All posts for the day September 12th, 2022

Another day, another hotel…bleh. Most times when I burgle hotels, I just put on a cute little maid’s uniform, grab a staff member and knock them out, take her cleaning cart and just start wandering…but for some reason, this hotel seemed…different. I was in my full cat burglar get-up, dark leotard and heels, and no one was bothering me. I mean, being a hot woman usually opens doors, but what was going on here? Weird.

Got into my first room and started to look around…lotta camera gear in the room; this’ll bring a pretty penny, at least. Opened a drawer…and found it full of rope. Winds and winds and WINDS of cotton clothesline…wtf? Different drawer…and bunches of bandanas and straps with rubber balls on them. Geez, someone had a weekend planned; I found myself wishing I was a part of it…

Closet was filled with fancy outfits…sexy dresses and high heels (CUTE heels, yet)…and then the door flung open. Before he started talking, I noticed he was wearing what looked like a badge for a convention…”FetishCon”?

He saw me, paused, then stammered out, “I like my models to have drive and be eager to work…but how’d you get in here? I mean the shoot’s not scheduled for another three or four hours yet…”


“Yeah, you know…sexy catburglar gets caught, bound and gagged, struggles…the usual kind of bondage photoshoot…”

My whole insides tingled, and I think I sensed a career change…

Brooke Thomsen for today.


PS: No, nothing like this happens during FetCon…sadly. 😛