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How do I wind up in these messes?

So, here I am…with two outstandingly gorgeous women (one a super spy, the other an investor) sitting outside the mansion home of a third, one Stacie Snow, from what Sasha told us, on a mission of complete randomness…


Brooke and I had kidnapped Sasha Fae to get money from her father…but it turned out that Sasha was a willing player in the mess, and treated Brooke and I very nicely the night before. SO nicely that Brooke agreed to a mission for Sasha just because she asked. She wanted to burgle her college roommate, now well-off-financier, for a bit of cash and some one-upedness.

There were worse ways to go about things, I guess.

So…we bust in to Stacie’s place, and find her just getting back from some kind of function, I guess…she was fairly dolled-up. We grab her, tie her…and Sasha gets this look of just all-around contentedness as she looks down at the fully-bound Stacie.

“Let’s see…,” Sasha says as she rummages through Stacie’s purse. “Yep; secret pocket, just like always. Some people just don’t change, do they, Stacie?” Stacie grunted through her gag as an answer. Sasha tossed a keyring to me. “You two run along. In the living room; point the fob on the keychain to the south wall. That should give you what you need.” At that, Sasha turned back to her captive and caressed her cheek. Looked like it was gonna be a loooooong night for those two.

Us? Brooke and I made for the living room and faced the south wall of the place. Clicked the key fob…and a portion of the wall folded back…

…and it looked like our “financier” was also a small-arms dealer. The room was PACKED with weapons of all makes and types…

“SCORE!” Brooke said and smiled.

“I’ll say…”

“And, an ironic one too. The money I was looking to make was specifically for guns, anyway. Not that I expect to use them on our little caper, but I’m also thinking about future endeavors. Never hurts to be well armed…” Brooke kept talking while she went through the weapons, picking what she felt she needed…I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening in that room behind us…

Stacie Snow for today.


There were worse ways to spend an evening, I imagine.

So…I’m currently paired up with a super-spy and purportedly “the most dangerous woman alive”, Brooke Thomsen. She’s got me wrapped up in a nutty scheme to get a schematic for her latest client…but for this, we needed some spending money she didn’t have…

…hence, us kidnapping one Sasha Fae, a local big shot’s daughter. Wacky way to make money and with a ton of risk attached, but Brooke assured me it’d be worth it. Besides, the guy was a scumbag, from the way Brooke described him.

One thing I didn’t count on was our hostage being so damn cute. Just the way she squirmed in her bondage was getting me interested…and I think she realized it. She was practically dangling her ass on a stick at me, tossing to and fro to get my attention…ugh, I had to know.

Took the gag off of her… “Oof, thanks. Thought I was gonna have to throw myself at you. You really know how to tie a girl…been a while since someone did my elbows up. So hot…”

“Hey, stud,” Brooke said to me, noticing my attention to the hostage. “Eyes on the prize and off of her ass…”

“You were looking too, hot stuff,” Sasha replied. “Anyway, what’s the gig? Simple ransom, trying to hurt my father, more…?”

“Just ransom,” I said to her. “Trying to raise some money for a project…”

“Well, you could’ve just asked. I’m fairly well off myself…for the right cause…and a little fun…I could be persuaded to invest.”

“Interesting turn of events. We haven’t sent the ransom note yet…maybe we can work this all out…?”

“Don’t know about you two, but I haven’t done a bondage threesome in some time…might make for some laughs…” Saying that, she pushed herself up and gave me a full-on kiss on the mouth…before falling back onto the bed and giving Brooke a flash of her phenomenal ass…

Sasha Fae for today.


Can’t catch a break, sometimes…

Few months ago, I was working for some organization, trying to recover a lost laptop for them from a former agent of theirs. It went well…not only did I get to bind and gag a few really hot women, but I recovered said laptop from a woman that they dubbed “possibly the most dangerous person alive”.

They were pleased. The pay was good…good enough to retire on for a while. And I was in said retirement, staying at a posh hotel and enjoying said fundage, when an “old friend” looked me up…said “most dangerous woman”. I returned to my room after an evening of fun, and there she is…perched on my bed like as if she belonged there…

“Hey, stud…” she said and smiled as I entered the room.


“Oh, don’t be so surprised. I told you that I was interested in us working together, remember?” I *did* vaguely remember her last note to me saying something to that effect… “So, here I am now, looking to collect on that thought. But, now you’ve got me nervous…”

“Oh? How so?”

