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Dammit…all my FetCon shooting is done. 🙁 But I have to say, I really kicked it up a notch this year…what a great model cast, what fan-freaking-tastic shoots, what a TIME was HAD!! Started off the day with Rachel Adams. LOVED the shots I did and even managed to snag me one VERY artistic shot too…gonna have it poster printed and put it on my wall, I do believe…

Finished my day and my Con with Enchantress Sahrye (ironically, I was her last shoot of the Con as well). Gawd, but that gal is a gas to work with…what a pistol! I feel my batteries get charged just working with her, she’s so energetic…what an amazing woman!

I’ll write more when home…


My second day shooting started with Vika…a Russian model (but we weren’t RUSSIAN (rushin’) through the shoot…lol)…I saw her at the Meet & Greet and was completely taken by her…so much that I brushed off some of my skill set and did a couple of complete NUDE sets with her! Been a long time for Tolstoy and nudes…that’s gotta change…

Did my second shoot with Sadie Holmes and I can’t WAIT for the third already! Such a FUN gal with so much energy and drive…she was a hoot and a holler to work with. Customs, anyone???

LOL…love the “Why am I NOT gagged?” look here from Sadie! There was a reason why…


Let’s see…gathering my thoughts about my first shooting day. Went fairly smoothly and I got what I wanted out of it. 🙂 Anastasia Rose and I did a “kidnapped hitchhiker” look/set (one of my fave themes), and she looked super-cute in the get up we put together (her top, my skirt and heels). “Wraparound the head” tape gag was new…and done with no problems/issues…tape went on and off smoothly. Even did a section in the video where I felt her up and down a little…that was fun and done at her suggestion from the last time we worked. What a cutie and a sweetheart; I look forward to working with her again, hopefully in Tucson…

Vivian Ireene Pierce was a surprise entry for me. I haven’t worked with her in a LONG stretch, and when I was at the Meet & Greet with her, I decided that it was time to put that to an end and shoot with her. She had fashioned a “Dark Wonder Woman” outfit (think Wonder Woman in black and white) which she looked super-cute in and it just cultivated an interest in shooting with her. Lensed out some really fantastic stuff…

I’ll write more when I’ve worked some more shoots…like Vika today…if you Google search “Vika Model Bondage”, you’ll get an idea of the pics I’ll be taking today… 🙂


Text only…haven’t started shooting yet; my first shoot of the Con is in about a half hour from typing this. 🙂

So. I can now say I’ve done the “get trapped in an elevator with a lot of people” thing. 🙂 Ugh. One of the three elevators at the hotel was down, so folks were filling the two that were left to over-capacity…and it bit us in the butt. Sixteen of us FetConners (when the elevator limit was 10…lol) were in an elevator together yesterday…it got to the bottom floor, but went a little too much bottom floor (like a couple to three inches below the bottom) and the doors jammed.

Got hot in there in a hurry…and the whole anxiety of possibly being trapped for hours did in fact kick in. We kept the mood light, tho, and joked around a bit, while the body heat of 16 people made it a bit uncomfortably hot.

Fortunately, one of us had a cellular signal, and we called 911. Within minutes (11, to be exact), the fire department had the doors open and us all out. Harrowing experience…and not one I’m willing or wanting to repeat…even if it was 11 minutes long…lol.

I’ll be shooting Anastasia Rose and (surprise!) Vivian Ireene Pierce (last minute addition…she looked so spectacular at the Meet & Greet, I decided it was time to do my second shoot with her) today…more as it happens. 🙂