All posts for the day September 19th, 2022

She smoothed the glove up to her skin…feeling fancy tonight, I guess, she mused while doing it. Opera night meant dress up night, so when he (of all things!) suggested the opera, she wanted to do it right. Just felt right to do a sexy black dress and heels too…and the proper black hose to top it off. A little black choker around her neck made the look just perfect. She just had to call the boyfriend to let her know she was ready.

Minutes later, she heard a knock at the door. She passed the mirror of the hotel room and remarked to herself how sexy she looked… “ROWR! If it weren’t ‘date night’, I bet he could think of better things to do with this outfit…” Walking to the door, she flung it open, only to find a ski-masked figure waiting for her…a cloth in one hand, clothesline in the other!

She almost panicked…but the body-size matched perfectly…”Dammit! You said we were gonna go to the Opera tonight! Was this just a trick to get me into my fancy clothes, you brute!” A small nod was her answer…”Oh, fiiiiine…” she replied in a sing-song-whiny kind of voice before putting her back to him and walking back into the hotel room, knowing he’d follow. Once the door closed, she felt him grab her, cloth over her mouth…

“Who says we’re not *eventually* going?” he whispered at her as he clamped his hand over her mouth with one hand and held her body with the other. “I just figured this’d be fun before we hit the second showing. Now…pretend there’s chloro on the rag, honey…but give me a sexy little struggle before you ‘pass out’…” Unexpected, but welcome…one of the things she liked about him was his ability to improvise…she gave him a slight nod before a “Mmmmmph!”, then began grinding her shapely butt into him in just the right place while moving her body in her grasp…

Brooke Thomsen for today.