All posts for the day September 5th, 2022

My gal and I had settled in to watch some evening TV when it happens as innocently as it always does…a bondage scene. Well, I knew where THIS evening was going…

The girl in the movie was grabbed from behind…her kidnapper pressed a cloth to her mouth and in two seconds flat she “passed out” (no way chloroform works THAT quick, ugh), and he dragged her away. While that was happening, I could feel my gal checking to see if the scene was having an…effect…on me, and despite the lameness, it was indeed getting a slight rise out of me…

…until the next scene where they showed how he tied her up.

“OHMYGAWD!” my gal shrieked as we looked at the TV. “Hands in front, gag over the mouth, tied with no pressure…it’s not tight at ALL; practically a damn COVID mask…and he didn’t even tie her feet!” I visibly face-palmed as we watched the horror of terrible bondage unfold, and we both couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s out of that in two seconds flat…if she had the intelligence to GET herself out. Geez…not only is she a victim here, but a stupid one too; fuck!”

Well, she knew where she had me, the little minx. Stupid as this bondage was, it got my attention, and she knew exactly where to take it from there. She lightly tapped my leg to get my attention, and when I looked at her she bit her lower lip (a trigger of mine and she knew it, dammit), and looked me straight in the eye, while batting her own. “You could tie me up a lot better than THAT…”

My breathing picked up as I watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed…”Um…how…how about a ‘kidnap’? You struggle in my arms a bit while I hold you…rag over your mouth…?”

“Uh, huh…yeah…” she said as her breathing started to pick up too…

“You picked this movie on purpose, didn’t you?”

“I’ll never tell…”

Candle Boxxx for today.