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Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled

Newly released on Clips4Sale…this video is for the fans who want a realistic looking Home Invasion!  I’m using screenshots to illustrate it here.  🙂

The video opens with Sasha Fae chatting away on her cell phone with a girlfriend about getting together for a night of dinner and dancing…

Sasha Fae chatting on the phone with her friend about going out on the town…

She, however, completely forgot that tonight was the night that she was going to get her Home Invasion Fantasy acted out!  She had arranged for TolstoyTony to grab and tie her this particular evening, and he does…

Bound and gagged, Sasha Fae faces her Home Invader…

Someone’s not going out tonight!!!  Before long, the gorgeous brunette finds herself in TIGHT, elbows-together bondage.  He starts with a simple tape gag and moves next to a brutal “harness” style gag to enhance her helplessness…

Brutally harness gagged, Sasha Fae pleads with TolstoyTony to let her go…

Switching back to a tape gag, Tolstoy lets her roll around on the floor for a while before deciding she’s moving around too much and puts her in a BRUTAL (and on-screen) hogtie!

On-Screen BRUTAL elbows together hogtie on Sasha Fae…

ALL the ropework was done ON SCREEN, so fans of TIGHT, on-screen bondage are in for a TREAT with this one!

ON SCREEN bondage, elbows together, brutally tight, harness ball gag, tape gag, short skirt, high heeled boots, topless bondage…this one’s got it ALL!!

“Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled”  is available for $21.99 at Clips4Sale


Ah, what a labor of love!  “Pretty Little Package 2” takes up where the last video left off, with Sasha Fae in nefarious kidnapper hands.  But now, Sasha’s new owner has entered the picture and has demands of the kidnapper…demands that ultimately put her in the same predicament as her would be slave!

Thirty minutes of on-screen tying, domination, and an awesome 12 minute double hogtie highlight this program…coming soon!  🙂  Here’s some screenshots from the production…

Available now at these fine sites:

TucsonTied C4S

Pretty Little Package 2 On Unlimited Bondage On Demand

For all my TucsonTied Full-Length videos, go here:

Full Length Videos On UnlimitedBondage On Demand


Stacie Snow and TolstoyTony discuss Sasha Fae’s ultimate fate…

A fully bound and gagged Sasha Fae sits in fear of TolstoyTony’s plans…









Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow struggle in a TWELVE MINUTE hogtie…

Sasha Fae From “Bikini Model? BONDAGE Model” Click the pic to buy this from UnlimitedBondage On Demand

Hey all! Starting off your weekend right with another TucsonTied one-hour bondage vid! There’s still a liiiiiiitle left in what can be called “bikini season”, right? This video provides some GREAT bikini bondage action with Sasha Fae!

Bikini Model? BONDAGE Model!!

Here’s the description from the above link…

It seemed like an ordinary bikini photo shoot for model Sasha Fae. Just pose this way (camera flash goes off), pose that way (camera flash)…the ordinary run of the mill photo shoot. After it was over, tho, it took a different twist…  Her photographer remembered that she had asked for more shoots…and he said he had another one…but this one was bondage. He showed her a contract…the money looked GREAT…why not?

So, she let herself get tied up and gagged (and HARD tied, to boot) for his cameras…but what had the curvy, sexy, leggy brunette gotten herself into…???

This full length video features standing bondage, sitting bondage, hogtie, ball gag, cleave gag, tape gag, crotch ropes, and elbows welded together.

$25.99…available NOW at UnlimitedBondage On Demand!   “Bikini Model?  BONDAGE Model!”


Mob Daughter Abducted!

In the latest release from TucsonTied Studios, Stacie Snow portrays a Mob Daughter in trouble…

She tried changing her name to escape from her past. She moved to a new city, got into an apartment smaller than she was used to, all in an effort to distance herself from her father’s Mob connections. It almost worked…but two ambitious kidnappers got wind of the wayward Family girl, and knew that her father would pay handsomely for her return…

“Mob Daughter” Stacie Snow, bound and gagged!  Click the pic to buy this from UnlimitedBondage On Demand

Hauled up, tied and gagged. Scissors are right there on the floor for you, Stacie Snow… Click the Pic to Buy this from Clips4Sale

On-Screen tying and gagging, stringent bondage, high heels, fishnet stockings and garter belts, chair bondage, standing bondage, hogtie bondage and a slight spattering of tickling menace the poor Mob Daughter as she waits for Daddy to pay her ransom so she can either escape or return to the Family…

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale!


Here we have a selection of two model shots recently posted to the front page of TucsonTied.  The first one from my early days of photography with Magenta and Jade, the second being Kimberly Marvel and Samantha Grace, surprised and bound at a pajama get-together.  Click the pics to see the Tour Page of TucsonTied!


Magenta and Jade

Kimberly Marvel and Samantha Grace

Memories…the update from July 24 features myself and Lola Lynn!  I have pics taken from behind the camera sometimes of how the entire process of making photo/video sets goes down…this is one example of it…  Click the pic to see more of Lola’s and my shoot….


Lola Lynn and I…”Behind The Scenes”