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Life as a producer in general. When something’s bugging me, pissing me off, or just makes me go, “Hmmmmm…”, I’ll write about it here.

OK, you just got two pics from the site…here’s me rambling a bit.  🙂

Resident Evil 4 continues to be a distraction for me until my shooting season starts up for 2013 in about a week or two.  I’m currently playing it on my PC and my Game Cube to see the differences in the two versions, and there are a lot of them.  COOL differences too.  🙂  I’m currently thinking of getting some kind of device that records gameplay as I like watching this kind of stuff…they now make them to record in HD as well.  🙂  Cost of around $100…somewhat cheap, somewhat pricey…but aren’t ALL our hobbies???  😛

Ever hear of John Savage?  VERY cool guy; and one of the premiere rope guys in the business.  🙂  Not too long ago, he and I made contact thru Dave Annis (John is Dave’s inspiration…they met shortly after Dave got started…Dave introduced me to him via e-mail), and John asked me if he could use some of my covers for the “e-novels” he writes now.  I was flattered beyond belief and said, “Of Course!!!”…the result is here:


You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find mine (look for Stacie Snow bound in a leather outfit and bound against a backdrop with rope pinned to the wall) as most of the pics are Dave’s…but I have a few in there.  🙂  Anyway…he told me about the publishing company he’s with…and it got me to thinking about writing my own novels.

I got about 5 chapters in…the story was about an heiress that got abducted…but as it turned out, she had a GREAT passion for bondage so she and her abductor got together as a couple and were going to bilk her father out of a good sum of money…and that’s as far as I got.  Writer’s block…and a pretty serious one.  Couldn’t figure where I wanted to go next with it.  :/  The story sat on my computer for a LONG time without a place to go and in the back of my mind as something I definitely want to finish.  Not too long ago, I thought of a direction I wanted to take it in…she gets rescued, but her captor shows up looking for a job as her bodyguard…and winds up REALLY guarding her body…lmao!  😛

Reason I mention this is, I was thinking of adding a page to the blog and publishing it here.  I don’t have the skill and stamina to publish stories on a regular basis, and it seems a shame to keep this to myself.  If I were to decide to finish this…anyone interested in seeing it?


Standard Blog Warning: This is going to be a LONG one.  🙂  I have a LOT on my mind on this topic, so I’m gonna earn my “Tolstoy” moniker with this one.  Fair Warning.  🙂

After a year layoff, another Bondage Awards ceremony has come and gone…and I did fairly well this time, winning a prize or two. The Awards were nowhere near perfect, quality-wise, generally large mistakes were made in the process…but it seemed to be a fairly run competition, and for a 1st time administration behind it, they did a fairly good job.  Definitely room for improvement…but a fun contest.  BUT…to our Industry at large, I submit the following statement, to be read by my Blog viewers with a mega-fcukton of sarcasm attached:  I humbly apologize to any I may have offended by winning these prizes.  :/

FFS, man!  Where does this attitude of mine come from?  Twitter.  Ah, Twitter…fastly becoming mega-popular amongst the social media masses…and also fastly becoming popular for being the cesspool of the Internet.  On what do I base this?  Oh, come on…you’ve seen it yourself, you HAVE to…Twitter is a world-wide pissing ground for everybody with a cell phone or a computer to piss on everybody else.  You’ve seen it…Pop stars pissing on Pop stars, Sports stars pissing on Sports stars, Actors pissing on Actors, Politicians with ironic names passing their dicks around…you’ve seen it; Twitter is the ultimate piss parade these days, and the Bondage Industry hopped on board a few nights ago and the “pissed upon” was the Bondage Awards.

