All posts for the day September 14th, 2022

Oh, boy; now I done did it. Was staying at a hotel and started watching the TV…who knew that one of my favorite “kidnap” movies (with some decent bondage, yet!) would be playing. Guess I got a little noisy, which was why the hotel manager was paying me a visit…

“Sir, you’re being entirely too loud…” she started to say as she got a look at the screen. A leggy blonde was struggling against some well-placed ropes and a sexy cleave gag, and it was having an effect on the hotel manager. It would appear that someone had a kink or two in her closet… Didn’t help me much that she was wearing gorgeous heels and hose…ah, if only…but then I looked at her, and it seemed like “only” was a possibility. She was beginning to breathe rapidly and twirl her hair with one finger, like she was becoming uncomfortable in her own skin…and maybe a touch aroused.

“And…and…and the room next door has noticed more than one woman joining you here…

“I’m a photographer…just doing a little work…”

“Oh.” This startled her silent for a few seconds as the damsel on screen started screeching into her gag. I went to mute the TV, but she stopped me…”You…you can just lower the volume…”

“That stuff on the screen? That’s what I do…I’m a *bondage* photographer. And while what’s happening to her is OK, I do things a sight better…”

“Oh, really?”


“Um…you weren’t being THAT loud, were you? No…I don’t think so. We’ll just forget about this for now. However, I’m going to have to ask you to demonstrate what you’re doing in here to me…repeatedly…for a few hours, I think….”

Arielle Lane for today.