All posts for the day September 6th, 2022

What a strange kidnap this was. The rich are just…weird…anyway, but this chick? Bizarre.

We went thru the usual things that happen when I snatch someone…shock, surprise, “Please Don’t Hurt Me”…but after I tied her up and gagged her, she went into a kind of cool calmness that was just…off. I mean, I had to re-film the ransom video several times over after I checked it out because she was *smiling* too much, of all things.

I left her alone once I was done with that to render the footage and she inched her way to the door…finally, I was like “OK; she’s acting like a normal hostage, trying to get away and shit…”, but when I stopped her, I could *swear* she was flashing her tits at me, winking and giving me “Come here” eyes…and when, out of curiosity I took the gag off of her, she told me straight up that she was indeed turned on…then told me to put the gag back…and feel her boobs up some….

The rich are weird. Doesn’t mean I’m losing an opportunity….

Lola Lynn for today.