All posts for the day September 27th, 2022

The open road. Ahhhh, I needed this road trip; the daily grind of being a biz exec for a major company was getting to be too much. Deliberately left my cell phone and laptop at home…no interruptions, just me, a classic ’69 Vette and the sky above for the next few days…

…and a sexy brunette, it would seem. It was complete open road when I saw her…not a rest stop for miles, with the hood of her Thunderbird open, thumbing for a ride or help. I passed her by quick, but saw nothing but legs and sexy…had to investigate.

“Stupid thing won’t start,” she said as I walked up to her. Almost stammered out a “Let me have a looksee at it” as I got close, I was so taken by her. She was the definition of hot; cute little yellow top exposing just enough of her ample boobs, the shortest of short-shorts covering her butt and showing off legs that went on for days…phew. I came to her car from front to back…as I passed by, I glanced at the passenger side (maybe to see if she were alone?) and saw a duffel bag on the seat…probably her luggage.

“May just be overheating; I’ll see what I can see.”

“Appreciate it. You know the kind of trouble a gal can get into traveling alone on the road…”


“Would you think I was weird if I said I wouldn’t mind getting into it?” She then let out a defeated little snort. “I was heading to a boyfriend’s house…well, EX-boyfriend now, bastard. We were gonna spend the weekend just playing…then I find out…BY TEXT MESSAGE, yet…that he’d rather play with my bimbo ex-friend…”


“Right? Bastard didn’t know what he had in me…shooed me off just because I like being tied up and gagged for fun…”

When she said that, I reacted with a start…and hit my head on the hood of her car…”OW!”

“Sorry…guess I’m sharing too much, huh? He messages me and says to come over, so I grab my bondage bag and head his way. Halfway there, he breaks up with me…AGAIN, BY TEXT…and tells me to get my shit that I have there…fucking loser…”

“You know what?” I said and removed myself from the engine of her car. “I think this might be more serious than I can fix myself. Why don’t you grab that ‘bondage bag’ and ride with me to the nearest town? We’ll send a tow truck back for your car…and find a hotel. I think I can accommodate your needs….if you still want to have some fun.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yup…been a while since I put a girl into a good hard hogtie; I’m now interested in seeing if I still have the skill…

Lola Lynn for today.