All posts for the day September 26th, 2022

So. Geez, you never know what to expect when you decide to make a living breaking into people’s houses. I had just got in when the chick (sexy blonde…my fave!) who lived there discovered me. The usual goes down, you know…was even planning on it for a change; had a little bit of rope with me and a bandana to gag her with…standard stuff.

So I’m coming back from loading her TV (OLED…SCORE!) into my truck, when I get a good look at her, letting my eyes take in her gorgeous bod, and that’s when I notice something. I’ve seen many a “Oh, my God, what’s he going to do to me?” frantic struggle and fear-filled eyes, but this chick had neither…this kid looked like she’d just hit the lotto! Her eyes were just dancing with delight, she was giggly under the gag…she was actually *enjoying* herself. The fuck? Decided to have a look around the apartment to see if I could find some clue as to why…and then I hit paydirt.

Fucking hell…opened one of her dresser drawers; had to be her “play stash”…what looked like miles worth of rope, several different kinds of duct tape rolls, a couple of vibes, a “magic wand” (those were one of my faves to use on a bound lover) and a few ball gags, along with a few bondage magazines and a lurid romance novel titled, “Captive Love”.

Of all the…gonna have to put the OLED back in her living room, I guess. Hopefully she’ll let me watch it with her after a night of bondage fun and games…

Dez for today.