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I had to have it out with her.

Had to admit; I was angry with her…I kidnapped her, hopefully for a fair bit of ransom…I’d heard that Stacie Snow was someone I could get some bank for. Brought her to my hideout and tied her to a chair; plopped a ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet while we waited for her loved ones to ransom her back.

That, of course, meant sending proof that I had her to said loved ones.

So I’m taking the ransom pictures…and she was driving me crazy. Finally, I could take it no longer…I sat on her lap, open-leggedly, and looked her straight in the eye. “I’m gonna take that ball gag out of your mouth so we can talk. DON’T SCREAM.” She nodded “ok”. I took it out, and she moved her jaw a bit to relax it. “Look, chick…I know you know you’re kidnapped, right?” She nodded yes. “I’m trying to get ransom pictures here…not ‘vacation’ pics; STOP SMILING!”

Then she did the damndest thing…she kissed me on the nose. The very tip…like you’re kissing someone to be cute.

“I can’t help it,” she said to me, looking me right in the eye. “You’re cuuuuuute.”

“I HAVE kidnapped you.”

“I know. I’m still a bit scared. But you’re a HOT kidnapper.”

I scratched my head…then gave her a full-on kiss on the mouth. She kissed back. Fuck, the rich are weird…

Stacie Snow for today.



(Storytime returns in a bit, but I just wanted to throw this out…my August just got VERY interesting! If you follow my Twitter at all, you might’ve caught an exchange between myself and an account named “Alba Zevon” [@AlbaZevon]…OMG. There’s models you *wanna* work with, there’s models you know you might never get a shot at, and then there’s Alba. It’s beginning to become a running theme for me…last year, I got to work with Lil’ Missy, someone I thought I’d never work with as she’s in England, and now Alba…an Italian model I’ve been hungering to rope up since first I saw her, but pretty much labelled her as unobtainable as she lives in Italy…but now, she’s declared that she’s coming to FetCon and in our exchange on Twitter, she said she’d LOVE to work with me, be still my HEART! Can’t wait…and when I was talking to her on Twitter I threw out a couple of my Drea Morgan pics to make my point…)

“OK, who do we do this time?”

“Um…bank teller?”

“We did that last week.”

“True. Heiress?”


“Flight attendant?”

“Flight attendant? My airline pilot boyfriend, that I let tie me up for sex on a regular basis, wants to tie me up as a FLIGHT ATTENDANT? Is there someone at the office I should be nervous about? It’s that wanton blonde Shelly, isn’t it???” She giggled as she threw her mock-jealousy at me…and I threw a pillow from our couch at her.

“It works!”

“How? Bank teller gets nabbed at a robbery…hell, bank MANAGER would even work for that, an heiress gets grabbed for money..flight attendant?”

“Tell the captain to divert flight to Russia…” I said with my best mock-Russian voice. “But now that you mention it, Shelly WOULD look hot bound and gagged…”

“You…” she replied and laughed, throwing the pillow back at me. “I dunno…I just wanna get dressed up for this one…you know, pretty dress and heels…so that you have something to tear off of me, you brute!”

“Compliment received. Um…how about “Wife of juror”? Don’t testify or else…?”

“Ooooohh…you HAVE been thinking about this! Yah, the bad guys grab her at a mall or social function…”

“Tie her to a chair and make the demands to her husband…”

“But she secretly is on the outs with hubby, and one of her takers is appealing to her…”

“Just SO hot…” After she said that, she threw herself into my arms and we started kissing… “Ugh…distracted. We’ve got our roles…I just have to get dressed…nab me right when I come out of the bedroom, ‘kay?”

“Okay.” Good LORD, but I am blessed…not only does she understand my love of women in bondage, she’s cool with it, and it makes for the BEST playtime…

Drea Morgan for today.


Recharging my story-jets for a bit…I’m creatively tapped out. The stories are starting to take the same turn for me and seem the same each time I write them…stories’ll return on Monday.

Kendra James for today.


Now I’ve done everything.

I’m a little low on cash, right? So, hit a bank; quick solution. Or it would’ve been had I not run into the teller I did…Lola Lynn.

First off, not gonna lie, Lola was VERY easy on the eyes…gorgeous, mater of fact. But, when I slipped her the “This is a stick-up.” note, the last thing I thought I was gonna get was her sliding the note back after writing on it, “Only if you take me hostage.”

The fuck?

I nodded…and she says that she’ll meet me in the parking lot. So, I wait…and she shows up with a bag under her arm. She calmly goes to her car, opens it, pulls out another bag, walks over to me and says, “OK, we’re yours.”


“Yes…the money, and me.” Saying that, she puts her back to me and crosses her wrists. I look inside the bags she’s given me…one is stock full of cash; the other has a ton of rope and a white bandana. Well, this isn’t my first rodeo; I tie her wrists together and she starts breathing heavy, like she’s excited.

“You’d better gag me before…MMMMMPH.” Cue taken, the bandana goes into her mouth, effectively silencing her. I walk her over to my car, slide her onto the back seat, lay her down and tie her ankles.

“OK, just stay like that until I…” Next thing I know, her hips start bucking…I think she just climaxed.

Wow. There’s weirder ways to begin a friendship…


Nuh-uh, me am stoopid today…I suck at being hooman/adulting. 😛

So, I get up…shave, have breakfast…then go straight to video gaming until it’s time to go to work.

Anthony. bitch, YOU FORGOT TO DO A BLOG POST! 😛

So, I get set to do the work-from-home job, do a few things before I get started (check e-mails, etc) and start to go to work…I DIDN’T CLOCK IN AND WORKED FOR A FULL HOUR LIKE THAT! 😛 My boss noticed a post, an hour later, in our team chat that I did, and asked if I’d just started…then told me that the folks who watch the clock figured I just took the day off and called me in as “sick”…lol. My boss straightened it out and everything’s OK…but man, I iz absent-minded today. I haz ZERO mind, even! 😛

Ugh. Enjoy some Drea Morgan, gang…and be thankful that you’re not me today. 😛


(Incidentally, I put this shot in my own personal “Top 10” I’ve ever shot…this one’s amazing; love it!

“Thank you for joining me for today’s episode of ‘Dez Talks’. With me today, I have ‘internet celebrity’ TolstoyTony…hello, Tony.”

“Hiya, Dez.”

“Today, I’d like to explore this phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation, thanks in no part to you…’Bondage’. Tolstoy, what makes you think that a woman’s natural state is being bound and gagged?”

“oh, here we go…”

“What was that?”

“I’m sorry, Dez. can’t help but be exasperated…not sure where this whole ‘natural state’ thing came about…I never SAID that. I simply said that this was an interest that if people tried they might like…”

“But only WOMEN…?”

“No, not only women. “

“How about THIS woman, then?”

“Dez…I’d like to think that half, maybe three-quarters of America would applaud me greatly if I were to put a gag into that mouth of yours…(studio audience explodes into laughter)…”

“Oh, very funny, big shot. C’mon, right here, right now…tie me up!”

“If you insist…”

Dez for today.


Picked her up on the road while traveling. CUTE little thing…in a denim mini-skirt and heels…and a top that gave me some ideas about how great her boobs looked when she wasn’t wearing it.

Problem was, I was clumsy that day…left my rope bag on the back seat, and still open from when I checked it to make sure it all was there.

“You planning on tying me up?” she asked with a bit of a smile on her face.

“Thought about it.”

“Could make for a fun afternoon…” she quipped. “Take me somewhere and let’s do it.”


“Yeah…and if I wind up liking it, maybe the two of us can find someone to play with sometime…”

Magenta for today.