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Caught her snooping around the warehouse…little recorder in her bag, small vidcam pointing around at stuff. I know what the boss’d have me do with her, but the thing is…she was REALLY cute.

So, I followed her around a bit…then snuck up behind her and grabbed her. Put a hand over her mouth and dragged her to a back room, then tied and gagged her. She looked even cuter tied and gagged…dang nosy reporters. So, I just let her sit there and deal with being caught. She gave me some looks….then came the anger…then, she tried to seduce her way out. Guess she picked up on my liking girls tied up…or she liked it herself.

Eh…maybe there’s better things in life than being “Thug #1″…

Shannon for today.


Snagged me a hot one this time! Funny thing was how much she was enjoying it…I mean, I’m taking RANSOM pics here, girl! Stop LIKING this and moving around the way you are…and why is your body convulsing like that?! OMG, did you just stain my carpet; was that an ORGASM?!

I swear…these days, you just NEVER know what’s gonna be involved with a kidnap…

Seraphim for today.


She threw me a pretty decent curve this time. We’d been dating for about…6 months now?…and one of the things that kept me coming back was I never knew what to expect from her. She always had something new for us to play at…and this one was a doozy.

She answered the door in a robe. Well, that was promising…soon as I was inside with her, the robe fell to her feet, revealing her amazing body in sexy lingerie and stockings. Greeted her with a kiss…that led to more kisses…until she stopped me and walked me to the bedroom. There was a small bag on the bed, and she told me to go through it.

It was a small bunch of rope, of all things…rope and a roll of tape! After I see that, she removes her bra, lays flat on the bed…and tells me that I can do what I want with her tonight…as long as it involves her being bound and gagged on the bed, maybe in a way that allows her to struggle for me a bit. Then, she puts her hands over her head, and gives me a “come hither” look, complete with a “What now?”

Oh, I showed her…it was our hottest night ever.

Pantera Noelle for today.


We were sitting on the couch together…I was watching some TV, facing the set, while she was horizontal on the couch, using my lap as a footrest (gave me a view of her amazing legs, so I didn’t care), quietly reading a book. Occasionally, she’d give me a little tap with her foot, and I’d give them a squeeze or three, maybe a little massage…it was fun.

Then, out of the blue, Hollywood interrupts our relative peace by having the actress of the show I was watching get abducted. At first, it’s fine…there’s not many ways you can mess up a chloroforming scene, after all, besides a moviemaker’s insistence that as soon as chloro hits, it’s an instant knock-out…that you can look past. But as soon as they’ve taken her to their hideout, our rage began…

“OMIGOD…they just THREW the rope on her body! Oh, for Christ’s sake…”

“That tape…they TAPPED it onto her face! I’d have it spat off with a sneeze…”

“Yah, and the rope’d fall off you too; geez!”

“Hands…omigawd…hands in FRONT?!”

We both facepalmed at the same time. Couldn’t stop laughing at that…but then we both knew what the afternoon was gonna end with…a quick game of “kidnap”, with my wife struggling happily on the floor in *actual* bondage to clear our heads of this idiocy….

Sasha Fae for today.


When I decide to hit a place, it’s normally for a reason…I hear the occupant has hit the lotto, maybe I see them receiving a large delivery…something. This gal, tho…I just wanted to see her tied and gagged.

She looked sexy as all get out, and redheads do it for me, large, so I tracked her down, just to see what she’d look like in a hogtie…

Stacie Snow for today.


Never had a captive so CALM…

Ugh, it was unnerving. Her hubby was loaded, so I saw her as a payday. Took her from a mall parking lot…and as I put my hand over her mouth to silence her, of course there was a little shock, some “MMMPH!”ing and a bit of struggle…but then she just seemed to ease into it, even pressing her butt into me (which, of all things at all times, got me aroused…hey, down there; I’m WORKING!) until the chloroform-soaked rag finally knocked her out.

Took her to the hideout and tied her to a chair…figured that as long as I had her, why not have a look at her chest…they were nice. Started to squeeze her not-so-little melons and that’s when she started to come around…and instead of screaming into her tape gag or anything, she starts humming…and, unless I miss my guess, presses herself into my touch, like she’s enjoying it!

