All posts for the day September 9th, 2022

When I got home that night, I found that, of all things, she’d put a hook into one of our walls. Well, closed-loop “hook” anyways…but still; our landlord didn’t exactly like holes in his walls. I could talk my way out of any rent increases, but why the devil did she risk raising the bastard’s ire…

It was at that moment of my introspection that she entered the room, and boy did she EVER enter the room! High heels, black pantyhose, a sexy as all get out burgundy dress…she was completely dressed to kill…or in my case, THRILL, I hoped. “I suddenly feel under-dressed,” I quipped as she positioned herself under the hook she’d placed in the wall.

“Oh, I don’t know…I just got bored waiting for you to come home, so I just came up with some new fun for us.” As she said this, she started inching the dress up her hips, exposing that magnificent dancers-body that she had with the most outrageously sexy legs I’ve still to this day ever seen. She pulled the dress open to expose her boobs and continued…”It’d be a shame if some, oh I don’t know, burglar or something, were to see me like this and tie me up underneath this hook, standing me up so he could watch my seeeeexy legs as I moved all around to try to get loose…” Ah, this was her game.

“Well…you’ve made it worth it to have to explain the hook off,” I said as I pulled her into my grasp, pinning her hands behind her in my grasp. “Let’s play, lover…”

Sasha Fae for today.