I was made privvy to a Twitter conversation between several Industry professionals mocking the Bondage Awards.  Why wasn’t this person nominated?  Why didn’t that person win?  These Awards are a joke because so and so didn’t win!  Nobody knew about these Awards…they don’t matter. And look at who DID win…who are these people? (To that, I say, I’m TolstoyTony; been working the career for 6 years now…lol.)  The one thing that I took away from their conversation was that they couldn’t be further away from the point and spirit of these Awards if they tried…it was truly sad to watch.  🙁

As one who won a few things, I don’t know if my voice on the subject bears any merit (it’s easy to talk from the top of the mountain, after all), but here’s my thoughts.  The conversation seemed to take the opinion that the Bondage Awards saw themselves as the be all-end all Awards of our field and who was nominated and who won didn’t live up to that; and that’s where, in my eyes, is the primary missing of the point. The Bondage Awards  are meant to be our field’s “People’s Choice Awards”…not the “Oscars”.

Where does the distinction lie?  The Oscars, as I understand them, are picked by a panel of Industry Professionals…the people who’re in the business choosing the elite of their own; The People’s Choice Awards are decided BY THE PEOPLE…and that’s my argument in a nutshell.  The Bondage Awards never passed itself off as anything more than an Internet voting situation for Fans to speak their minds and tell the Pros they thought we did a good job.  And to answer that line of, “Why wasn’t this person nominated?”…why didn’t YOU nominate them?  :/  I don’t know about my fellows, but I still have a GREAT degree of “Fan” in me…there’s MANY people who’s work I admire (and am even jealous of…I admit it), and these Awards were a chance for me to say that.  I voted for a lot of people…Lew Reubens got my constant vote for Best Suspension, Lew and Drea Morgan for Best Bondage Couple, the Yahoo Group “Rope_Dreams” for Best Free Website and Best Bondage Message Board…the list goes on.

My point is this: if you felt that this person or that person should have been nominated, then next year NOMINATE them!  Get them involved…motivate their fanbase to come out and vote…that’s what I did.  And as far as the Awards being so small…maybe if more of us took an interest in them, there’d be a bigger turnout.  If these people who were mocking were instead motivating their fans…meh, moot point.  These Awards held no credibility for them, after all.  From the Awards’ own site:

Contestant FAQ

How do I get people to vote for me, where do I start?

Since all votes come from the public, start with enticing the public to vote for you. Placing banner ads and mentioning the awards on your website or blog is a good start.

“ALL VOTES COME FROM THE PUBLIC.”  Honestly, I did that.  Posted here MULTIPLE times, didn’t I?  Told you all to come out and give me a nod…and vote for people you think deserve an Award, me or others, right?  These Awards are FAN DRIVEN…if so and such deserves it, motivate so and such’s fans!  Until the day we as an Industry get together and decide who should be on a Panel to decide who “deserves” to be awarded, fans are going to be the driving force behind any Awards given out…and because of that, there’s always going to be skeptics of the process…”so and so” may get missed because that person’s fans may not be involved.  Not doing so is almost like the person who bitches about our Country being in crap shape because of the President…yet when asked, that person says that he or she couldn’t be bothered to Vote in the Election.  :/  I look on this with that level of skepticism.

To that “Panel” of us Pros being picked for an Annual Award?  I’m for that.  I’d like to see it happen, honestly, and I support it.  I know I’d prolly never win one because I’m relatively new and there’s others who deserve the accolade of the upper echelon of the field more than I do (read that with sarcasm…), but I’d love to see that happen.  🙂  I even have a name for it…”The John Willie Awards”; because, really…didn’t he start us all?

Overall, the thing that depressed me the most and the most negative thing I took away from the conversation was the pros who said that the Awards didn’t matter because they were “fan driven”.  Pray thee tell…if that’s so, what does that say about your attitude towards your fans, then?