I had to know…so I took the tape gag off… “Look…this is a kidnapping, alright? In about an hour or so, we’re gonna give hubby a call and tell him that if he wants you back, he’s gotta make me a millionaire…”

“Can we do that in a *few* hours, maybe? Or, maybe even, I don’t know, tomorrow? I’m trouble as a hostage, man…I’m gonna keep trying to escape and stuff…and my husband doesn’t treat me nearly this good…you fucking know your ropes! So, if you want to keep me still and quiet, you better put me in line…” And then, she opens her mouth keeps it like that…


“Honey, if you don’t know what to put in a ladies’ mouth when she offers it to you, consider 1000 points knocked off of your ‘Man Card’, I mean really…do you want me to suck you off or not?”

Ransom schmansom…I’m *keeping* this one!

Lola Lynn for today.


Rare for me to come into a place and find the owner already done up. But, that’s what I was looking at…came to the next place I wanted to hit to find the back door ajar, and after I looked around, obvious empty spots were probably where stuff was. Like, the center of the living room had a table with nothing but wires on it, wires that led behind it, probably still plugged into the wall where a TV once was. Nuts…choke on it, ya bastard.

That’s when I started hearing soft little “mmmmphs” coming from another room…and I came across the home owner, who was in the process of “coming” herself. She was propped against a wall, jamming a crotchrope into herself tighter so she could feel it, leaning her head against the wall as it started to hit all the right places. The sound coming from her was being held back by what looked like duct tape…made me wonder if the guy before me took the time to jam some cloth in her mouth or just did the tape job…heck, with all the time he took to place all the rope he put on her, he probably just taped her and bailed, but why do that when you’re missing the best show out there? Which is what I did next…just sat back and watched this sexy babe strain against all the rope keeping her tied up, pulling her crotchrope in deep to get some pleasure out of being bound…

Place may have already been burgled, but at least I got a show for my troubles…

Janessa for today.


One day, while Gracie and I were talking, I asked her why she had this particular looped hook in the wall of her place. Wasn’t sure what she’d use that for…

“That’s where I get tied to…”

Oh, I HAVE to see this…

Gracie Ryder for today.


Funniest thing happened…

So, I take a job as a room-cleaner for a local hotel. Pay’s…ok, I guess, and I was between jobs anyway…needed SOMEthing. I was doing my rounds when I heard a lot of thumping from the room next to where I was working. It was a hotel…sounded like someone was having a fun weekend! Once I finished up, I went to that room and knocked…no answer, so I went in…and the gal renting the room was on the floor, all tied up and gagged! Looked like whoever did it broke the bank for the rope too…tons of rope on the gal!

I tried to untie her, but every time I made a move at her, she pulled away…wtf? Finally got close enough to remove the gag…

“Don’t you DARE touch a single rope, you wage-earner!” she scowled at me. “Don’t know who the guy was that did this to me, but FUCK it’s been AGES since someone treated me this good!”


“Yeah, ok, fine…you probably don’t/can’t understand…I LOVE being tied up, and this tie…OH, THIS TIE! That man knew everything about what a girl WANTS when she’s tied…”

“Um…except maybe a hogtie? Maybe?”

She looked up to me with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. “Oooooooh…someone who knows his way around the bondage, huh? Tell you what, mister ‘I-know-what-a-bondage-girl-wants’…put me in a hogtie, and maybe, just maybe, if I like your work, we can talk about a contracting deal…”

Turned out to be demanding work…but she pays well…

Drea Morgan for today.


It was the weirdest thing.

So, I’m a burglar, right? Bust into homes, take care of the owner if they’re there (I try to only hit places when the owner is away), grab a few things (they’re insured, most of the time), and bail. Pretty simple equation. So, I bust into this gal’s house and she’s home, dammit. “Please don’t hurt me,” “Take what you want”….yadda yadda yadda, heard it all before…and when I just tell her to sit in a corner, she gets all disappointed-looking…

“You’re not gonna tie me up?”

OK, now I’ve heard everything. Then she hits me with a pout, trying to get to me with those big, sexy eyes…and it just so happens I’m a sucker for a pout. Then she hands me the rope and tape she wants to use and heads us to her bedroom….


Pantera Noelle for today.