“This room was SO easy to get into. Has my favorite stud lost his edge? I think we better find out…”

“And how do I prove that?”

“Catch me if you can!” she said and threw a small bag at me. It became obvious what she wanted me to do when I opened it…a bunch of rope and a ball gag was inside. “If you do, I’m yours for the evening and we talk about making money tomorrow. If I get away; well, maybe you’re not the guy I was looking for and I’ll just keep on going and look for help elsewhere…”

Oh, I got her, alright…

Brooke Thomsen for today.


Bleh. What’s a burglar to do?

So, I’m robbing this chick, right? Place is empty when I break in, but she returns home while I’m loading up stuff. What happens next? BOOM…her dress hits the floor, and she puts her hands up.

“Yr a burggglr, right? Wull, ya btter tie me upf, son…gnna scrrrrrm……”

That’s when I get the alcohol. In just seconds of her breathing at me, I’m suddenly nursing a hangover myself…she smells like she probably didn’t leave a drop in the bar undrunk. Ugh.

Good news was, at least she was a “funny” drunk and not an “angry” one. And she had the cutest little tits…

Dez for today.


I’m kinda surprised, really. Impressed, even.

When I’m out pilfering in hotels, I usually get in and out quietly. Hotel security guys tend to be…eh, *bulky*, so no need to disrupt them. Sometimes, tho…the occasional room occupant just happens to be in their room instead of partying or whatnot and I have to take action…

By tying them up,

When I get a hottie, it’s a special treat…nothing like a gorgeous woman with great legs in bondage…and this babe was no exception. So, I bust in, she’s here, tie her up…boom. I find a few things to make it worthwhile (other than pulling her top off and getting a gander at her amazing chest)…and find that in the whole time I’ve been looking around, she’s managed to drag herself all the way to the room’s front door and seems to be trying to get away….

“A” for effort, at least.

No, really…pretty impressive. I’m not even angry or annoyed; just impressed. Not often you see someone show enthusiasm these days…tho she’s probably just trying to get to the hotel manager to complain and get her room for free…entitled people these days, amiright?

Normally, after I’m done helping myself to the safe in the room or the belongings in the luggage that look sellable, I’d just leave…but she just winked at me and started shaking her boobs…I think we need to discuss this, her and I…at length…

Ashley Sinclair for today.


“C’mon, c’mon…get over there!”


“Stop fighting me!” I said and moved the girl towards the edge of the room, facing a wall. Wanting to hear no more of her, I took a ball gag from my pocket, removed my hand from over her mouth and with the other shoved the ball deep between her teeth. Then I buckled the device behind her head, effectively silencing her.

I spun her around to face me. PRETTY girl…found myself wanting to see more.

“Strip,” I said, coolly. “Down to the pantyhose…I’ll let you keep those on…for now.”

She protested as much as she could, then did as told…kicking off her high heels first, then removing her dress in one piece.

“No bra, huh? Well, when you’ve got boobs as nice as those, seems a crime to keep them penned up, right?” She blushed at my admiration. “Hands behind your back…I’m gonna have to tie you up.” I got a gagged “NO!” back from her, but she knew she had to do as told…her last bit of defiance gone, she put her back to me and put her hands behind her, allowing me to tie her up.

“Kinda rare I get to rob such a hot babe like you…this is gonna be a treat!” Got to working on her…standard stuff, hands behind the back…but decided to tie her legs differently than I normally do…had her bend them at the knee and tied each ankle to the thigh…effectively hobbling her, but leaving my options for what I do with her…open.

After a bit of time, I had her well and goodly at my mercy…too bad for her, I was feeling none. She started to struggle and get used to what I’d done to her. Once she stopped whimpering, I moved over behind her and started to give those world-class boobs some needed treatment.

“MMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she screamed through the gag as my hands started kneading her soft boobs. After a bit of attention to them, I started tweaking the nipples, and her hips started gyrating in rhythm to my touch… I leaned down to her and started whispering into her ear…

“Babe, I don’t know where you came up with this, but damn, this is hot. We’re gonna have to do this more often…” She smiled, kissed me as best she could do with a gag in her mouth, then resumed her time as my “victim”…we both knew where this was leading to…

Stacie Snow for today.


Went back to my room, pretty dejected. Over the course of a few hours, I’d been trying…and failing…to find a super-agent and retrieve a laptop that she’d stolen from her last bosses.

I did manage to find three bondage-loving ladies and exercise my libido a bit; so there was that, I guess.