I’ll leave it on that…those’re my thoughts on the thing.  🙂


WOW, what a way to start the day!  Flash Player and Advance System Care and Avast Virus Protection all picked this morning to have updated programs for my computer, so I had to update all…over three computers; got my check from the site (yay), so I have that to deposit, I need to get more content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…wow!  LOVE it when shit all piles up at once…lol.  On top of all that, Stacie Snow is patiently waiting for my plays on “Scramble With Friends” via our phones…cripes!  :/

Ah well…busy makes Tony happy in the long run.  🙂

Was perusing thru my older work lately, and came across my favorite shoot with Pantera Noelle…how about a pic or two to show you why it’s my fave?  🙂


Those heels…YUM! I tied and gagged my private Secretary…think she’ll mind? Pantera Noelle

You think she might be enjoying this a bit? 😛 Pantera Noelle

One of my Favorite pairs of boobs to frame with rope…can you see why? Pantera Noelle

Alright…I’ll start with the usual “Have you voted yet?” link…


Rather than offend anyone, because, after all, even friends concede that the three things you don’t talk about are religion, money and politics, I won’t say who I voted for in the Presidential Election , but that I did.  🙂  Musing a bit about the political process…I’ve never been a “party” person (unless the “party” involves cake and ice cream…or strippers 😉 ); when I vote, I don’t vote a party, but the PERSON I believe can do the best job.  STAUNCH “Independent” and proud of it…because any party can turn out a stinker.  I’d hate to be pressed into voting for someone I didn’t believe in because a body of individuals expects me to…I’m my own person like that, thank you.  🙂

One thing I think we all can agree on is that we’re all thankful that it’s over, and we can return to our “semi-normal” way of life, television-wise…the political ads are OVER!!!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph; THANK YOU!!  😛  If there’s anything that makes a politician seem even shadier, it’s frigging election ads that paint the opponent to be the Devil incarnate, while the person placing the ad as wonderful as the lily white snow…

“My opponent wants to outlaw breathing…or charge you for the privilege of doing so.  And he kicks puppies.  I saw him make a 55 yd. field goal with a Cocker Spaniel pup…it was awful.  We don’t need a puppy-kicker in office; vote for me! (This message was paid for by the “I’m Better Than He Is” fund of the So-And-Such Party, who approved this message.)

I’m confused about one thing, politicians…since when did the Electoral Process become more about the awful things you say your opponent is versus what you yourselves ARE?  What about YOUR stand on the issues versus what you see your opponent’s stand to be?  It’s all about smoke screens and confusing the voters with misleading ads full of spin and hyperbola…when did it stop being about the PERSON?  I HATE politicians who feel they have to stoop to that shit to get elected…and I also hate that it seems to work.  🙁  As a people, we seem to be too lazy to do our own thinking anymore, and these ads, crooked as they can be, actually WORK…and that is completely sad.  Terrible, even.  🙁  “Spin” wins, it seems.

Well, I need to get cracking…Sasha Fae is stopping by in a few hours for a GREAT shoot…pic to come from it.  🙂  In the meantime, here’s a Gracie Ryder shot for being nice enough to read my drivel…lol.  😉


Gracie Ryder…LOVE this shot!

Well.  While Dez’s shoot is processing and sending into the website, I took the opportunity to look back and see how many wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years, and other pointless TucsonTied trivia and such…

Care for a run-down?

  • I’ve been working since June of 2006.  I worked sporadically in June and July of that year…August, I went to FetishCon;  September, we spent setting the site up;  October 2006, we went live.
  • Since then, I’ve worked with 59 models (Dez was # 59).
  • I’ve done 147 shoots.
  • Of the total 59, 34 were models that I’ve only shot with once; but several of those are still active, so that number can and will lessen.  It’ll go up when I find new faces, too, I guess.  :/
  • Record for most individual shoots with me is held by (no surprise here) Stacie Snow…we’ve shot together 32 times.  Sasha Fae is second with 18.
  • I’ve done 6 two-model shoots:
  1. Magenta and Jade
  2. Kobe Lee and Addie Juniper
  3. Kat Turner and Pilar
  4. Laura Lee and Madelyn Rose
  5. Stacie Snow and Lola Lynn
  6. Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae

(Stacie made a 5 picture cameo in my first shoot with Candle Boxxx…since it’s not even enough pictures to make up a full set, I’m excluding it from the “2 Model Shoot” data)

Currently, outside of shooting, these are what I’m most active on:

Kinda fun to look back at this stuff…and this is just the beginning!


