All posts for the day September 21st, 2022

Tried a new “singles” site…you never know what you’re gonna get. This couldn’t be better, tho…we met, had a few drinks, danced a little, and seemed to be getting along all right. She was a fucking stunner…deep, dark hair, darker skin tone (in conversation, she told me she was Brazilian), sexiest body that had to have come from working out constantly (hell, her curves had curves)…just a complete package all around. We get back on the dance floor and she whispers at me that she wants me…I think I found a keeper here.

We leave the bar holding hands…and she whispers in my ear an address she wants me to take her to. I knew the place…a hotel. Not too swanky/pricey, not a dive…girl had some class. We go inside and she guides me to a room she apparently already had rented (odd), then to the bed…and we wind up spending several minutes kissing. I let my hands go all over her…testing her boundaries; she follows up by letting her hands explore me. Nice…but then she stopped.

“Phew. You’re…you’re pretty hot, my dude;” she stammers out. “Been a while since I’ve felt this kind of connection…it’s really hot.”

“I’m enjoying myself too…”

“Good. But now comes the scary part for me…” She let her voice trail off and went over to the other side of the bed. With a little bit of effort, she pulled up a small, but full-looking duffel bag. “What’s in here is a test. Open this up, and if you’re not freaked out, we can continue. This is the shit I’m into…and if you’re not, I get it; my kink may not be yours. But I’m done wasting time on guys, getting to know them, getting to like them, then having to send them away when they get freaked out by my basic needs.” She stopped, took a deep breath, then continued. “I like you…and I like where this is going. I just need to know if I can continue liking you…anyway; I’m talking too much. Open the bag.”

She had me a bit worried…so I opened the bag…and found a literal ton of rope, all neatly packaged into little spools, in different lengths and sizes. Started exploring the bag…side pockets had several different types of tape and safety scissors in one and neatly folded bandanas in the other…center package cinched it, tho. Only a gal who knew about bondage would be carrying ball gags…

I held one up and looked it over…”Well, you seem to know your stuff. Autumn’s Sub-Shop?” She breathed in a deep sigh of relief…apparently, I passed the test, just by knowing that.

“I love her shit…” she said and giggled. “Best online kinky store out there…”

“I have a few as well.” Her eyes lit with anticipation, and I bet mine did too. Been a while since I played in this arena, and I was missing it…but there was one last thing to go over… “OK, we’re in the same ballpark, but do we play the same? I mean…I’m the one doing the tying, right?” Rather than answer me, she knelt on the bed, put her back to me and crossed her wrists…

“At your hopefully-not-too-tender mercy, honey…”

Rather than answer, I roughly put my hand over her mouth and pressed myself into her. “I’m gonna use that ball gag on you next…no, a bandana instead…after my hands get their fill of that beautiful chest of yours. Then, I’m gonna tie you up good and solid and just let you struggle until you tease me into taking you. That pretty much what you wanted to hear?”

Her deep sigh told me everything I needed to know.

Drea Morgan for today.