All posts for the day September 7th, 2022

I wonder if she’s getting tired? Heh-heh…I’ve been spending the last…oh, half-hour or so, watching this spunky brunette I picked up at a club struggling on my floor in too-tight ropework I put on her, grunting out little pleas to be let go from behind a red bandana gag, and I have to say it’s been MOST pleasant to watch.

Dunno if she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to go home with me. The charm I have always leads to some fun…tho I might actually keep this one. I…oops, she’s starting to kick at the door handle; gotta try and deter that behavior.

“There we go…finally got your hands on me,” she said as I removed the gag. “Figured kicking at the door’d get your attention.”

“Having fun?”

“The best! Now that you’ve had me tied up for a while, I forgot how much I missed this stuff. You’re good at it too. Have I been giving you some good ‘struggle’?”

“Yeah…it’s been fun watching you move around…”

“I can tell. Amazing you can walk with how rock-hard you look under your pants. You better be using that on me later, but for now, put the gag back, drag me to the center of the room, and hogtie me good and tight. Put your hand over my mouth and say, ‘Trying to get away, huh? I need to stop that with a hogtie…’ or something like that. Ooooh, but the fantasy makes it fun…I’ll give you a struggle you won’t forget…”

Yah, this could be the start of something amazing…

Gracie Ryder for today.