“WOW…you just bought a GREAT chair from us!  Do you want the extra service plan…”


“…for an extra $30 that covers the chair…”


“…for the entire life of the chair so that if ANYTHING happens to it…”


“…instead of paying full price for a new chair, even if it’s simple wear and tear…”


“…you’ll get it at no cost to you!  It’s a really good deal…”


“…and I’ll make brownie points with my manager if you say yes…”

“Do I GET  to say “no”???”

AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!  Customer service reps!!!  I know she was just doing her job and everything, but every time I said, “No”, it was like, “I know better for you…you NEED to say “Yes”!!”  Those “insurance plans”, I’ve found at least, only wind up coming in juuuuuuuust short of promises…like, if it was a two year deal, on the two-year-and-one-day mark, the chair freaking breaks.  :/  Not her fault, I know, she was just doing her job…but she should’ve just stopped on the first “No”.  I’m an AMERICAN CONSUMER, dammit…I have the right to be “stupid” and deny you of getting any extra money out of me for bogus promises.  😛

My “chair fight” with the world is finally over!  😛  Took several visits to several office supply stores to finally find something I liked at a price I could agree to.  This really sucked…I went WAY outside the budget I planned for it, but at least I got something that’s gonna last me YEARS…and go one day beyond the “extra service plan”…lmao!  Wanna see what I bought?

My New Chair

The lighting is a wee less than perfect, but I need a better bedroom set up; sorry ’bout that.  :/  Nonetheless, this one really kicks ass, no?  🙂

One VERY content Tolstoy

Number 6 in the “Top 10 Posts to the Blog” was about YouTube.  Since I don’t have anything going on at the current (but will tomorrow as I’m shooting with new model Gracie…pics to come!), I figured I’d take you for a lengthy walk on one case of YouTube nuttiness…my favorite one, really…the insanity/drama surrounding one Eric Douglace and his “campaign” to rid the world of Justin Beiber haters.  I may wind up missing tons of details, but this is MY ACCOUNT of the nuttiness as I saw it, years after the fact.

I was just wandering thru YouTube one day, and saw this video uploaded about some kid who thought the world of his idol, Justin Beiber, and was declaring war upon a society that didn’t agree that Justin was the greatest.  The fact that he SEEMED to have actual ability behind the threat was what was so “drama-fascinating” about the whole thing…

First Strike:

WAR is declared upon Justin Beiber Haters

Man, when I first saw this vid, I was stunned.  Was this kid serious?  Could he do the things he said he could?  Track IP addresses, find names, street addresses and then post them to a website?  He DOES say he’s got access to his uncle’s INTERPOL software and FCC connections to help him along…  He says within the video that he’s gonna find out IP addresses of all the Justin Beiber haters, find out real names and post them to a website in order to shame people into removing anti-Justin comments/commentary.  Radical and extreme, no?

Round 2

The “Declaration” video goes viral.  The YouTube community is suddenly abuzz with this brash kid who’s lashing out in the name of Justin Beiber.  The kid’s ego has prolly been fed, so he continues his “War”.  He’s added an ally (the video opens with the new kid), and a new video style…he’s wearing ostentatious sunglasses and does this video shirtless.  The “War” intensifies…

First Target

The first target of the “War” is named…YouTube user “LifeInATent” becomes the first named in the campaign.   His sin?  Making YouTubers aware of the war, and uploading a video of Justin Beiber getting hit with a bottle.  The uploader threatens to get his YouTube account suspended, and his own website pulled…also to have him arrested.  Things start getting weirder by the second…