Went back to my room, trying to think about what I was gonna tell my new employers…when I opened the door and saw something on my bed…

A laptop. THE laptop. With an SD card and room key on top of it, with a small note saying “Play me.” attached to it. The fuck?

The SD card had only one video on it…it was titled, “Here ya go, dumbass.” Lovely. So I played it….

…and the video opened up to show a woman sitting on a hotel bed matching the one I was sitting on…this was filmed in THIS hotel! And the woman? OMIGOD, the woman…

…it was Brooke Thomsen.

“Wow, man…been a long time since I got made. Have to give you credit, tho, you smoked me out. Even HAD me for a minute there, you dumbass. Anyway…you fall for a line too easy, m’man…the ropes and gag you saw on my bed was for someone else entirely…I’m here for Kendra James. Client of hers wanted payback or some such thing; I don’t know or care; the money is fabulous. I was gonna lure her up here, tie her up with the stuff you used on me…ugh. Thankfully, you bought my line so you didn’t know you actually HAD who you were looking for. Didn’t cross your mind to toss my room? Moron. Well, we wrecked each other’s days, it would seem. Tho, you made MINE a bit brighter by leaving Kendra all tied and gagged, you sly dog. By the time you see this, she’ll be getting spirited away by me to ‘parts unknown’, and I’m on my way to a sweet payday.

“Figured I owed you SOMEthing, so here’s the laptop the bozos were all excited about; forgot I even HAD the thing. They’re nice…tell them that if the wanna hire me freelance, no strings attached, ha-ha, intentional pun, I’d be happy to work for them again. The exclusiveness was just cramping my style…need to spread my wings a bit.

“Oh, one last thing. I left you a Christmas present in my room…MERRY CHRISTMAS!…that’s what the room key is for…you know which one my room was. The domestic who barged in on me while I was getting my shit together to kidnap Kendra after getting loose from our play session (didn’t take me TOO long to get loose after we played…you tie good, but not THAT good) was the CUTEST little thing…she tied up well. Might wanna set her loose…or something. Hope our paths cross again, stud; I had tons of fun with you.” She then let out a “MWAAAH!” and blew a kiss to the camera.

Well, damn. That didn’t turn out as expected….but at least I was right the first time I saw her…picked her out of a crowd; points to me.

Went to her room and yep, there was a tied and gagged blonde on the bed, just as described. And yah, she WAS cute. Brother was this ever a weekend…

Emily Addison for today.


Madre di DIOS! Two strikes already in my quest for the supposed “most dangerous woman alive”…

…but my libido was certainly enjoying my attempts, it would seem.

I’ve been hired to retrieve a laptop from a very deadly secret agent who quit another agency…and so far, I’ve struck out twice. I have no idea who she is or what she looks like; only going off of impressions that her former bosses gave me…

…and that was when I saw the third. STUNNING redhead…her very presence commanded the room. Stately tall, even in her what-had-to-be 5-inch heels, gorgeous black dress…and a choker and opera gloves. Theme party, maybe?

We were in the bar…I sat next to her and ordered a drink…

…or STARTED to, anyway. She stopped the barkeep and ordered FOR me. That was new.

“Enjoy it,” she said, rather flatly. “After, we’re going to my room.”

OK, then. She was a bit…commanding…for my taste.

“We both know why you’re here. All you can do now is enjoy it. I’ll give you what you want…long as you play by MY rules. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Almost felt like replying with “Yes, Mistress”, but behaved myself and said, “I understand it’s in my better interests to be cool…”

“And it IS, too,” she relied coolly. I downed my drink and we went to her room…and it just hit me that I’d succeeded in the “hat trick”…a blonde, brunette, and redhead all in a matter of hours…

I opened the door and she shoved me in. “On your knees, worm!”

“Now, waitaminnute…”

“Don’t you give me any backtalk! Is that any way to treat your Mistress?!”

Oh for the love of…she actually WAS a practicing Dominatrix! “I’m not…”

She grabbed me by the back of the head… “Don’t you talk to your Mistress like that, worm! I…” OK, that was enough…within a matter of seconds, I’d overpowered her and forced her to tell me where her “supplies” were…opening a drawer produced a ton of rope, some whips, chains…and a ball gag. The ropes did fine…

“Just so’s you know…I’m NOT your client. And when the hotel staff finds you all tied up like this…yeah, that’ll be my payback for this experience…” I held the ball gag to her, about to gag her…

“Well…who knew? This is exciting…I’m a ‘switch’ after all…MMMMMPH!!”

