All posts for the day December 5th, 2022

“Just…just behave yourself and this is the worst that’s gonna happen to you, understand?”

The frightened girl looked up at me with big eyes over the tape I’d plastered on her mouth, then nodded her head with a “yes”. “First burglary, can you believe it? Get in, get her stuff, get out…it was supposed to be simple, right? But no…nothing simple for me…she’s gotta come home and she’s gotta be all sexy and dressed hot too!”


“What? Oh…you’re welcome. You know…you’re taking this pretty well. Haven’t even TRIED to scream. And yeah, you really ARE hot.”


“Your legs look amazing in that bondage…”

“I knnw, rght?”

“Perfect heels…”

“Gt ‘m nnn sllle…”

“I can’t take this anymore…if we’re gonna chat while I’m robbing you, we might as well TALK…” After this, I took off the tape gag.

“Ugh…that’s eventually going back on, right?”

“The fuck??? You’re ‘into’ this, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah; who ISN’T? When you grabbed me from behind and put your hand on my mouth, I thought my now-ex had changed his mind and was coming back to tie and gag me…I was HALF right, anyway, I guess.”

“No WONDER you’re taking this like this…god dammit…”

“What’s wrong? Sure, you came to rob me, but you found something better than any stuff you can pawn for a quick few bucks…”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“A willing captive. Look, we’re done talking here…either gag me again, rob me and you’re done or shove that huge hard-on I see in your pants in my mouth and maybe if you keep being a good boy we can turn this into something more than a chance meeting. You obviously know your way around rope; I can use that…and I bet you can too.” And with that, she got quiet. Ultimatum set…either I gag her, rob her and be done with it, or we become “bondage buddies”.

I’m amazed I even had to think about it…

Sheridan Nicoll for today.