All posts for the day September 20th, 2022

I felt kinda bad for the poor kid. I tied her with just a little rope and told her that if she wanted it to stay that way, she shouldn’t try to escape. Soon as her old man sprung for her ransom, I’d drop her back near her home and that’d be the end of it…she just had to wait…

Someone got impatient.

Nearly got away from me…she was just undoing the gag when I came in to check on her. For some added humiliation, I had her tie the gag back in her mouth herself and knot it behind her head…but the bondage? Oh, no…that was something I’d do myself. I take pride in my girls not escaping me…I ease up on the bondage once and what happens? Ya give an inch, they take a mile. Yup, it was definitely time to give this chick some major bondage that she wouldn’t be getting out of anytime soon…

CJ Molina for today.