All posts for the day September 23rd, 2022

Rare to find the home owner home when I strike, dammit. Usually I’m in and out in a heartbeat, but now? Ugh…probably gonna have to take care of her somehow…

“Why are you pointing at that bag?” I asked as she pointed at a small bag in the corner.

“Just letting you know where some rope is. I mean, you’re gonna have to tie me up, right? Otherwise I’m gonna scream and shit…and I will, too! Scream, I mean. But I’ll cooperate if you just tie me up…better make sure to gag me (that grey bandana is cool; I like it). My elbows touch behind my back, so you can tie those together…you better make sure it’s tight, tho. I can get out fairly easy…”

“Lady, I…”

“…I’m good at escaping. I’m really not, but I just wanna make sure you tie me good and tight. OH! You need to put a crotchrope on me too; nice and tight, so I can feel it and use it; if I’m gonna have to wait for the insurance to get my stuff back, I might as well get SOMEthing out of this, right? Oh, and hey, this dress will pull down so you can pull my tits out…feel free to grab ’em, too; whatever, fucking boys…”


Sasha Fae for today.