All posts for the day September 30th, 2022


Well, that’s not something I hear every day. I’m burgling a chick’s place and I grab her from behind and put my hand over her mouth, normally the struggles are all frantic and she’s practically yelling through my fingers. This one? She tensed up at first with surprise, but after a bit, she totally relaxed…even grabbed my free hand and put it right over her mid-section…oh, I hadda know.

I took my hand away from her mouth and asked, “Waitaminnute, you alright? I’m ROBBING you, you know.”

“I know…and hopefully more?”

“S’cuze me?”

“Dammit…I got one that doesn’t know about women. Alright…put your hand back or I’m going to start screaming for real…”

“The fuck?”

“Yes! That…a hundred times that! It’s been forever since I had a good bondage-fuck; oh, wait, I bet Mr. Burglar’s never tied up a girl before either?”

“I’ve tied plenty…just not into forcing myself onto…”

“Well, I’m certainly not making you force yourself, am I? Look…I’m “into” the whole “grab and tie” thing, dear…and your hand going over my mouth was like the biggest turn-on I’ve had in months. You be a good boy…tie me up and gag me well and let me struggle for about…oh, an hour or so…and I’ll make it worth your while. Interested?”

I could think of zero reasons to say no.

Sasha Fae for today.