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yup…been a while since I put a girl into a good hard hogtie; I’m now interested in seeing if I still have the skill…

Lola Lynn for today.


So. Geez, you never know what to expect when you decide to make a living breaking into people’s houses. I had just got in when the chick (sexy blonde…my fave!) who lived there discovered me. The usual goes down, you know…was even planning on it for a change; had a little bit of rope with me and a bandana to gag her with…standard stuff.

So I’m coming back from loading her TV (OLED…SCORE!) into my truck, when I get a good look at her, letting my eyes take in her gorgeous bod, and that’s when I notice something. I’ve seen many a “Oh, my God, what’s he going to do to me?” frantic struggle and fear-filled eyes, but this chick had neither…this kid looked like she’d just hit the lotto! Her eyes were just dancing with delight, she was giggly under the gag…she was actually *enjoying* herself. The fuck? Decided to have a look around the apartment to see if I could find some clue as to why…and then I hit paydirt.

Fucking hell…opened one of her dresser drawers; had to be her “play stash”…what looked like miles worth of rope, several different kinds of duct tape rolls, a couple of vibes, a “magic wand” (those were one of my faves to use on a bound lover) and a few ball gags, along with a few bondage magazines and a lurid romance novel titled, “Captive Love”.

Of all the…gonna have to put the OLED back in her living room, I guess. Hopefully she’ll let me watch it with her after a night of bondage fun and games…

Dez for today.


“Thank you for coming to my home, Ms. Ross; I appreciate you taking the time to come down for this…”

“No problem, sir…as soon as you told me your wife was away on business, I figured we were going to do some…(ahem)…”dick”tation today…” at that she opened her blouse to reveal a lacy black bra with white trim…

“You know me too well, Erica…” I said as I opened my rope bag, pulling a line out that I’d be tying her up with…

Erica Ross (on the website as “Ovara Darkstar”) for today.


I’ve been in a relationship or two here and there, but this gal took the cake. I mean, some gals have had kinks before, but I’ve never had anyone ask me to tie her up before…

…that usually comes from me and after I’ve got several bottle of “liquid courage” in me to steel myself for the inevitable rejection. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about that…may have to keep this one. 🙂

Pantera Noelle for today.


Rare to find the home owner home when I strike, dammit. Usually I’m in and out in a heartbeat, but now? Ugh…probably gonna have to take care of her somehow…

“Why are you pointing at that bag?” I asked as she pointed at a small bag in the corner.

“Just letting you know where some rope is. I mean, you’re gonna have to tie me up, right? Otherwise I’m gonna scream and shit…and I will, too! Scream, I mean. But I’ll cooperate if you just tie me up…better make sure to gag me (that grey bandana is cool; I like it). My elbows touch behind my back, so you can tie those together…you better make sure it’s tight, tho. I can get out fairly easy…”

“Lady, I…”

“…I’m good at escaping. I’m really not, but I just wanna make sure you tie me good and tight. OH! You need to put a crotchrope on me too; nice and tight, so I can feel it and use it; if I’m gonna have to wait for the insurance to get my stuff back, I might as well get SOMEthing out of this, right? Oh, and hey, this dress will pull down so you can pull my tits out…feel free to grab ’em, too; whatever, fucking boys…”


Sasha Fae for today.


We just wrapped up doing a “swimsuit” photo shoot, so I figured I’d try my luck. It was the end of the month, so rent was due, and I had a way to make her some money… “So, have you thought about the bondage shooting I brought up last shoot?”

“Eh…,” she replied, sounding pensive. “I *thought* about it, but…”

“You’re gonna make a goodly amount more than what we shot for today, hon…”

“I know…”

“And we’ve shot several times before; you know I’m a gentleman…”

“Too much so, sometimes…” she joked at me with a wink.

“FOCUS. C’mon, what do you think?”

“Can you pay me for this today?”

“Absolutely.” She took a breath in and thought about it. Then, she let out a small sigh and pivoted the stool she was sitting on so that her back was to me and crossed her wrists. I started tying and said, “You know, you might just wind up liking this….”

“I already do…” she said and winked at me.

Stacie Snow for today.


Tried a new “singles” site…you never know what you’re gonna get. This couldn’t be better, tho…we met, had a few drinks, danced a little, and seemed to be getting along all right. She was a fucking stunner…deep, dark hair, darker skin tone (in conversation, she told me she was Brazilian), sexiest body that had to have come from working out constantly (hell, her curves had curves)…just a complete package all around. We get back on the dance floor and she whispers at me that she wants me…I think I found a keeper here.

We leave the bar holding hands…and she whispers in my ear an address she wants me to take her to. I knew the place…a hotel. Not too swanky/pricey, not a dive…girl had some class. We go inside and she guides me to a room she apparently already had rented (odd), then to the bed…and we wind up spending several minutes kissing. I let my hands go all over her…testing her boundaries; she follows up by letting her hands explore me. Nice…but then she stopped.

“Phew. You’re…you’re pretty hot, my dude;” she stammers out. “Been a while since I’ve felt this kind of connection…it’s really hot.”

“I’m enjoying myself too…”

“Good. But now comes the scary part for me…” She let her voice trail off and went over to the other side of the bed. With a little bit of effort, she pulled up a small, but full-looking duffel bag. “What’s in here is a test. Open this up, and if you’re not freaked out, we can continue. This is the shit I’m into…and if you’re not, I get it; my kink may not be yours. But I’m done wasting time on guys, getting to know them, getting to like them, then having to send them away when they get freaked out by my basic needs.” She stopped, took a deep breath, then continued. “I like you…and I like where this is going. I just need to know if I can continue liking you…anyway; I’m talking too much. Open the bag.”

She had me a bit worried…so I opened the bag…and found a literal ton of rope, all neatly packaged into little spools, in different lengths and sizes. Started exploring the bag…side pockets had several different types of tape and safety scissors in one and neatly folded bandanas in the other…center package cinched it, tho. Only a gal who knew about bondage would be carrying ball gags…

I held one up and looked it over…”Well, you seem to know your stuff. Autumn’s Sub-Shop?” She breathed in a deep sigh of relief…apparently, I passed the test, just by knowing that.

“I love her shit…” she said and giggled. “Best online kinky store out there…”

“I have a few as well.” Her eyes lit with anticipation, and I bet mine did too. Been a while since I played in this arena, and I was missing it…but there was one last thing to go over… “OK, we’re in the same ballpark, but do we play the same? I mean…I’m the one doing the tying, right?” Rather than answer me, she knelt on the bed, put her back to me and crossed her wrists…

“At your hopefully-not-too-tender mercy, honey…”

Rather than answer, I roughly put my hand over her mouth and pressed myself into her. “I’m gonna use that ball gag on you next…no, a bandana instead…after my hands get their fill of that beautiful chest of yours. Then, I’m gonna tie you up good and solid and just let you struggle until you tease me into taking you. That pretty much what you wanted to hear?”

Her deep sigh told me everything I needed to know.

Drea Morgan for today.