All posts for the day September 15th, 2022

“Well, SHE won’t be cheering about anything for a while.” The very pretty cheerleader struggled to and fro in the well-placed ropes, trying and failing to gain any ground against them. Her small cries were…stirring…something in me I wasn’t expecting. “This beats capturing the other team’s mascot all to hell. This kid really has her team’s fate in the power of her hips, huh?”

“Apparently,” my boss said, looking her over with approving eyes. “The team performs 32.257641% better when she’s in the cheerleading squad and on the field. I can see why…those legs must bring in 5 scores alone by players trying to impress her…”

“Fccck yuuuu…” she mumbled through her gag.

“Keep an eye on her.” My boss gave her a sneer, tweaked her chest, and left.

“Soooooo…just me and you, then. Ropes too tight?” She shook her head in an obvious “no”. “Thirsty? Need the bathroom?” Another “no”. She seemed to appreciate my asking these questions and started batting her eyes at me. Was I seeing things, or was she moving around just to move? A more…pleasing…manner to my eye? Was she trying to seduce me from the ropes?

Have to admit…it was working…

Stacie Snow for today.