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“You really didn’t need to pull the top of my dress down…” she said, squirming against her ropes.

“Oh, I don’t know…” I said as I finished tying her ankles. “You want this to look legit, right? Like you’ve been kidnapped? No kidnapper is gonna be able to keep his eyes away from those beauts. Plus, showing them off makes it seem like you’re really in trouble…like he’s gonna attack you if the ransom isn’t paid. It’s just for the picture and vid we’re sending your hubby.”

“Tell that to the hard-on you’re sporting. I’m not sure if I should be angry or flattered.” I finished my job of tying her up and went to get the roll of duct tape to fashion a gag on her mouth. “I just hope this works and we get the ransom. I can’t bear living with that asshole anymore…”

“We’ll get it. You’re his most valued possession, after all,” I said while checking my work to see if it was legitimately tight enough for the photos. “I’m asking a million-five, right? Just making sure before I gag you…”

“No, FIVE million. That should be enough for us to live on.” After saying that, she looked up at me, sitting on the chair I’d tied her on with those gorgeous eyes, and opened her mouth…

“I’m taping your mouth, not putting anything in it…”

“Aw. Shame to waste a perfectly good hard-on, tho…” she said and let her voice trail off. Well, I wasn’t about to let an offer like THAT pass me by…

Stacie Snow for today.