All posts for the day September 8th, 2022

Another lamb falls by the wayside. Heh…being a Parole Officer has always been a great way to lure these girls in; just have to keep an eye out for the pretty ones and then just wait for them to fail…

When this one came to me, she was all dressed up…she was dropping by to see me on the way to a job interview that she’d never wind up going to. She’d stupidly made her third strike (they all do), and a shoplifting at a local store was heading her back to the big house, unless she played ball with me.

Do some…photography…with me and I’d do what was necessary to make the third strike disappear; they always say yes. Problem is, I can’t have them going to the authorities after, so I arrange for them to have new housing arrangements. Been a very profitable sideline.

This kid was over-the-top hot tho…sexy red heels (practically “fuck-me-pumps”), red skirt and a sexy top we wouldn’t be needing for long…time to break out the ropes and get the job done!