Goddammit. She started squirming a bit and muffled through her gag about us using the situation a bit (ungagged her briefly to be sure, of course)…turned out to be a lovely afternoon…

Kendra James for today.


My life has become a strange turn of events, it seems.

I’ve been contracted to find a woman…apparently a VERY dangerous woman, and retrieve some property from her…specifically, a laptop. The road leading to that encounter went by a very sexy blonde…

…who’s number now resides in my personal phone book. Even tho the first thing I did when I saw her was to abduct her. She’s “into” that…and we’re meeting next Tuesday for more of the same. Women.

Back on track.

I’m now in the hotel lobby hobnobbing a bit when I see the most STUNNING brunette walk by. Gorgeous black dress, high heels…and accents in the way of a choker and high-arm opera gloves…this gal just looked the part and CLASSY.

No way she couldn’t be my target. I followed her around for a bit…she seemed uneasy, as if she were meeting someone she’d never seen before. Anxious, cautious…looking around a lot…she made for the elevator. Once there, I was able to drop in as well and chose a floor above hers…if I was going to move on her, I’d let her get where she was going first.

The elevator stopped and she got out. I made it look like I was going to continue in it, then left the car and began following her. Once she opened her door, I pounced on her and grabbed her from behind, my hand firmly on her mouth. I pushed us through the door…

…only to see bunches of rope on the bed and what looked like a ball gag…what?!

I let go of her mouth… “Wow; got what I paid for, that’s for sure! Why are you breaking character, tho, and letting me talk? Do you want me to scream or something…oh, that sounds fun…HELmmmmmmmph!” My hand went back over her mouth in a flash…oh, lovely! This was a setup….an INNOCENT setup, tho…and I’m taking the place of someone she hired, apparently for fun and sexy times with bondage! Crap…well, no use wasting a completely lovely moment…

Thirty minutes later found her bound and gagged on the bed and me in a tizzy…how many bondage-loving women were IN this hotel, anyway? I thought FetishCon was in August…and in the STATES, yet…

Brooke Thomsen for today.


“So…what’s the job?”

“Simple retrieval this time, Mr. Collinsworth. One of our agents, fool that she was, thought it might be a good idea to leave the organization.”

“Ah, so I’m bringing her back, then?”

“Sadly, no…”

Uh, oh…headache time. I’ve been in the spy game for…what, 20 years now? Espionage….little spying here, little theft there, not really a problem. But my latest boss seems to be outlining a place where I’m not going…

“Sir…you should know from the people you hired me from that I’m not in the business of wetworks.”

“And that’s not what I was leading to. Our ex-agent has become “persona non grata” to us, true, but not to that point. In all honesty, it was an amicable split, for the most part. She just took property that didn’t belong to her and we want it back.”

“That’s better.”

“A laptop. It has a wealth of information that we need on it. Your mission would be simple…find and retrieve the laptop. And survive the encounter.”


“Our agent was among the deadliest, if not THE deadliest, women alive. One of the reasons we just want the device, actually, is that we value your service.”

“I’m no slouch…”

“And, I was not insulting that. But measuring the two of you would be like comparing a thunderstorm to a Category 5 Hurricane. Both are deadly; one more so.”

“Hmmmph. Understood. Where do I begin?”

“We know where she is…at a hotel in London. One of her strengths, unfortunately for you, is her anonymity. We’ve never seen her before. All our communications have been through the internet or by dead drop. We know where she will be and when she will be there…your mission is to intercept her and retrieve the laptop; nothing more.”


The entire flight over, I mulled it over in my head…there was more to this than meets the eye. They were “mushrooming” me…keeping me in the dark and feeding me shit. Also sounded like they were scared…I had to be cautious…

…which is why, when I got to the hotel, I tied and gagged the first woman I saw that looked like she could be the target. That was sarcasm…I fucked up, dammit.

So, now, here I am. The CUTEST little blonde, bound and gagged in front of me, just for the crime of being a similar body type to the woman they sent me to pilfer from. The fact that I succeeded in doing that makes me think that I got the wrong gal as, I shouldn’t have been able to do this if she was all they led me to think she is. A quick going-over of the room also turned up no laptops…

…and a hostage who’s currently winking at me. She also somehow managed to pull down her top, and my, my, MY, but those are cute boobs.

I can find my target later.

Dez for today.