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My movie collection is getting outta hand…had to buy a separate shelf just to make space…lol. This’ll house TV shows, while my two main cabinets will house theatrical release movies and the like. Seemed like a good way to split things up as 7 seasons of Buffy, 5 seasons of Angel, 4 seasons of the Profiler, 4 seasons of Pretender, 6 seasons of Xena, 3 (thus far…still working on getting the other seasons of this particular collection) seasons of Hercules, and more take up SPACE.

By the way…”Hello, my name is Tony, and I’m addicted to collecting physical media in DVD and Blu-Ray forms.” “HI, Tony!” 😛

Darling Nikki for today.


Happy 4th Of July to all my American blog watchers!! Be safe with your fireworks if you pop ’em off…and remember that animals have zero clue of what us humans are up to…if you have a pet, keep them close and give ’em lotsa love while they deal with all the loud noise. 🙂

Isobel Wren for today.