Impending “Legal” action against two YouTube members

Now the kid makes a 2 minute open letter statement against his now two main targets, LifeInATent and OutbackZack.  Talk about publicity empowering young minds…YouTube should have an early age limit and keep kids from uploading…  As a side thought, as I was watching all this, it was starting to seem a bit real…but I should’ve known better.  😛

Co-Conspirator Breaks Down…

Eric takes a break.  His buddy starts making videos, including this one about the reactions the kids’re getting from their campaign.  Crank calls waking them up at 4am are getting to their young minds and weakening them…  Eric is in the background, hacking OutbackZack and LifeInATent’s accounts…apparently.  Here’s where the shit hits the fan:


Another YouTube user went into the frey and EXPOSED it all.  It was just a giant TROLLING done by Eric, LifeInATent, and OutbackZack.  All done for publicity, grins…and just for the sheer hell of it.  The “war” is pretty much over, but Eric still has more to say.

“WE” Must Apologize to Eric…

Interesting video.  He says he’ll leave YouTube…if we the public APOLOGIZE to HIM.  Eric’s been having an interesting life lately (Mounted Police at the door [Eric is Canadian], ISP’s calling him, reports to the FBI), and this is his response to it all.  Fascinating to watch someone so wrong justifying themself.  Wild.

Eric’s Apology

WOW…this one’s the icing on the cake.  He completely breaks down and says all the stress and strain from it has gotten to him.  One other thing…he did this all for the sake of a HOLLYWOOD CAREER.  Yup, this gigantic troll was for the sake of getting a career in ACTING…or so he says.  COMPLETE and utter FAIL…but it also makes one wonder.

This whole thing (and my cataloging of it here) was a FASCINATING human relations study.  Watching all this was like an episodic drama…and it was all really happening.  This was completely unscripted…this actually HAPPENED.  The power and possibility of fame was enough to draw this young person to utter and complete ruin.  FASCINATING and compelling drama, and one interesting story.


Bloody HELL, man!  😛  Just spent the past few days going over literally EVERY post I’ve ever made to this blog to freshen it up a bit…and I finally hit the last of the posts about an hour ago…that was some massive WORK right there, I’ll tell ya!  😛  Every post is now put out there at it’s best…and I LOVED doing it!  Gave me a chance to see what I’ve written to this thing over the years…how I’ve changed and such.  (If you wanna see me with some hair on my noggin, there’s a pic on the “Vivian Ireene Pierce” post that shows me with hair in the side of my head and a mustache…wowzers!)

It was also fun to reminisce about the past as well.  To see all the shoots and watch things change and grow.  The first time I posted about StacieSnowBound.com.  The first time I posted about us getting a Clips4Sale page.  The first time I POSTED…now that one was a DOOZY!  I earned my “Tolstoy” nick right there and then, let me tell you.  😉  And the post where I took you all “Behind the Scenes” of my little studio and showed you how it was lit and such…that was very cool!  🙂 And it NEEDS an updating…so MUCH has changed since then…wow.

I think I’m just reeling from the sense of TIME that updating this blog gave me…and let me tell you…this bad boy just became MINE in more than a sense.  I have such a connection to this blog now, it’s unreal.  🙂  I think on Monday, I’m gonna settle back a bit and look over things again, and pick out my 10 Favorite posts and share them with you all…might be fun.  🙂

For not tho…I’m gonna close with two of my favorite pics…one of Stacie Snow, and one of Sasha Fae.  Each one links to StacieSnowBound and TucsonTied, respectively…give the sites a look!  🙂


Those BOOBS…OMG!! Stacie Snow in some tight, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

Kick Ass Frogtie with Sasha Fae! Tight, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

Lazy kind of Monday…updated Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo Group and UnlimitedBondage Tube…so my online stuff that I NEED to do is done.  🙂  Dunno what to do with the rest of the day…I may wind up at Staples or Wal-Mart depending on how much spending money is in the bank.  😛  I DO need to do some editing for UB Tube…have to prep up 4 videos to cover the week.

