All posts for the day September 1st, 2022

I know I said the stories’d return on the 1st, but…eh, I’m not feeling it. Yet. 🙂

What I AM feeling is overjoyed…with work-at-home jobs going back to the office now (even tho I’m proof COVID is still a thing…), mine is no different…we’ll be sending our first people back to the office in October…

…but that won’t include me. 🙂

Found that out yesterday and I’m overjoyed…I’m being allowed to stay at home for the rest of ’22…as are a lot of the folks that work this job. The company said that, as an incentive to perform, the top 30% of the employees would be allowed to continue doing work-from-home on a quarterly basis, and I’m in that 30%. As it turned out, 212 people make up that 30%, and I ranked 96th place…top-middle; right where I like to be….enough to qualify, middling enough not to stand out and get asked by the company if I might like more responsibilities…lol. This next will be reviewed in January, and the top 30% at that point will again be allowed to work-from-home…I’ll be doing what it takes to place on that 212, dammit. 🙂

Stacie Snow for today…and a damn sexy set of her, too; forgot about these. 🙂