All posts for the day December 2nd, 2022

“Wow. Whatever makes news, I guess, huh?” I said while glancing at the article I was reading.

“Yeah…” was the answer Sasha gave me, looking over my shoulder at the computer screen.

“I mean, this Stacie Snow chick has been KIDNAPPED for pity’s sake…they didn’t need to publish her RANSOM pictures. Fucking anything for clicks on a news article; goddamn journalists. Least they put a black bar over her boobs, I guess.”

“Too bad…” I heard Sasha say. Her breath seemed to be getting quicker…

“Too bad?”

“Too bad she’s been kidnapped, I mean. Poor woman…”

I turned around and looked at her face. “Omigod. You’re triggered, aren’t you?”

“Well, it HAS been a month since you’ve tied ME up, you sadist…you holding out on me?” She giggled a little and pulled me to my feet. “C’mon, let’s play a little…”

I spun her around and clamped my hand over her mouth. “All right, miss ‘Heiress-Fae’…looks like you’ve fallen into my clutches again…” I said and chuckled. “Guess I’m gonna have to tie you to a chair until your family pays the ransom.” She squealed under my hand and gave me a thumbs-up, then started to struggle against my grasp…

Sasha Fae for today.