Like I said…my next shoot will be with the lovely Sasha Fae on the 25th…there’s some other gals in the woodworks that’ll knock your socks off!  Do a search for “Annabelle Genovisi” for example…I should be working with her within a month or so…and I have a connection that’s gonna bring in some CUTE new gals!

Future’s looking bright, my friends…


It’s funny how my stance on Copyright has changed so much in such a little time.  Less than a year ago, I was pretty gung-ho about it…don’t post my shit anywhere or I’ll bring the legal wrath of Copyrights upon thy ass…nowadays…?

Not so much.  Tho it’s still there.

I still very firmly believe that folks posting shit all willy-nilly are killing the industry…I’m just not as frustrated about it all as I used to be.  So, let’s outline my current stance on my images, posting them to social sites like FetLife, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc…and how you can HELP me if you’re going to do so.

The stuff that pisses me off.  I like it when my stuff gets posted in places like the above…BUT.  PLEASE…if you find a work of mine out there (Google Images, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, whatever) and it DOESN’T HAVE THE WATERMARK ON IT SIGNIFYING THAT IT’S FOR EITHER STACIESNOWBOUND.COM OR TUCSONTIED.COM…please…PLEASE DON’T RE-POST IT!!!  I can’t stress this enough…”damaged” copies of my work do me absolutely no good when re-posted and are an altering of my stuff that I didn’t approve of or want to happen…it’s like a Ferrari with missing sparkplugs.  🙁

So, what constitutes a “damaged” image then?  Well…there’s the ones that get degraded from multiple postings and look like shit. This happened on Tumblr recently…and I can’t help but imagine what people thought of me and my work when they saw the degraded almost beyond recognition crap that was posted.  If you’re posting them to say, “Hey, I love this…check it out!”, people see the crapness of the pic and judge me…NOT COOL.  🙁  Then there’s the removal of the watermark thing…people use that little “©2012 TucsonTied.com” or “©StacieSnowBound.com” to find me on the net and possibly even join my site when they see and like the work.  Removal of the watermark denies me that traffic…and, for all intents and purposes, takes money out of my pocket and food out of my mouth…if that’s saying you “love” my work…it’s doing it with a sword in my gut.  🙁  Just don’t do it, k?

And while we’re touching on the “just don’t do it” factor…stay the fcuk away from torrent sites, K?  There’s viruses, keyloggers, trojans and other shit like that to worry about…not to mention those are being policed up the ass (Megaupload, and the arrest of the Pirate Bay founder, maybe?).  And then there’s the whole…”I love your work” concept…it you truly DO love my work and sites, support them with a monthly membership…and that goes for ANY site/artist who’s work you love.  Just join up and stay for a month…deny yourself 4 latte’s…it won’t kill ya, believe me…and you’ll be helping us starving artists too.  🙂  Joining doesn’t mean you’ve been concrete locked in (tho I’d like you to stay for a while, that’s for sure)…you can cancel out at any time and still keep the benefits of a monthly membership.  🙂

So, what can you do to help me by posting my stuff on social sites?  Like I’ve said…my stance is a lot more relaxed than it was before…just post the samples that I’ve already posted.  Name the model in the pic in your caption when you upload…and also put a link back to my site in there as well.  This’ll drive traffic back to me and help me immensely in the never ending battle of getting members/people to see my work.  🙂  Something like this…

Drea Morgan looked so HOT in this pic from TucsonTied! http://www.tucsontied.com/

Was that so hard?  😛  It’ll do me a WORLD of good in getting traffic up…and even if I get only one or two sales out of it…it’ll help me immensely!  Videos…eh, that’s a different ball park, and I hate sites like YouTube, DailyMotion and others that re-post my shit and give me headaches trying to have it removed.  Just don’t do it, K?  🙂